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Grimm: EP 14: Bad Luck

Grimm returns this week(finally!!) with a great seasonal episode.Grimm It begins in a quaint house with a mother and her two teenage children. The older of the two sneaks out to meet up with his girlfriend in the woods. It is not long before they realize they are not alone and he ends up chased down by a man with an ax. His mom finds him, after hearing his cry for help, but it is too late. He is already dead and his left foot has been removed. Nick and Hank are called to the scene and while they are questioning his mother, Nick sees her woge but she had looked away and didn’t see that he was a Grimm. She appears as a rabbit-like wesen.

GrimmBack at the station, Nick and Hank are discussing this with Wu. Nick explains that Peter, the teenager, was found with his left foot cut off and that he is a wesen that is “wabbity.” At this point the look on Wu’s face is amazing. Rabbit wesen, foot cut off, named Peter….(ba-dun-cha). I love that Wu is the first to make the connection on the show, though the audience got it earlier in the show I’m sure. I think Wu now being in on the secret is one of my favorite parts of the show lately. He provides a lot of comic relief in an otherwise grim show (see what I did there).

Anyway, back to the show. So now they of course take a trip to the trailer to look up what they are dealing with and learn of a ritual for fertility involving the foot of the wilihara, or rabbit wesen. We also see a young couple arrive at a cabin in the woods and exchange a large amount of cash for the foot that had just recently been harvested. They take it home, place it under their bed and begin trying to conceive. After Nick learns of the lore, he conjects that Peter’s father may not have died in a car accident a year earlier as the mother had told them, but may have also been hunted. With a little more investigation they find Nick is correct, that this family is being hunted, and they need to protect the mother and daughter that are left.

GrimmBy this time, the mother and daughter have fled and are now staying in a small hotel until they can move on. They must always be on the move to avoid being hunted. Their precautions prove mute because the wesen hunting them has placed a tracking device on their car, and so knows exactly where to find them. Nick and Hank must figure out who is behind this and turn to Monroe and Rosalie for their help and knowledge. They confirm that there are fertility doctors just for wesen, and that one of them may be behind the hunting of the wilihara. After visiting one of the doctors undercover, they believe they are out of leads when he tosses their file for even mentioning the ritual and are about to give up, when the receptionist comes into the hall and tells them she knows someone that can help.

For $10k she can put them on the waiting list for the foot, with just one other couple ahead of them. Rosalie tells her she will pay $15k to be put ahead of the other couple. The woman agrees and tells them they will receive a text from her contact with instructions of where to take the money later tonight. Monroe calls Nick and tells him what has happened and Nick tells him not to let her leave. After a very failed attempt to ask awkward questions in order to not let her leave, Rosalie get frustrated and ends up just hitting her and knocking her out.

The Laporem Venator, the hunter, kidnaps the daughter, and Nick goes to speak with the mother wilihara and explain that he is a Grimm and that he will find her daughter. In order to figure out where the hunter is they interrogate the receptionist and learn the Grimmprevious couple’s name. Hank and Nick pay them a visit and after finding the foot hidden under their mattress, the couple tells them where the cabin is. Back at the cabin, the hunter removes the girls sock and shoe and ties her foot to a tree stump.  He tells her to woge so he can take her foot, but before he can force her to do so, he smells Nick and Hank approaching. He takes off into the woods, the girl flung over his shoulder to try and escape. Eventually Nick and Hank catch up to him and there is a fight but he gets away. The daughter surprises him by hitting him upside the head with a metal pole and then jams it into his foot. She has escaped her bindings where he had left her tied up. He recovers quickly and manages to knock her back to the ground. As he is about to kill her Nick and Hank catch up and Hank shoots him with a shotgun.

The girl is saved and returned to her mother and everything is great! Yay!! But what is happening with Juliette and Nick finding out she is a hexenbiest?? Well throughout the episode there are awkward interactions between the two and Nick even pays a visit to Henrietta, who mentored Juliette, to see if there was anything they could do. She finally makes him realize Juliette’s condition is permanent and there is nothing he can do about it. Juliette can see that Nick looks at her differently and things will never be the same between them, he cannot even look at her when she woges. Adalind pays a visit to Henrietta after finding out that is who Capt. Renard sent Juliette to and while there learns she is pregnant again. It is totally preposterous though because she would have had to… oh wait. She did. With Nick.

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