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Geek Girls Ink’d: Doctor Who and Alice in Wonderland

Welcome to Geek Girls Ink’d! It’s no secret that I love tattoos, and I of course love geeky tattoos even more. I wanted to have somewhere to showcase some geeky tattoos I’ve found in my community, at conventions, just really anywhere I can find them. It is only more recently that women have been able to fully embrace tattoo culture, and I feel as though this needs to be displayed in all it’s splendor. Not only am I looking for women who proudly wear their fandoms on their sleeve so-to-speak, but also will be showcasing some of the female tattoo artists who consider themselves to be geeky as well.

katMy first ever showcase is of a lovely women named Kat Connors. She hails from Klamath Falls OR, by way of Eugene. While she has several fandom tattoos, including The Dark Tower, Tank Girl, and Alice in Wonderland, her favorite nerdy tattoo is Doctor Who related. She has the word NERDGASM in white ink on her left wrist, written in Gallifreyan. She decided on this design because she is a professional artist and her brand/identity is called Nerdgasms by Kat due to  the geeky/fandom nature of her art. Her love of Doctor Who “borders on pathological”, so the tattoo practically designed itself. She has always been a fan of white ink because it gives tattoos a more organic look. Kat got this awesome tattoo from 11th Hour Tattoo Studio on a Friday the 13th special about a year and a half ago. Because it is white ink, she never has to cover it for work, and most people don’t even really notice it. For those that do however, they are very complimentative and some ask if it is a brand. This is certainly not the end to her geeky tattoos, she has plans to get a similar one of the angel warding sigil from Supernatural on her other wrist.

Next up is Melanie Davis from Las Vegas, NV who is also very proudly sportingmel a Doctor Who tattoo. She has this beautiful watercolor Tardis with the word “Allons-y” on her ribcage. She chose this design because it means “Let’s go” and encourages her to get up and get out there to experience life rather than letting it pass her by. She knew she wanted the Allons-y script, but after seeing an image of a gorgeous watercolor Tardis she knew she had to have that added. To commemorate the “Day of the Doctor” on November 23, 2013 she went down to Broken Dagger Tattoo shop in full tenth doctor regalia and met with her artist, Lily. She went after watching the 10 am premiere of the episode ready to be inked! Since getting the tattoo she has she has been able to look to her tattoo for inspiration and has a great time geeking out when she gets to show it off to fellow Whovians.



stacyOur final geeky girl this time is Stacey Ballard from Thomasville, NC. She has a daisy with an Alice in Wonderland quote on her foot. The quote reads: “in a world of my own”. She got this to cover a bad scar from a surgery she had and wanted something really pretty to detract from it. She visited Damian at Diversity Tattoo to have this piece done about a year ago. She has been planning this tattoo since she was 15 and it is her first easily visible tattoo. She finds that most who see it absolutely love it.

I think all of these tattoos are amazing and as special as the ladies that proudly wear them. If you are interested in being featured, contact me via email here.

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