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Face Off: EP 11: Imaginary Friends

LoganThe contestants meet up with Mckenzie at Brookside Park in Pasadena where they learn their next makeup
will be based off the creative imaginations of a child. I remember when they did a similar challenge in Season 3 and we all learned that children can be very set in their ideas, and hard to please. Logan wants to do an awesome monster, but is paired with Alexandria who wants a pink tailed mermaid with hearts in her hair. He is a little less than excited, but knows that “when a little girl asks you for a pink mermaid, you give her a pink mermaid.” Emily is with Maya who is doing her imaginary friend Lulu which is a stuffed rabbit-come to life and Adam gets Lance who has a very long list of musts for his creature Lazor which is lizard like and has lasers coming from his eyes. Adam does a really good job narrowing down Lance’s demands into something he can work with.

JulianDarla is paired with Jordan who starts listing all the things on her friend who wants which includes a diamond head, a purse, gemstones, and sparkly skin. Ben gets Blaine and he wants a 3-headed creature with wings, one head to have horns, another to have one-eye, and for it to have no legs and a tail. He draws u this crazy design while still trying to remind Blaine that a person has to fit in there. Julian is paired with Andrew who wants his friend to be B-Boy Z who is a bloody half-zombie-like guy that is a break dancer.

EmilyAt the lab, Laura is worried about Julian’s creature because the challenge is for a kid friendly whimsical character and a realistic Zombie doesn’t fit the bill. Julian changes his concept to try and fit what the judges will be looking for, making it less realistic and giving it a bone mohawk instead of one out of hair. Ben has to do a 3 headed creature and is Anthony’s last team member. He has to sculpt 3 heads, 2 that will sit on the models hands, and fabricate a way for the model to be on his knees so it appears he has no legs, as well as making wings and a tail.

Adam decided that his chest piece is the biggest part of his creature and puts off sculpting to day two so he can make sure the chest lines up properly, that way when the model moves his head it looks like the mouth is opening and closing.

Michael Westmore helps a few with their concepts and making certain they read as whimsy instead of creepy. He likes the idea of the button eyes on Darla’s concept but reminds her that even though they’re not attached to the creature, they still must be very large to stay whimsical.

DarlaDay two and  Ben gets busy molding since he has so many pieces to make and fabricate still. Rayce feels Logan’s mermaid tail is just awful and helps him create a more flowy tail using foam to make heart-shaped scales. This way it is less bumpy and boxy and more feminine. Emily is feeling homesick more and more and can’t help but cry while sculpting. She takes a moment outside to cry it out and comes back ready to really get to work. Meanwhile Ben has to get some help from Anthony getting his 3 huge heads moulded so they don’t dry up before he is finished since they are so big.

AdamDay 3 and Emily’s rabbit ear prosthetic is torn and needs to be repaired badly. Ben looks like he has bitten off more that he can chew and gets his model to help him fabricate his wings while Anthony sits in the suit so Ben can keep working on putting it together. Going into last looks several contestants have more work than to do in an hour than I have ever seen needing to get done by this point. Adam’s big mouth monster doesn’t seem to be working as the lower part of the jaw looks more like a chest piece than the mouth.

BenJudgment time and the kids get to join them in the reveal stage and see what their imaginations have bred. They all genuinely seem to love seeing their ideas realized and are laughing the entire time. I’m sure the judges are getting a kick out of the kids reactions. The kids are sent out when it’s time for the judges to take a closer look. Ve, Neville, and Glenn check out each creature before making their decisions on tops and bottoms. Logan’s mermaid and Emily’s Rabbit are both safe, although I really felt like the mermaid should have been in the top looks. Darla’s diamond lady and Adam’s big-mouthed monster are in the top and I absolutely love Adam’s creation Lazor. The big mouth works perfectly and it really looks like a toy that has come to life.  Ben’s 3-headed monster and Julian’s zombie B-boy are in the bottom as the judges just didn’t feel the finished products worked for the challenge this week.. I think Ben definitely took on way too much this week. Before the judges make their final decisions, Anthony defends Ben’s choices in taking on so much while Laura fights for Julian. In the end it is Adam that walks away with the win for the first time, while Ben, and consequently Anthony, is left to pack up his kit.



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