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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Ep. 212, “Who You Really Are”

On some beach where people speak Portuguese, Lady Sif walks out of the ocean looking for Kava. Some young ones having a bonfire don’t know this Kava, but one is particularly pushy. He follows her as she walks away, clearly attempting some sort of suave sweet talk but Sif doesn’t want to hear it and launches him across the beach when he puts his hands on her.

Kava? Does anyone know a Kava?

At Headquarters, May is training Skye who is having difficulty using her feelings in a constructive way. She’s afraid she might really hurt May, she’s feeling such dark things, and Fitz thinks Skye should take a break. Skye assures Fitz she’s fine and she and May resume training in earnest, not holding back.

Bobbi and Hunter are becoming much…closer. Of course they’re still sleeping with each other, but now they’re actually discussing their lives. Coulson has offered Hunter a permanent position with S.H.I.E.L.D. now that there’s a vacancy (#RIPTrip). Hunter thinks that since working with S.H.I.E.L.D. puts he and Bobbi on the same side, there will be no strife between them and they can continue their relationship to a positive conclusion rather than the all-out war that usually occurs because they’re usually on opposing sides. But Bobbi still has ulterior motives.

Mac is still apologizing about his outburst but Coulson won’t hear of it.

Coulson: I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve been wasting your talents. I know you love cars and stuff, but I need you out in the field.
Mac: I’m not really the violent type. That alien thing made me do those things before. Don’t you have anyone better to do this for you?
Coulson: Look at you, man! You are kind of a beast.

Er, what? Come again? He’s a big guy, granted, but how exactly does that equate to “beastly”? Anyway. May approaches with news of a new mission in Portugal and it’s all hands on deck. May and Coulson arrive at a police station in Portugal to collect Lady Sif and are reminded not to forget her sword in booking. Speaking to Sif, Coulson shows her photos to convince her of their working relationship and learns that Lady Sif has lost her memory except for small bits of common Asgardian knowledge.

Just then, May turns up a video from Twitter that Skye found showing Lady Sif fighting some unknown man on a pier in Portugal. The man has excellent fighting skills and holds his own against the formidable Sif, but she is overcome as he jabs her in the abdomen with a wand he wields and throws her off the pier. Coulson, May, and Sif deduce that he must be alien, possibly Asgardian, to have such power against Sif. Then we see the man from the video walk into a hospital. He’s aggressive, angry, and needs the hospital’s power supplies for fuel. Oh, and he’s turning blue.

Back at headquarters, Fitz and Simmons have located more versions of the fight video and noticed a couple of things: Lady Sif damaged something mechanical that the blue man was wearing during their fight, and zooming in on the point of impact you can see a spray of blue liquid, possibly blood. Coulson assigns Fitz, Hunter, and Mac to head to the pier to check for forensics, and Skye and Bobbi to speak to locals for more information about the attacker. Not to be left out, Simmons has a suggestion.

Simmons: Sir, the science division has loaded the team with heavier suppression artillery. After Raina’s vanishing act, we advise that when you find this…man, you contain him first, ask questions later. New icers are still in development.
Fitz: New icers?
Simmons: The mechanical design is still top-notch, but we’re looking into a more concentrated dendrotoxtin formula.
Fitz: Wouldn’t that be dangerous?
Simmons: But effective. Given these elevated threats, we can’t risk it not being.

O-kay. On the pier, Lady Sif is quite uncomfortable not knowing things about herself. Coulson reassures her that’s not a total loss: one thing we know is that she’s on Earth undercover, judging by her distinct lack of armor. She’s pleased to learn that she’s a warrior, but can’t remember anything else.

May: What about Thor?
Lady Sif: I don’t know this word, but it sure makes me feel fuzzy inside. Why?
Coulson: Who can explain the mysteries of the Asgardian brain?
May: I can.

Me too! Have you seen Thor? I mean… As they search the pier for trace evidence, Hunter tells Mac that he’s taking the permanent position at S.H.I.E.L.D. and Mac is clearly on the offensive. Hunter notices scratches on a light post near where the blue man and Sif were fighting and it falls over when he touches it, as though it had barely been maintaining balance to stay upright. Fitz collects a sample from the divide in the pole to send to Simmons.

Bobbi and Skye arrive at the hospital to talk to the locals. They show a photo of the man on the pier to a nurse who doesn’t recognize him or know anything about the fight on the pier, but asking around will take some time as they are short staffed; one of their nurses has mysterious memory loss.

May and Lady Sif bond more about May’s knowledge of Sif’s life.

Lady Sif: I wonder if I serve the king as the great warrior you say I am.
May: Who, Odin! Heck yeah, you do! You’ve met him and everything.
Lady Sif: Shut. Up!

The man Coulson is interviewing recognizes Sif and calls her a dangerous monster, to which she takes great offense. Mr Cardoza says that after th efight, the blue man wrecked his balloon stand and stole his helium tank valves and split. Just then Simmons reports that the substance Fitz, Mac, and Hunter found wasn’t blood, it was liquid nitrogen. Lady Sif must have damaged the man’s supply hardware during their fight and he’s trying to repair the mechanism.

May: Why carry nitrogen?
Coulson: Fuel? A weapon?
May: Maybe he needed it to breathe if he’s an alien…
Lady Sif: No, there are only seven intelligent species across the known realms who need heightened levels of nitrogen gas and none of them are humanoid. Don’t you learn that on Earth?

Nice to see she remembers some things! Bobbi reports to Coulson that she and Skye have found some evidence at the hospital. They know he needs nitrogen and it’s used to power surgical equipment, so she and Skye start there. And find our attacker, all blue now, repairing his mechanism and looking human again. The blue man and Bobbi fight but he puts her down easily. Skye draws her gun but her powers take over and instead of defending them she dismantles her gun and causes a shelf to fall over onto her, pinning her to the ground and allowing the blue man to lead frog on out of the hospital.

At headquarters, Skye deduces that the blue man might be a Kree based on witnessing his nitrogen use, so Lady Sif thinks she must have been on Earth to capture him. Though his objective on Earth is unknown, his Kree origin is helpful: Lady Sif knows that the Kree word for “keys” is “Kava.” So they begin an all out search for any kind of reference to Kree keys, but not before Sif thanks Skye for engaging her enemy.

Skye is unraveling and Fitz tries to calm her.

Skye: I can’t control it when I get upset or nervous!
Fitz: Just wait until my diagnostics are finished and we might learn something that can help.

Hunter turns up, his timing so impeccable as to dead Skye and Fitz’s little meeting completely. They make excuses about going to search for “key” references and Hunter’s all, “Yeah, okay. Mmhmm. Sure. Nothing weird about this at all.”

Simmons gives Bobbi a clean bill of health and while she goes to grab antibiotics, Bobbi and Mac have a private chat. Bobbi wants to include Hunter in their dirty-looking business but Mac is dead set against it.

Mac: He’ll react badly and this will blow up in our faces.
Bobbi: What am I supposed to do, then?
Mac: I don’t want him here in case he takes their side. He’s a friend, I don’t want him fighting against us.
Bobbi: You want me to push him away?
Mac: Pushing him away now without having to constantly lie to him will give you two a chance to be together later, for real. You remember what it felt like to find our friends were Hydra.
Bobbi: But we’re not Hydra!
Mac: But you remember how it felt. Hunter needs to not be here at all when we pull the trigger on this thing.

Amid all the frantic searching for references to “keys,” May finds one regarding a city known for having many sedimentary basements called Chaves, which in English means “keys.” Chaves, Portugal, was the site of one of Dr. Whitehall’s digs in 1945 where he found one of the obelisks according to SSR files. This news unsettles Skye who opts out of this mission. She says she’s feeling a little woozy after her run in with the Kree, and lies to May that it isn’t about her nerves. After pinpointing exactly where the Kree is headed, the agents turn up just as he drags a crate out of a cave. He thinks they won’t stop him, so they shoot an electrified net at him.

Bobbi is running tests on the Kree’s wand that they correctly assume is how he wiped Lady Sif’s memory. Hunter arrives trying to be flirtatious but Bobbi rebuffs him, obviously acting on Mac’s opinion. She tells him that she wants to take it slow, but he’s suspicious. Usually they ramp up to nuclear levels of hatred before breaking up, but he storms off nonetheless.

Bobbi informs Coulson that she thinks only the Kree can operate his wand, as she wasn’t able to find any way to make it work. The Kree confirms this during interrogation and does some quick kicks and lunges to grab the wand from Coulson and hit Lady Sif in the abdomen again, restoring her memories. Sif’s even more on guard now, because Asgardians do not trust Kree, as a rule. Heimdall saw that a Kree had landed on Earth, so she was dispatched to capture him, which is almost exactly what we had all already assumed was her reasoning for being there at all. The Kree says he’s there because of terragenesis.

Lady Sif: Ancient Kree, descending on planets, altering the inhabitants to fight their war.
Kree: Yeah, that. Earth was one of them.
Lady Sif: Eons ago the Kree waged high casualty wars and needed more soldiers.
Kree: No, we needed killers. A faction of Kree began genetically modifying species on different planets. It failed, yes, but not on Earth. We found out that the faction had built a city and brought the diviners which hold the crystals. We exposed and thwarted them and put it behind us. Then I saw that an ancient signal had been triggered, I knew it was a diviner. If the Kree find out about this, they’ll want to restart terragenesis. The genetically modified creatures affected by the faction are abominations and we have to find the diviners and erase knowledge of them.
May: How many diviners are supposed to be in that crate?
Kree: Enough to create an army.

That would be seven, but Simmons has just discovered that they’re all missing. She thinks they all disappeared back in the ’40s when Whitehall had his dig, so does that mean Hydra has them? If not, who does? Simmons notices Fitz’s diagnostics of Skye has completed and is really intrigued. Fitz clearly doesn’t want Simmons to know that the information there isn’t really a simulation but Skye’s blood and wrenches his tablet away from here. Not suspicious at all.


The Kree says it’s imperative that they find the diviners and anyone who was affected by them. They’re all slave warriors and they’re dangerous. As the Kree, Coulson, May, and Lady Sif discuss Raina’s transformation and how she was not “put down,” Skye becomes agitated when the questions are pointed at her. Being told – indirectly – that she’s a dangerous abomination who needs to be put down is causing her lots of stress, so we know what that means: earthquakes and shattered windows!

Lady Sif and the Kree both want Coulson to hand Skye over. She’s been activated and it’ll be much safer for everyone if she’s in Asgard and eliminated. Skye insists that she doesn’t want to be like this, that she’ll get a handle on her power, but Sif and the Kree know that she might not want to but she was designed to destroy and needs to be put down. Coulson, May, and Fitz balk at the idea of euthanizing Skye, naturally, and abscond to a hiding place. As she runs with May, Skye apologizes to Simmons, who deduces that Fitz knew about Skye’s transformation all along in the split second it took him to follow behind them. Fitz gives us the most concise plot summary ever as he comes across Bobbi and Mac: “Lady Sif and the Kree are trying to take Skye away.”

Coulson continues trying to reason with Sif but the Kree throws him across the room instead. He rounds a corner to run into Bobbi, Mac, and Hunter. The Kree notes their second matchup and her nobility in fighting for her people. May gets Skye down into one of the prison cells and tries to help Skye focus and calm down, but Sif’s sword is threatening to cut the cells door screen open. As the Kree is prepping to take Bobbi out, Hunter pops up and shoots him with a huge fire-blasting gun, giving Bobbi enough time to make the Kree hit himself with his own wand. Lady Sif breaks through as Skye panics about not being able to calm herself. Then Skye grabs a gun and shoots herself in the shoulder and Sif stops her attacks. With Skye passed out, Sif realizes that Skye being willing to harm herself means she knows how dangerous she is.

Back in her armor, Lady Sif, the Kree, Coulson, and May arrive in a field to travel back to Asgard. The Kree has no memory and gives us some enjoyable fish out of water moments. Sif knows Coulson thinks she overreacted but he needed to know that keeping Skye is a dangerous decision. There are some tides of the universe that one can’t swim against. They squash their beef and Heimdall opens the bifrost to take Lady Sif and the Kree away.

May has come to a few conclusions.

May: You died. You were brought back, with a map to a city encoded in your DNA. Our team’s first mission, picking up Skye, then last week, we took her to that city. I can’t help but think about what Lumley said.
Coulson: Wherever Skye goes, death follows.

Fitz apologizes to Simmons for not being more forthright and she thinks that’s hilarious. He’s like, “Whatever, I lied to you. But you were talking about Raina like you were going to kill her and stuff.” Simmons argues that she would never have done that to Skye, and Bobbi, Hunter, and Mac chime in that it wasn’t fair for Fitz to keep this from them. Surprise, they’re all upset! Fitz thinks they shouldn’t be trying to “handle” Skye, they should be trying to protect her because she’s their friend. Mac thinks they’re the ones who need protection from her.

And Skye stood in the doorway listening to all of it. Fitz chases after her but she continues to her newest quarantine cell without a word.

The Questions: Where were Raina and Gordon this week? What are Bobbi and Mac about to pull the trigger on?

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