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12 monkeys: EP10: Divine Move

12.1This episode begins in 2043 with a scientist stating the new core is up and running and Cole is successfully back in 2015. This is when Ramse riffles through a locker and steals vials with syringes before knocking the scientist out. He then proceeds to pour gasoline all over everything, all the information they have and set it on fire.

Back in 2015, Cassie and Aaron are celebrating, believing they destroyed the virus and the outbreak, planning adventures to have together and getting very “friendly” when they are rudely interrupted by someone breaking in, That someone is Cole. Aaron is in disbelief, that he can’t be here because he was supposed to no longer exists, but Cole has to explain that they did not succeed like they had thought. Cole and Cassie come to the conclusion that 12.2Peters is who must now be responsible for the outbreak and decide to pay him a visit. On the way it is clear splintering is taking it’s toll and Cole briefly mentions his concerns about Ramse.

When they get to Peter’s office they find a dead body, but it is not Peters, it is his husband. They manage to find Peters secret journal, which contains the recipe for the plague. They reconvene at a bar to discuss and find notes about 1987, Tokyo and the White Dragon. Cole knows he is supposed to visit Goins in 1987 at some point but Cassie appears to have given up.. She knows the splintering is killing him and doesn’t know how much longer he can last, despite his trying to tell her he will be fine. When he splinters back, the plant that was near turns from green to red.

12.4Back in 2043, Cole tells Jones about Tokyo and 1987, but she just leads him to the room where Ramse torched everything where he then passes out. Ramse makes his way to a camp where Elena is hunkered down with the others from Spearhead and Ramse tells her all he burned and stole and about the syringes. Their biggest concern at this point is their child, protecting him, which includes making sure the past isn’t altered so he is born.

The alarms are raised at the camp and Ramse goes to see who it is. It is not the people from Project Splinter,  but a group of nomads that call themselves The Daughters. The believe men are responsible for the plague and are a traveling group of all women. On the side of their caravan, Ramse notices the symbol of the 12 monkeys. Of course.

12.5Meanwhile, Cassie is looking for animals to test the plague on, which are none other than monkeys. Cole’s condition is getting worse and must undergo a reconditioning system. Cole explains to her that Ramse is just trying to save his family and has her promise not to harm him. With this, she sends Whitley to retrieve the injections, and makes it clear to him that is he must choose between Ramse and the injections, that the injections win.

Ramse sneaks over to The Daughters camp and explains while being held at gunpoint that he knows that symbol, that it is from before, from the army of the 12 monkeys. A woman steps out of the caravan and states that 12 is not a primary….. Jennifer Goins!!

Aaron and Cassie continue to argue about her involvement in everything, especially since she seems to die in different outcomes and he’d rather she stay alive. She of course asks him to keep helping her. Cole is being reconditioned and hopefully he will be less sick from the splintering so Cassie can focus on the task at hand rather than his health.

12.7Ramse is having a chit-chat with Jennifer, who states “There’s no monkeys here. We’re the daughters of mothers, and midnight, and fathers. It’s all out of order, but there’s still time for you and me, we have work to finish. Undo what I’ve done, you’ve done, what Cole’s done.” She also states that the plague cannot be stopped and the only person who really know who started it is “The Witness.” She gives Ramse a small amulet and tells him he is a good friend but not yet. He will be. Something will change things for him. At this point we see Whitley infiltrating the encampment looking for the syringes. Elena tries to stop him and is accidentally shot by one of the soldiers who was aiming at a man that was threatening them with a hatchet. Whitley shoots the soldier, but it is too late. Elena is dead. Ramse arrives to find her laid out with Sam sitting next to her.

Ramse tries to explain to Sam what has happened to his mother and that he is not alone. He is with him, but needs to take care of something first. He hugs him, grabs the box of vials and takes off.


Back in 2015, Cassie has tracked the monkeys to a shipping yard. They are the perfect test subjects, so if she can get to them first there will be nothing to test on. She finds the rusted container and inside is not the monkeys but Peters. She slowly enters the container, which has a terrible foul odor and Peters explains he remade the virus in order to save his husband. She explains that he is already dead and Peters begs for her to end his life, to which she cannot and tells him to disappear. Aaron, who was searching elsewhere in the shipping yard comes across a woman stating they haven’t met and that Cassie is very important to Aaron and them, wanting to know what he is willing to do the keep her alive.

Ramse returns the syringes, alone, but wants to speak with Jones to ensure she leaves him and his son alone. Whitley apologizes about Elena and Ramse pulls a gun, shooting the other three soldiers, killing them. He tells Whitley that he knows her death wasn’t his fault, and because he shot the soldier that killed her, he lets him live with just a hit to the head to knock him out. Ramse sets the security. Jones says to have Cole revived, and sent back to 1987 right away. Jones tries sealing the core room, but Ramse makes it in, killing her security. He is determined to blow up the core and begins placing charges on it.

12.9Max comes in and tries to explain that she wants the same thing he does, a better life. He does not want them to take his son, that maybe isn’t good enough, his son is the future. Max manages to grab a weapon and Ramse shoots her, not killing her though. It is enough time for Jones to grab the bomb and escape the core room, locking him in it. Jones tells Ramse to give up, but he says he promised his son he would protect him and injects himself with the splinter serum. Cole arrives outside and tries to stop Ramse, but it is too late, he makes the only surviving scientist left in the room send him back.

Cassie and Aaron end the episode in the bar discussing all that has happened so far. Aaron states that he understands why Peters did what he did. In the end the one person you love is all that matters. She disagrees.

Jones has no idea when Ramse went to and without tracers in his blood it is a one-way trip. 1987 is the end game and Cole has only this last jump. She tells Cole that he will try and stop him in the past; to which Cole replies “and when he does, I’m going to kill him.”

We see Ramse, arrive in the past, disorientated.

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