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Fan Film Friday revisits Tell Gordon Hello

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In 2013, GeekGirl World debuted a feature known as Fan Film Friday (or FFF). Though the segment only included 5 episodes, it celebrated the passion behind fan-made short films that were inspired by all things geeky and wonderful, from Batman to Wolverine. Flash forward to present day! We are going to re-share the old Fan Film Friday videos each week, and new episodes will start up April 17, 2015. If you would like us to review your favorite fan film or perhaps submit a project of your own for consideration, please contact Nicole in the comments section.

the newTell Gordon Hello was one of the first fan films I reviewed to receive such a high score! You know a fan film is doing something right when the only complaint it received was that it was *too* much like its cinematic inspiration (in this case, The Dark Knight). After we posted our review, Paul Louis Harrell (the Joker) reached out to us with some very kind words! He wrote, “Thank you for the nice write up! There were a lot of things I would go back and change if I could, and it bothered me for sometime, but going into this I made it certain that Tell Gordon Hello was going to be the only Joker film I did… unless of course DC and Warner Bros. twisted my arm. I put it out there, no regrets. Am I a better actor now? Yes. And I will continue to become better until I die.” Maybe if things don’t work out with Jared Leto in Suicide Squad, David Ayer can cast Harrell! Just joking (eh, eh, get it?). But seriously, I would not be disappointed to see him donning the purple suit once more! TGH was the last FFF review that featured the Joker, and I’m thrilled we got to end Joker June with such a brilliant project.

Watch Tell Gordon Hello here!

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