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Interview with Cavan Scott, Writer of the New Ninth Doctor Comics Series

GeekGirl World recently had the privilege of interviewing Cavan Scott, the writer for the upcoming Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor Series, published by Titan Comics.

GeekGirl World: When did you first meet the Doctor?

Cavan Scott: Back in the 1970s, during Tom Baker’s reign, because that’s what it was! He just was the Doctor. In fact, I was ever-so-slightly scared of him with that voice and those wide-staring eyes, but he was my Doctor through and through.

GGW: What doctor do you personally identify with?

Scott: Ooh, that’s a good question. I think the Tenth Doctor tries very hard to be liked. Perhaps a little too hard at times and gets it wrong from now to now, becoming a bit too loud and showy-offy (if that’s a word). I’ve been guilty of that in the past too.

GGW: Why write your new series on the Ninth Doctor?

Scott: Because I wanted to take number nine out into space where we never really got chance to see him. Plus, it’s my thank you to the cast and crew of the 2005 season for taking the gamble and bringing Doctor Who back – and with such style.

GGW: Follow up – Do you feel he didn’t have a long enough time being the doctor?

Scott: Actually, you know I think he did a hell of a lot in those 13 episodes. Yes, I would love to have seen Christopher Eccleston do more stories – who wouldn’t? – but it’s amazing how much he packed in there, so many emotions and levels. Of course, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. The man’s a legend.

Cavan Scott
Cavan Scott

GGW: Do you have a favorite companion and if so who is it?

Scott: I hate being asked this as I have so many favorite companions, from Jamie and Sarah Jane Smith (*the* Doctor Who companion) to Romana and the 80s companions I grew up watching when I was getting more into Doctor Who fandom. I always had a bit of a crush on Tegan!

I’ll tell you who I would love to write – dear dopey but dashing Harry Sullivan, who traveled early on with the Fourth Doctor. You could have a lot of fun with Harry.

GGW: If you could travel with any Doctor who would it be?

Another great question. I love the Sixth Doctor, but I suspect it would be quite a rocky ride. The Eighth Doctor would be fun. I love his enthusiasm and joy. He’s a man who just wants to discover and explore. Yeah, let’s go for him.

GGW: If you could wear any one piece of clothing that any Doctor has worn, 
what would it be and why?

Scott: Ha! The Tenth Doctor’s coat, because its all dramatic and swishy!

GGW: How do you feel about the new doctor?

Scott: Number 12? I like him a lot. Spiky and bad-tempered, although I’ve a feeling we might see him mellow over time. Not much I hope, though. My daughters love how rude he is. That thing of seeing an adult being bad-mannered and acting like a kid. They always laugh like drains whenever he tells someone to shut up!

GGW: If you could bring back a Doctor and companion for one episode who would
 it be?

Scott: Well, if I had the power of time travel, the Third Doctor and Jo Grant. I’ve had the privilege of working with lovely Katy Manning on a series of Big Finish audios called Iris Wildthyme and adore her. And she was perfect as Jo, both alongside Jon Pertwee and then when she returned in the Sarah Jane Adventures alongside Matt Smith.

And who wouldn’t love to see a new Third Doctor story? So much of his character is to be found in the Twelfth Doctor, I think.

GGW: Any other doctor who projects on the horizon?

Scott: Yes, but I’m afraid I can’t say what yet. Spoilers!

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