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Face Off: Ep 8: Miss Intergalactic

With eight contestants remaining, the smallest of errors can and will send one of them home, kits in hand. The foundation challenge this week gives Face Off - Season 8them a chance to let loose, play, laugh, and have a hell of a time playing on the beach. The inspiration is from the Holi Festival in India which celebrates the transition from winter into spring and uses bright colorful powder to do it. They each choose a model and use 7 pastel colored bowls of powder to decorate them using only their hands, no brushes allowed!

They all have an amazingly good time hurling colored powder at their models and at each other. Although immunity is up for grabs, it appears they are having too much fun to really care. They are getting to be incredibly creative and such an unconventional way and it’s absolutely beautiful. When they’re finished, it it their coaches who do a blind judging and Stephanie Walks away with immunity.

For the foundation challenge they are brought to the reveal stage where they meet this year’s Miss Universe and learn they they will each be creating their own beauty pageant contestant/alien to compete for the title of Miss Intergalactic. Emily is so literally bouncing with excitement to do a beauty makeup for a pageant. They must each choose a galaxy to be their inspiration when designing their unique alien beauty queen. The added bonus: a feature of their alien in Entertainment Weekly.

Back in the lab Kelly begins work on her alien inspired by the Sombrero galaxy, and incredibly bright galaxy which leads her to create more of a cave dwelling alien with multiple sets of eyes. Anthony worries this may come off as very arachnid-like and so she reluctantly and tearfully decides to change her design to have just one set of eyes, but adds tentacles to the back of the head. Anthony’s other contestant is Ben and he got the Andromeda galaxy, however is having a hard time coming up with inspiration. He decides to go with an alien with three spikes off it’s head and three eyes to match. His shaky concept is very worrisome for Anthony as he doesn’t feel either of his people are doing well this week.ben     kelly

Meanwhile Emily takes off on her inspiration of the Pinwheel galaxy and quickly blocks out her sculpt and starts work on her very nice costume made from foam tubing to create spirals. Overall she is having a blast making it look like a literal galaxy, complete with glitter. Adam also finds inspiration in his galaxy which inspires an alien that is both beautiful and appears to be charred. His sculpt is massive and has an incredible shape to the profile.stephanie      adam

 Logan and Stephanie have no difficulty figuring out their design and get right to work sculpting for their Comet and Tadpole galaxies, respectively. Stephanie’s model will have a nice round flat face and head with the tail of the tadpole shape coming off the back as the hair. Laura helps get some definition in the tail to separate it visually from the head. Logan creates some very interesting shapes along the cheekbones to the nose and has a  well put together concept with little help needed from Rayce.

logan      stephanie

Julian’s Whirlpool galaxy inspired design has a great concept with swirling the head up, twisting it into the shape of an inverted whirlpool with beautiful teals and seafoam coloring. is only hiccup is that he does not know how to do a beauty makeup. This is a problem seeing as the main focus of this is the beauty aspect of it. With a little guidance from Laura she teaches him how to accentuate cheekbones and get by with a passing beauty makeup. Darla has a similar problem with the beauty aspect of her design, only it is in the sculpt. She very much wants to take from the Sculptor galaxy and it’s swirl shapes coming off the main portion of it, however is quickly reminded that what makes something beautiful is often it’s symmetry. With a small tweak of the sculpt she moves the shapes to fit into the head sculpt better and feels much more confident in this.

julian       darla
During the reveal, Glenn, Ve, and Neville are joined by the senior writer for Entertainment Weekly, Darren Franich. Mackenzie announces each makeup in the style of the classic pageant contestant style and I must say that the back stories of their interests and what they enjoy in their free time is absolutely hilarious. I can only assume the artists came up with them for their creations which means they all seem to have a pretty good sense of imagination and humor. In the end, it is Darla, Adam, and Julian who land in the top, with Darla’s alien winning Miss Intergalactic; complete with crown, sash, and flowers. In the bottom this week are both of Anthony’s teammates, Ben and Kelly. The judges decide that Kelly’s lack of direction in her concept created a makeup that just didn’t work.

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