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Face Off: EP 10: Super Selfies

This week we have just our Spotlight Challenge and after losing Kelly last week, Ben is feeling the pressure as the last one left on team Anthony. The artists head into L.A. and meet up with Mckenzie at the Herald Examiner building. Here they learn their challenge will be to create their own alter-egos as superheroes! Not only will they be making their own superheroes (or villains), but they will be the models, and have an assistant only on application.

Once back in the lab, Logan is gung-ho in making himself into a dragon king assassin, Emily is very focused on making herself into the daughter of nature, Darla wants to become a guardian angel-esque hero, while Stephanie struggles to come up with a concept.

julian       darla

The coaches arrive, bring cupcakes for Emily’s birthday, and check in with their teams. Ben is going in the opposite direction and making himself a villain character, Julian is making an anti-hero who wants to use his powers for good, but is slowly turning evil, and Adam is going to be doing a more traditional Japanese superhero that has a lot of comedy and pop-art.

Stephanie finally comes up with a sort-of concept with an anti-hero design, but can’t seem to nail down her sculpt. Even with Laura by her side helping she cannot figure out her face design. She finally settles on a demon design and starts getting her sculpt out.

emily      ben

Darla uses the filigree designs from the Herald building to transfer onto her sculpt which starts to look really nice on her cowl. Emily, being allergic to latex (like me!) has to run her piece in silicone, however she is having difficulty getting it to set. After dusting it down she leaves it to sit overnight. Adam fabricates these ridiculously oversized arm cannons, that I think are so amazing and reminiscent of Mega Man.

adam      stephanie

The assistants arrive on application day to help them apply their makeup to themselves. Even with the added help, Stephanie’s makeup application is looking muddy, and instead of reading as that graphic black and white comic feel, it is just grey tone and “vampire like.” The assistants are not there to help for last looks and they scramble to help each other with the parts they cannot see/reach.


Time is up and we join the judges and the mentors on the reveal stage to see what the artist have created this week. After all the contestants show off their looks on the reveal stage, they bring out Todd Mcfarlane, one of the founders of Image Comics and creator of Spawn. They wanted to wait until all the contestants were on stage before bringing him out.

face2He joins the judges to take a closer look and it is rather funny because the artists are able to hear the critiques and give some input on their characters, along with a plea of “don’t send me home” from Logan. There are many comedic moments during the critiques and it is obvious some of the artists are not used to being models for makeup and have no idea how to perform.

In my opinion, this week I feel that Logan, Ben, and Adam really nailed the essence of the challenge while Darla, Emily, and Stephanie dropped the ball. The judges, however, find Julian, Darla, and Ben safe for the week and Logan, Stephanie, Emily, and Adam left as the tops and bottoms. It is very easy to see that Logan and Adam are top and both on team Rayce, while Emily and Stephanie are in the bottom.

After a short discussion, this week’s winner is Logan (though I would have chosen Adam) and we say goodbye to Stephanie (which I wholeheartedly agree with). Yet again this week we see that a weak concept is usually a contestant’s downfall.

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