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Fan Film Friday reviews Face Behind the Clown

the old

In 2013, GeekGirl World debuted a feature known as Fan Film Friday (or FFF). Though the segment only included 5 episodes, it celebrated the passion behind fan-made short films that were inspired by all things geeky and wonderful, from Batman to Wolverine. Flash forward to present day! We are going to re-share the old Fan Film Friday videos each week, and new episodes will start up April 10, 2015. If you would like us to review your favorite fan film or perhaps submit a project of your own for consideration, please contact Nicole in the comments section.

the new

An old video does not mean same ol’, same ol’. I want to offer some fresh perspective and fun facts about these oldies but goodies. Though I didn’t mention it in my video, there were a few reasons I made Face Behind the Clown the first FFF. I have been a long-time fan of Batman, but was kind of burned out on all the Dark Knight movies that were coming out at the time, and I didn’t want the Caped Crusader to be the central focus of my review. Additionally, FBtC features my stud muffin boyfriend, Josh Quevedo, in the role of Jonathan Crane. Some thought it was cruel and insensitive that I showed him no mercy in my review, but at least no one can accuse me of being biased or showing favoritism. Sorry, love! Finally, I was present during filming. That scene where the Joker stares out a window at the rain outside? Actually took place in a garage with a hose and a piece of plastic, and I was drenched by take 65397! Brr. Anyway, it was fun to review, and was the start of Fan Film Fridays!

Watch Face Behind the Clown in its entirety here!

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