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12 Monkeys: EP 11: Shonin

We pick up following Ramse’s splinter into 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. He is disorientated from the splinter, and is already around a corner when we see Cole splinter back to the same spot. He immediately begins looking for Ramse.

We are then taken to a club where a young Leland Goines is sitting the a Japanese man who bring out the “specimen.” It is the same corpse they have 12.2been trying to destroy this whole time. The price for it is $500,000, but Leland is not interested. He takes off to go to the bathroom when is he pinned against the wall by Cole. Cole asks him about the army of the 12 monkeys and the virus. This is how Leland learns the corpse contains a virus, and Cole tells him he is going to help him destroy it. Just then, Ramse tackles him and they begin fighting. The Japanese business man Nakano breaks up the fight with some gunfire and his bodyguards. Once separated, they throw a knife down between Cole and Ramse, and have them continue their fight. Ramse overpowers Cole, and stabs him in the stomach. Back in 2043 we see that they too are getting readings that Cole’s vitals are dropping. Now knowing about the virus, Leland buys the corpse for Nakano’s price.

Still in 1987, we see Ramse is in Japan in Fuchu Prison, and is being questioned by someone from the U.S. Embassy. They need a social security number or I.D. to prove he is a U.S. citizen, but of course he has none. Because of this, there is nothing 12.3they can do, and he is going to be spending time in prison for stabbing Cole. A year later, out in the prison yard he is beaten, and is still bleeding pretty badly back in his cell when he receives a letter from an unknown person named Olivia who knows exactly who he is. He begins receiving similar letters each year as time passes. She encourages him not to fight back against his tormentor, but that he will understand in time. She sends him a couple books and tells him to write down the future as he knows it. In 1992, his tormentor comes to him again, and he tells the entire yard that he works for the guards, and that he is the snitch. With that he tells him he has killed him, without even lifting a finger. Finally, in 1995 he receives a letter indicating he has become the man they need him to be, along with his belongings, fake identification, and the necklace Jennifer Goines gave him in the future.

He is driven by limo to a large house in Virginia. He is greeted by Olivia and the Pallid man. Olivia takes the necklace Ramse has, and the identical one from this time the Pallid man is wearing, and places them 12.4together on a podium. This creates a paradox which turns all the green plants nearby to red, like the plant in the bar in the last episode.

We jump sixteen years later and Ramse is still working for Olivia. They go to investigate a company called Markridge, and meet with Leland Goines. Ramse introduces himself as Ethan Seckie. As Leland is leaving, he questions Ramse if they’ve met before, around 1987 in Tokyo. Leland must leave suddenly to check on Jennifer who is repeating that everything’s changing. In 2013, we catch up to them searching for the scientist who knows the whereabouts of the night room. Ramse gives the information about Cole, stating he will return to 2015 to meet Jennifer.

2014 and we catch up again to the mental hospital where Jennifer is being held. Leland visits her, and she believes he is there to get her out, but he is not. He is only there to warn her not to tell any of their secrets. He mentions moving the M-510 out of the Night Room for fear she will tell someone. She frantically draws the symbol of the 12 monkeys on the walls.

We finally catch up to 2015 and the meeting of Leland and Cole, where he told Cole of their meeting in 1987, and Cole kills him. We can now see the other side to the earlier events in the series, and Olivia tells the Pallid man that the period of interference must be maintained. We see her meet with Aaron, and afterward gets into a car with Ramse who tells her she cannot kill Cassie because she needs to leave the message. He assures her that Cole is not a problem because he killed him when he jumped in 1987. Olivia has a working virus now.

Aaron comes home to Cassie who is watching an announcement that Royce will run for presidency. 12.5Aaron tells her he was vetter and fired due to her and his involvement in Chechnya. He is drunk and he begins talking about how they know the virus is coming, that everyone is going to be dead, and they can go hide out somewhere. Cassie believes there is still hope, but Aaron says Cole may very well be dead too. She convinces Aaron to return to Royce, and stay on him.

He does return, and asks him about a project he is working on in the private sector of a selected survivor protocol. Royce tells him a private investor is on the way in, and he will meet with them to discuss it. The investor is of course Olivia.

Back at Olivia’s headquarters, she is keeping Jennifer after having taken her last, and tells her they 12.7have a lot in common. She speaks softly to her about her mother also, and offers her protection. That she can be a daughter again. Outside the room, the Pallid man tells Ramse that Olivia is securing his future.

We finally make it back to 2043 where Jones is seeing Cole’s
vitals drop in 1987 and she states she wants to try and get him back to 2015 one last time. Just before he is about to be executed, he splinters. Whitley goes to have a drink with Jones, stating that this is the end due to having lost the tether to Cole. She believes it is just a minor setback but he and a few others don’t see it that way. Jones refuses to leave Project Splinter. Her future lies there.

We leave off in 2015, as Cassie returns home to find blood all over her floors. She sees Cole there, 12.9injured from the stabbing. Now he knows why they have always been a step ahead of him and her. Ramse is The Witness.


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