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Grimm: EP 15: Double Date

This week’s episode begins with Renard having nightmares of when he was shot and died, only to wake up covered in blood. There are no wounds, just the blood, and a lot of it. He is very troubled by waking up to a blood soaked chest with his wounds still scarred over.

Cut to a bar where a man sits drinking as a distraught woman comes in, and sits next to him. He lends an ear to her tales of woe, that her husband lied and left her. He offers a compliment, and she eagerly goes for it. Next thing you know they are headed to her condo and into the bedroom. She draws the curtains, and tells him she will be right back as she heads into the bathroom. While she is in there, he begins to undress and get ready Grimmfor the night ahead, when a man busts through the bedroom door, threatening him with a gun. He accuses him of being with his wife and that he should kill him for it, so the guy offers the woman’s husband all the money in his wallet, five hundred dollars. The husband takes it as the guy high-tails it out of there. Once outside he pauses to catch his breath, just as the woman exits the condo. He confronts her about her husband and demands his phone, which he dropped in the bedroom, and his money back. She fights with him, and when you think he has the upper hand, she woges and becomes very slimy. She then rubs it on his face and it eats through him like acid.

GrimmPolice find the man the next morning, and Nick and Hank are called onto the scene. From his wallet, they determine he is from out of state and in town on business. Wu informs them the man died from being exposed to necrotizing fasciitis, which is similar to toxins emitted by certain slugs, bugs, and plants like the venus fly trap. They conclude it must be wesen, but are not sure which one. They note his cell phone is missing, so Wu starts pinging it. This leads to the nearby condo where they find it is virtually spotless inside, except for the guy’s phone and a single fingerprint. The manager that let them into the condo tell them the guy that owns it is out of town and rents it out. She relays that it was just rented by a very pretty woman.
Back at the station they run the fingerprint, and it comes back to a man named Linus Baluzian, a con man with a record and wonder if he is working with the woman. They run the card used to rent the condo to see if anywhere else had been rented using the card.

Meanwhile we see Linus in a hotel room yelling at Stacy about how she messed up the previous night, That if she had just used the back door to leave, none of it would have happened. He tells her that she is going out again tonight, and had better not screw it up. It cuts to Stacy as she starts getting ready, and mumbling that Linus would be nothing without her.

During all this, Renard had visited a doctor who told him he could find nothing wrong, so Renard decides to visit the spice shop. He asks if they still have the spell book his mom used to help Juliette so Rosalie goes and gets it for him. His mother, however, closed the book, and they haven’t been able to open it. He tells them only the blood of a hexenbiest can open it. She asks if her knows any that would be willing to help, and of course he knows Juliette is one now, even though Rosalie and Monroe don’t know yet. Renard returns home to figure out how to ask Juliette if she will help him open the book. She has been sleeping in her car, avoiding Nick and we see her get a call from Nick which she sends to voicemail. Nick asks her to call him back and we see that not only is she in her car, but she is sitting outside of Renards house.

Hank is in the trailer when Nick comes in, visibly disturbs and tells Hank he is fine when questioned about it. Hank allows him to dismiss the inquiry and states he has found something in an old medical book. He thinks the wesen is the Huntha Lami Muuaji and that their skin secretions are deadly. It states that they always travel in pairs one male, one female, and that the females have never been caught. TheyGrimm decide to talk to Rosalie and Monroe just as Wu states he got a hit on the credit card and found a nearby apartment had been rented as well. Nick and Hank stop by the spice shop and talk Monroe into being bait at a nearby bar they believe the couple is using as their hunting grounds to scam men out of money. Monroe reluctantly agrees and heads out to the bar. Nick, Hank and Wu are all posted nearby to the apartment to make sure Monroe is safe.

As Monroe is in the bar, sure enough Stacy comes in and begins pretending to be sad again about her husband leaving her. Monroe sneaks back to tell Nick he thinks it’s her and he and Stacy head to the apartment. She pulls the same trick of heading into the bathroom once inside the apartment and Wu radios Hank and Nick to say that the apartment was empty before they went in and he hasn’t seen any sign of Linus yet. While Stacy is in the bathroom, Monroe is pacing the room in front of the window, when Linus bursts in again with a gun. Monroe tries signaling Hank and Nick who are in a car outside and when they realize what is going on they and Wu head into the apartment. When they do, GrimmMonroe woges and shoves Linus back who then manages to escape outside. Nick takes chase and Wu and Hank go to apprehend Stacy from the bathroom.

Linus manages to get far enough ahead of Nick that he takes his jacket off and woges into the worm-like thing and then into Stacy, and calmly walks off. Nick catches up and only finds Linus’ jacket and inside the pocket are Stacy’s earrings. Nick heads back to the apartment where he explains that is why the females are never found and Linus is the only one with a record, they are the same person. Linus and Stacy argue more about the events of the nights and she blames him for having picked the bar. This time she will be picking the bar.

Back at the spice shop Nick determines they need to capture Linus, not Stacy and that the only way to Grimmensure that is to use testosterone to force the wesen as Linus only. Rosalie helps by making the testosterone and Nick retrieves the small crossbow with hollow arrows, which Rosalie fills with the testosterone.

Back at Renard’s house, Juliette knocks on the door and when he lets her in she asks if she can stay with him. He is the only one that can really help her figure out what she is now. He tries describing what it is like and tells her she must be careful. He agrees to let her stay only if she helps him by cutting herself and dripping her blood on the book in order to open it. When she agrees and it opens she asks him what is in it. He tells her it contains all of Adalind’s spells and she is now very interested in reading the book also.

Later that night, Stacy is leaving a new bar with a new guy when Wu approaches and asks the guy for his ID. As he is questioning the guy, Stacy slips off and is cornered by Nick and Hank. She woges into the slimy work and nick shoots two darts into her. It doesn’t seem to affect her at first, but then she woges back into Linus. They are then able to arrest him and take him into the station. He explains that Stacy and him are in love and he cannot live without her. He signs a confession, but Nick cannot assure him if or when Stacy will be able to come back.

Adalind is timing her third pregnancy test that is also shown to be positive. She is freaking out and decides she must sleep with someone, fast so no one knows it’s Nick’s. She decides on Viktor, but when she goes to see him, she finds he has been sent away by Frederick. He informs her she will not be seeing Viktor again and someone else will be coming to keep her company.


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