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Fan Film Friday revisits Sleight of Hand

the oldIn 2013, GeekGirl World debuted a feature known as Fan Film Friday (or FFF). Though the segment only included 5 episodes, it celebrated the passion behind fan-made short films that were inspired by all things geeky and wonderful, from Batman to Wolverine. Flash forward to present day! We are going to re-share the old Fan Film Friday videos each week, and new episodes will start up April 10, 2015. If you would like us to review your favorite fan film or perhaps submit a project of your own for consideration, please contact Nicole in the comments section.

the new

Mega Ultra StudiosBatman: Sleight of Hand was a fan film that left a bad taste in my mouth. After my initial viewing, I criticized it for being cartoony and ruining everything great about Batman: The Animated Series. Even then, some people thought I was too generous. One GGW viewer commented, “I agree w/ you 100% on the review, except for one thing. The score you gave; imo, was too high. I’m a huge fan of the Joker & judge all things he & Batman related harshly.” After re-watching the fan film, I began to wonder, did *I* judge B:SoH too harshly?

Was I being the ultimate music hipster for thinking that Danny Elfman and Shirley Walker’s scores could not be used here? Did my adoration for Arleen Sorkin keep me from being able to appreciate the Batman: Arkham Asylum meets rock star meets live-action cartoon that B:SoH was trying to create with their version of Harley Quinn? Should I have been more accepting and celebrated Mega Ultra Studios’ blend of genres and eras of these ol’ Batman characters? I’m not sure. What do you think, GGW? Was I too tough… or far too generous? Let me know in the comments section!

Watch Sleight of Hand here!

Check out Mega Ultra Studios here!

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