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Fan Film Friday revisits Patient J

the old

In 2013, GeekGirl World debuted a feature known as Fan Film Friday (or FFF). Though the segment only included 5 episodes, it celebrated the passion behind fan-made short films that were inspired by all things geeky and wonderful, from Batman to Wolverine. Flash forward to present day! We are going to re-share the old Fan Film Friday videos each week, and new episodes will start up April 10, 2015. If you would like us to review your favorite fan film or perhaps submit a project of your own for consideration, please contact Nicole in the comments section.

the new

Patient J is the Shawshank Redemption of fan films… only with Batman characters. Even if you haven’t seen it, its reputation and longevity in the genre are so powerful and mighty, that even the casual fan film watcher or lazy YouTube browser knows of its greatness. Heck, it even has its own IMDB page! That being said, it was a natural pick for the second edition of Fan Film Friday.

After covering the film, two great and unexpected things happened. First, Josh Quevedo Reviews shared it on his YouTube page, and it subsequently received over 10,000 views (more than any other video we’d made to date)! GeekGirl World could not be more thrilled that people were seeing our video, caring about what we had to say, and visiting our site. (Thanks, y’all.)

Second, Paul Molnar (who played the Joker in the film) messaged us on Facebook! I remember trying to play it cool, but I was squeeing with fan girl joy. Molnar was humbled that so many people were still excited about the project, and unlike the Clown Prince of Crime, he was very much a gentleman and thanked us for our feature. (You’re a million times welcome, Mr. Molnar.)

Watch Patient J here!

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