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Face Off: EP 12: Deadly Dolls

face1This week the artists meet Mckenzie at the legendary Bob Baker Marionette Theater to learn what their inspiration will be this week. Once there, they learn this week is all about dolls. At first Julian is less than excited, he does not care for the whimsical challenges and I can’t blame him. Watching Face Off has made me realize I have no idea what whimsy really is. Suddenly the lights go down and spotlights go up on the seven dolls they have to choose from and Mckenzie informs them they must make a doll that is more along the lines of those in Poltergeist, The Conjuring, and Child’s Play. Now Julian can get behind the challenge and Emily is also super excited.

The artists take turns choosing their inspiration doll, with Logan choosing the Voodoo doll, Julian choosing the Marionette, Adam the Baby doll, Darla the Porcelain doll, and Emily, lastly picking the Ragdoll. They each take their dolls with them and return to the studio to get started.

On team Laura, Emily immediately gets to work on her chest piece for her ragdoll, creating a very thick fabric texture. Her chest is going to be a huge piece and she needs to knock it out the first day. Darla starts in on molding her dolls face, exaggerating the size to giveface2 it a better doll silhouette. Julian’s concept is to go with an older marionette doll that still has a lot of wood texture in it and so begins sculpting the wood texture into his face. Laura offers some helpful advice and overall seems pleased with her team’s concepts.

Over at team Rayce, Logan is sculpting his face out for his voodoo doll and decides to sculpt the sections of the face that will have the burlap attached to them out in clay. This doesn’t sit well with Rayce who thinks it would come across more organic if he changes his sculpt and uses the burlap texture t build off of. Meanwhile Adam has decided to think way outside the box and is making a baby doll that houses a demonic creature that sucks the youth out of it’s victims. For this he starts sculpting the crazy creature with tentacles coming out of it. Rayce is very adamant face3that he is going too far away from the challenge, but Adam decides to stick with his own style and see it through. At the end of the day, Logan decides that Rayce’s idea would work better, scraps his whole sculpt, and essentially has to start over on day two.

Day two and each artist is deep into their concepts and sculpts, even Adam whose concept still feels a little lost. There are some minor setbacks, like Emily shattering her shoulder mold and having to use pillow fluff instead, but other than that things seem to progress pretty smoothly. Even Logan gets his major pieces completed in the single day of sculpting. Application day comes and and even the models are excited for this challenge. Julian is struggling slightly with his paint job and fears the wood texture is getting very muddy, but Darla uses a thinned out alcohol paint to really make her cracks in her porcelain doll pop and look fantastic. Emily is doing what she is great at, making a wig for her character that is really over the top, and looks amazing for doll hair, and Logan uses the pulled thread of the voodoo doll to create something kinda hair-like.

At the reveal stage Glenn, Ve, and Neville are joined this week be a very special guest judge. It is Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky from Child’s Play. This is an awesome judge to have for this challenge and he looks so excited to be there. During the judging even he is really expressive over each one. They then speak to each artist individually to allow them a chance to explain their concepts. They have overall positive notes for Logan’s voodoo doll, are incredibly impressed by how expressive Emily’s doll is despite having a very blank face, and simultaneously adore and are disturbed by Darla’s porcelain doll. For Julian the shapes are all wrong for Glenn, and the other judges feel the paint and texture looks muddy and not easily readable. For Adam the consensus is that he just went too far from the challenge this week. Even the parts of his creation that are supposed to be parts of the baby doll on the face, don’t look like the rubber baby doll face that it is supposed to look like.

Emily       Logan    


After Judging, the top looks are Darla and Emily, Logan being safe, with Darla taking the win this week. In the bottom are Julian and Adam of course.  Adam must pack up his kit this week. I am disappointed to see him go as he often has a lot of really cool designs and concepts, but at this point, just one mistake can send you home and this week his concept was his mistake.

Adam         Darla

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