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The Walking Dead Recap: Ep. 513, “Forget”

Sasha still can’t sleep and can’t stand the photographs of the previous occupants of her house staring at her while she tries. So she visits Olivia at the supply house for a rifle, heads out into the woods and begins target practice. She becomes more and more agitated as she shoots because no walkers are coming – and it’s apparent she’s hearing them attack. Sasha might have definitely has some PTSD she’s unwilling to discuss.

W is for Walker

Rick, Daryl, and Carol have a clandestine meeting under the guise of “teaching Carol to shoot” at the house where Rick stashed his now missing blender gun. Rick thinks it’s time for them to rob the supply house for guns. Since Carol’s been playing Nice Lady, she’s privy to all the goods and info: they have a couple of foot lockers full of 9mms, Rugers, and Kal-techs that no one ever uses, and they only have a flimsy window latch keeping anyone from breaking in. They decide to target that. Rick mentions that they should keep this secret between the three of them because it’s good for the rest of their group to try to fit in and be happy. Carol expertly takes out the one walker who came by with eight very clean shots and they all notice a “W” carved into its forehead on their way back to Alexandria.

Michonne is adjusting to her new police uniform and wearing regular clothes, probably. Rick isn’t sure what to make of Deanna choosing them to be officers – or why she didn’t choose Daryl. Michonne thinks maybe Deanna’s a forward thinker who’s sees them as good resources who can help protect everyone. She’s seems smart like that.

Rick: Smart for then, or smart for now?
Michonne: This is now.

Daryl is outside the walls taking a leisurely stroll through the woods with his crossbow. He hears some rustling in the trees and yells, “Come out!” with his crossbow trained as Aaron creeps out. Aaron’s continually amazed at Daryl’s prowess: “You can tell the difference between walkers and humans by sound? Can you tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy?” Aaron says he wasn’t following Daryl, he’s only out to hunt rabbits. Daryl’s all, “You can come along but you’re responsible for yourself.”

Deanna is speaking to Rick, Michonne, and Maggie about her vision for the future. “I’m telling everyone to respect your authority even though you’re only wearing windbreakers because we’re building something important here. There’s gonna be a government here one day. That’s why I want Maggie working with me. There’s going to be a police force that’s why I want your two to start it. I see a vibrant community here with industry, commerce, civilization. Real lives. Does that sound like pie in the sky?” (Yes.) “No,” they respond.

Rick: Can we talk security now?

Rick takes Deanna to the walls and tells her they need constant patrols to keep watch for anyone trying to climb in from the outside. We all know that people are the real threat now, but Deanna doesn’t quite agree. Rick’s like, “Whatever. Make these changes and you won’t have to worry about this.” Sasha approaches and we find out that the one sniper post in town, a clock tower, is not only unmanned and unarmed, it has a empty rifle for when her son, Spencer, “looks out” up there. Rick and Michonne collectively freak and Sasha offers to cover as many lookout shifts as possible.

Deanna: I’ll let you do the lookout but you have to do something for me first. Come to the party I’m throwing for everyone tonight and I’ll tell you the rest.

Carol is making friends with some neighborhood women and learning new post-apocalyptic recipes. She spots Rick and joins him on his patrol to discuss their burglary. Tonight is perfect because everyone will be at Deanna’s for her party and the armory is near her house. Rick can’t break in because people will ask questions if the constable/Carl and Judith’s dad goes missing during the party, Daryl’s out because he’s still feral and everyone’s always watching him, so who’s gonna break in?

Carol: You know what’s great about this place? I get to be invisible again.

You don’t belong to anyone now. You belong to yourself.

Daryl and Aaron spot a horse across a field. Aaron’s been trying to catch him for months to bring him inside the walls but hasn’t seen him in a while. He says he and Eric always end up spooking him when trying to approach. Daryl’s like, “I got this.” And he has this tender moment where he’s giving us his best horse whisperer – and walkers show up and ruin everything! Quelle suprise. Daryl and Aaron tag team the walkers and they work really well together.

Carol visits Olivia in the supply house and they’re talking recipes. Carol wants to bake cookies for Deanna’s party and Olivia’s like, “You use apple sauce instead of eggs? That might change my life.” (It changed mine!) Olivia can only ration Carol a quarter of a bar of chocolate, though, which Carol is cool with. She plays sheepish again when Tobin and a buddy show up to get into the armory. While the three of them are distracted by her innocuous conversation, she deftly flips the latch to the window open and no one is the wiser. Sneaky sneaky.

Aaron wants to play the getting to know you game.

Aaron: Do you ride horses?
Daryl: I ride bikes.
Aaron: I take it you don’t mean 10-speeds…

Aaron knows Daryl is feeling like an outsider and lets Daryl get to know him a little: Aaron says that he and Eric are still looked at as “other” by some well-meaning Alexandrians. They’ve heard their share of nice but hilariously offensive things from their neighbors, but they’re people. They’re scared of what they don’t understand, so Daryl should go to Deanna’s party so they don’t have to be afraid of him anymore.

Daryl: I got nothing to prove. I met a lot of bad people out here and they weren’t afraid of anything.
Aaron: Oh they were afraid of something, all right.

You all came!

Afraid of dying, I think. Carol and Rick arrive at Deanna’s party with Carl and Judith and Deanna is excited to see them. She envies Judith’s youth because “she’ll get to see what this place becomes.” Rick is still dubious. Abraham and Rosita show up soon after and Abraham is about to bail until Rosita spots the beer. Deanna introduces Rick to her husband, Reg, who is a big fan of Rick’s. He watched their interview videos and is amazed at how Rick was able to stand up and lead his group. Reg offers Rick a drink which he declines.

Rick: I’m good.
Reg: You don’t have to be, you silly goose!
Rick: Oh, all right…

Rick has his first sip of booze in close to four years and Jessie shows up with her family in tow, including her sketchy husband we never got to meet. Rick clearly has eyes for Jessie and I sigh heavily.

Back outside the walls, Aaron and Daryl have caught up to the horse but it’s penned in with a group of walkers. Daryl’s like, “I got the far ones, you take these.” No sooner than Daryl has gone off to handle his walkers does Aaron get grabbed by the ankle by one he missed. Aaron’s down and another walker is closing in but Daryl saves him. They kill the walkers but don’t make it to the horse in time: the rest of the walkers in the pen have surrounded the horse and began toppling it. As Daryl and Aaron approach, poor Buttons (Aaron’s name for him) is ripped apart alive and eaten by the walkers. Daryl’s all, “I got the ones on the right, you take those.” After they’ve taken out all the walkers, they realize poor Buttons is still breathing, so Aaron ends its suffering. Aaron is obviously sad at this turn of events but Daryl knows he was only trying to help the horse.

At Deanna’s party, Noah isn’t really in his element but Glenn and Maggie convince him to stay. “You’re here with family.” They’re really hammering that home. Daryl goes to Deanna’s but decides not to go in. Walking home he runs into Aaron who has also skipped the party with a convenient excuse, Eric’s broken ankle.

Daryl: Then why the hell did you try to make me go to that thing?
Aaron: I said you should try to go, and you did. Come in and have dinner. It’s Spaghetti Sunday!

Olivia arrives at Deanna’s party and Carol gets her cue that the armory will be rife for the picking. Is it just me or is she really relishing being able to shed her Nice Lady image? Jessie grabs Rick and introduces him to her husband, Pete.

Pete: Awesome! Our new constable! You want to come by my office next week and I’ll take a look at you?
Rick: *blank stare*
Pete: No, no, I’m a doctor! I should have lead with that. I’ll get more drinks.

There’s a moment where we see a flash of Porch Pete: Jessie offers to get the refills but he rebuffs her as though he’s done it a thousand times and is really trying not to yell at her in front of people. She asks Rick if he’s having fun and he is, and in their pliable party state they begin to bond. Life isn’t like before, but it’s great in Alexandria in a lot of ways. Jessie tells Rick that everyone’s lost something, all these people from these different places and backgrounds, but they’ve come together to make a life. “We all lost things, but we also gt something back. It’s not enough, but it’s something.” Rick agrees.

Watch how good I am with kids, Jessie.

Jessie’s youngest, Sam, is distraught. “Mom, there’s no more cookies!” So Rick’s like, “Well, lucky for you I know the lady who made those cookies. Play your cards right and I might be able to get her to make a whole batch, just for you.” But Sam is more concerned with Rick’s lack of hand stamp. He plants a large red “A” on the back of Rick’s hand – which can be found on several resident’s hands – and now he’s one of them.

Sasha arrives at Deanna’s party and her son, Spencer, greets her. He’s very friendly and offers to keep her company but she’s preoccupied and uncomfortable and excuses herself. Daryl loves Spaghetti Sunday and properly devours his meal with a grunt of “thanks.” Eric begins to spill over with requests for “while he’s out there” and Aaron is giving him the “Will you stop talking?!” face but it’s too late. Daryl’s wearing his suspicious eyes again so Aaron shows Daryl to his garage. It’s chock full of motorcycle parts and equipment. The previous occupant apparently built them, so Aaron decided to keep bringing parts home whenever he found them on the outside.

Aaron: I always thought I’d learn how to do it, but I get the feeling you already know how to do it. And the thing is, you’re going to need a bike.
Daryl: Why?
Aaron: I told Deanna not to give you a job because I think I have one for you. I want you to be Alexandria’s other recruiter. I don’t want Eric risking his life anymore.
Daryl: But it’s okay for me to risk mine?
Aaron: Yeah, because you know how to take acceptable risks. Plus, you can read people well and you’ll know whether the people we meet are good or bad.
Daryl: Well, I got nothing else to do. I’ll get you some rabbits.

Michonne is reflecting on the tiny sword that was used to spear her hors d’oevres and Abraham walks up to her overflowing with sage wisdom and beer. He’s like, “I’m a large man, and I’ve had many beers to make up for that.” He knows his life has been upgraded and is appreciative. Michonne is like, “Well, I put on this new dress, so…”

Carol’s break in is a success and she begins stashing several guns. Then a voice asks, “What are you doing?” It’s Sam, Jessie’s son. He followed her because he thought she was going to make more cookies, but she came there instead. Carol tells him she’ll gladly make more cookies for him but he can’t tell anyone he saw her go to the armory. Sam’s like, “Adults aren’t supposed to make kids keep secrets, and my mom and I are super tight.” Advancing on him, Carol tells Sam, “You can never tell anyone. Especially your mom.”

Take the cookies, kid.

Carol: Because if you do, one day you’ll wake up and you won’t be in your bed.
Sam: Where will I be?
Carol: You’ll be outside the walls, far, far away. Tied to a tree. And you’ll scream and you’ll scream because you’ll be so afraid. And no one will come to help, because no one will hear you. Well, something will hear you. The monsters will come, the ones out there? And you won’t be able to run away when they come for you. And they will tear you apart and eat you up all while you’re still alive. All while you can still feel it. And then Afterwards, no one will ever know what happened to you. Or, you can promise not to ever tell anyone what you saw here, and then nothing will happen. And you’ll get cookies. Lots of cookies.

Carol misses being a badass so much that she traumatized a little boy! Pretending to be a Nice Lady is getting to her. At Deanna’s party, Rick is enjoy the sauce, the view outside, and the sight of Jessie holding Judith. He tells Jessie that he gets it, that here isn’t that bad. When she hands Judith over, Rick plants a kiss on Jessie’s cheek which can only be the beginning of trouble. They smile awkwardly and part. Deanna asks Sasha to join her with the promise that all she has to do is listen. But that’s all Sasha can do: she hears their chatter so acutely that it begins to overwhelm her and she begins flashing back to all the awful things she’s experienced recently, namely the deaths of Bob, Beth, and Tyreese. She’s so overwhelmed that when she’s asked about her favorite meal by a well-meaning Alexeandrian who is worried she’ll make something Sasha would hate, Sasha flips.

Sasha: You’re worriedTHAT’S WHAT YOU WORRY ABOUT?!?!

At the gates the next day, Deanna is trying to figure out what Sasha’s problem is.

Sasha: This cushy life you lead, it’s not real.
Deanna: I know you’ve been through a lot but hat’s BS!

Are you seriously letting your guard down?

Rick, Carol, and Daryl meet back at the blender-gun house to pass out the weapons she stole. Daryl isn’t so sure he needs them anymore because he’s going to try now. Rick and Carol look at him like he has a screw loose and take guns anyway.

In her house, Michonne mounts her trusty sword above the fireplace in a moment where she seems to make peace with not needing to use it anymore. Rick, Carol, and Daryl reenter Alexandria and go their separate ways. Jessie and Pete greet Rick, who seems really secure feeling the butt of a gun in his waistband. He hears some scraping metal nearby and it’s a walker just on the other side of the wall. They both know the other is present, but with Rick on the inside of the wall, they don’t affect each other.

The Questions: Why did Tobin and his buddy need those guns? Are there any therapists in Alexandria that Sasha can talk to about her grief? Is Daryl really trying or did he just turn down a gun because he still has his crossbow? What were the details Deanna wanted to tell Sasha at the party? And who is Carol going to threaten next week?

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