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12 Monkeys: EP 9: Tomorrow

121We begin in 2017, where Cole was stranded in Chechnya. He sees a television broadcast from the CDC with Cassie on it requesting the immune make their way to Boston. He heads toward the quarantine zone to try an get to Boston and just when it looks like he won’t be getting through, a soldier spots him and takes him past the soldiers to a car. They seem to know who he is and take him back to the US.


In 2043 Jones is insistent that the cure Foster found122 was to the plague from years ago and that they must go ahead with a plan to take his Core. Meanwhile Ramse has gone back to Spearhead to convince Elena to leave with him, but she still believes that Foster has the cure. We get a glimpse into 2041, two years earlier, and how Ramse and Cole come to be at Project Splinter.


126Whitley goes to talk to his father and try and get him to help them with their plan to take the core. While there, Foster finds Ramse and Elena in his lab and handcuff Ramse to a table while they go to deal with the intrusion in Spearhead. Once left alone, Elena starts to work breaking Ramse out. The intrusion is Jones, who now sits with Foster in his office to give him one last chance to give her his core.  When he adamantly refuses, once again, she pulls out a gun and shoots him. He dies. Could it really be that easy?

No, it never is. Despite Foster being dead, Whitley, with the help of his father, start making their way through the compound, killing anyone in their way. They manage to kill quite a lot of Spearhead’s security and people before finding the core and taking it.


Back in 2017, Cole is taken to the CDC facility in Boston. Crazy-pants Jennifer Goines is outside, going on and on about making and army, and 12 daughters, but 12 isn’t prime. She’s is of course making no sense to those around her, but it sounds to me like she is trying to stir up some trouble in regards to the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Once inside, Cole finds Cassie and quickly learns he has been back to see her in the future and that is how she knew how to look for him. This reunion is short-lived as he learns she is infected.

Back in 2043 at Project Splinter they are fixing the newly taken core to their machine and Jones remarks how Foster was the only one who could have found a cure, and they must press on. So was she lying just to get what she wanted? Concurrently, Elena is talking to Ramse about how she knows Foster had cured the current virus and that Jones would do anything to protect her project, just as Foster would have. This is just enough to plant the seeds of doubt into Ramse’s head. And mine for that matter.

Oh, and look at that, we now see Jones take a paper with the current strain of the virus, also cured, out of her pocket and burn it. She isn’t interested and fixing things now, she is only interested in fixing the past to bring back her daughter. It is so crazy to me that she is willing to destroy the only cure they have in hopes of her project being succesful.


In 2017, Cole is with Cassie who collapses and as he is trying to wake her, she asks him if he found the red forest. When he looks confused she realizes she is not talking to the Cole she apparently has been dealing with, but a younger version still. He begs her to tell him what is going on, but she refuses, knowing that telling him anything could change his path. All she can do is give him a piece of paper with an address on it. She tells him he will find answers and we see that they have grown very close, so we will be seeing a lot more of her still. And with that, she dies in his arms.
Cole is then pulled back to 2043 and now has a chance to talk to Ramse since having been gone so long. He explains the amount of people Jones had killed, to which Cole writes it off as something that was necessary. Ramse explains that they had the cure and she killed the only person that could save them. Cole does not believe this, stating the mission is the most important thing now. This leads to a very heated argument, and a punch to the face from Ramse to Cole. Looks like they won’t be partnering up and agreeing on a plan of action anytime soon. This is where the episode ends, with half of Spearhead dead, Jones lying to everyone after having survived, Cassie dead, and the twosome ripped apart by beliefs.


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