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Grimm: EP 16: Heartbreaker

Grimm This week starts with Renard getting a rude awakening by Juliette ranting that there is nothing in the book that can help her, or help him for that matter. She wants to know where his mother is right now. Before him, before Nick, before all this Wesen crap she was normal, and she wants to get it back. If he doesn’t make it happen soon, he better watch out. Thankfully that’s all we see of her for now. I really dislike the scenes she is in and kinda hope she dies…. (sorry not sorry)


We cut to an early morning bike ride with a group of bikers, one in particular is being a complete jerk tGrimmo a female rider (Bella) and so she rides off by herself. As she’s riding she hits a dip in the dirt and flips her bike, scraping her cheek badly. Luckily one of the other biker rides was following her and comes to her aid. She is very adamant that she is fine and to leave her alone, but he is insistent on helping her and professing his love for her? I guess it’s possible to love someone you have almost zero interaction with and it seems like she never talks to him, or anyone for that matter, so I doubt he really knows much about her personality… but ok. As he gets closer to her, she turns away from him, warning him to leave her alone he of course doesn’t and touches her shoulders, just as she woges into a frog lady, complete with toxic slimy skin. This toxin spreads quickly from his hands to the rest of his body and he swells and dies, covered in boils as she rides off.

GrimmNick gets the call about the the dead biker while he is with Hank at a cafe. He has just told him that Juliette is a hexenbiest and is avoiding him. They go investigate the scene and cannot determine it is an accident, murder, or something else entirely. Taking his keys from him, they go to his apartment and find he lives alone, but has pictures of a blonde woman as well as sketches of her. It is of course, Bella. Love or obsession? You decide.

Meanwhile Bella has returned home and is in tears as she calls her mom and explains what happened. Her mom says she will be right there to help her. When she gets there Bella explains it wasn’t her fault, and she doesn’t know what to do. Her mother assures her that it indeed wasn’t, and she is just going to pretend like it didn’t happen. Her mom thens turns to face the camera, and we see her face is burned and scarred, and she asks Bella if she wants her life ruined the way hers was.

Renard gets a visit from Sam who tells him Viktor was sent back to Vienna, and an unknown royal would be coming to town. Renard asks him to get more information, and gives him a packet with some fake clues as to where Kelly Burkhart disappeared to with the baby. Sam agrees and leaves.

Nick and Hank get some info about the riding group and go to ask if they have any information aboutGrimm Zack, the dead rider. They state he was there yesterday, but hadn’t shown up today. They remember he rode off after Bella, and haven’t seen her yet today either. The bikers know very little more other than that Bella keeps to herself pretty much all the time. Wu calls and tells Nick the Zack’s heart broke from a toxin that is not found in nature, but that similar types of the toxin is found in some frogs and some birds. With this info, they go to a bike shop where Bella works to ask her some questions, and even with Nick’s pressing, she doesn’t woge, so Nick is unsure of she is Wesen or not.

Off to the Spice shop to get some advice from Monroe and Rosalie who are very helpful in figuring out the type of wesen she may be based on their description of the incident. Rosalie says it’s a defense mechanism that happens when someone is sexually attracted to them, and that it really isn’t their fault. She convinces Nick that Bella doesn’t need to be arrested, but helped. He asks her to try and make something to counteract Bella’s toxins, so she and Monroe get to work on it.

GrimmBack with the royals and Adalind is changing when she is told Kenneth, the new royal to take Viktor’s place has arrived. He comes in and she informs him that Nick is a Grimm again and Juliette is a hexenbiest. He also opens her robe and sees that she is pregnant as well. When probed about who it belongs to, she lies and says it’s Viktors. After she dresses she meets him in the living room of the suite as Sam comes in with the junk information. Kenneth takes it and right away questions his loyalties before beating him. He tells Adalind that he is more direct than Viktor was, and that she needs to rethink who she names as the father of her child since Viktor is sterile.

At the Bike shop Bella is closing up alone as the jerk from the biking group, Ricky, comes in and tellsGrimm her she is stuck up and that he is going to take what she should have given Zack. As he goes to try and rape her he woges, and so does she once he touches her. By now though, it’s too late and the toxin spreads through him just as quickly as it did Zack. She phones the police and takes off to her mother’s house when she goes into an outside storage shed on the property and curls up in a chair crying. Her mother comes out to reassure her after seeing her bike outside, and says she is going to go make her something to eat. On her way back to her house she notices smoke coming from her fireplace, and quickly goes into the house where her mother is getting a squiggly branding iron heated up for Bella. She has the same scar on her face and tells Bella’s mom that it is for her own good. Bella’s mother tries to stop her, but she hits her on the back of the head, grabs the iron, and heads to the shed.

Renard gets a call from Sam who convinces him to meet with him tonight at 9, and we see that it is Kenneth that is telling Sam what to say as they have him tied up, beaten, and the phone to his ear. After Sam tells Renard where and when to meet him, Kenneth kills him. When Renard gets to the location, he goes in and finds Sam there dead and Kenneth walks up behind him. They exchange words before a huge fight breaks out between Kenneth and Renard, with Renard left bleeding from the spots of his previous gun shot wounds and Kenneth telling him that he should join him because he (Kenneth) is too important to the Family.

GrimmNick is telling Juliette that it is all his fault what happened to her and that he just wants to talk to her about it when he gets the call about the death at the bike shop. She tells him to take the call and go with a really sour attitude, like he can just NOT do his job…. So he takes off to the the bike shop, and with the help of Wu finds out Bella’s mom, Cindy, was raped when she was younger, before she had the scar on her face, and the rapist died the same way as Zack and Ricky. They get the address and go to ask Cindy some questions, but when they get there, Hank sees her lying on the floor so they bust in. Hank checks her and she is ok, but then you hear Bella start to scream. Nick rushes out to the shed and saves her from her grandmother who it trying to brand her face, like her and Cindy’s. Cindy tells them not to arrest Bella, it isn’t her fault and they tell her they know,  but that she needs to come with them. Rosalie has made a potion for her, but it has very unknown side-effects. She chooses to take it anyway. The last scene is of Bella on a date with a man, and she asks him if he really isn’t bothered by the way she looks. She has splotches of green discoloration on her face and neck, and he tells her she is uniquely beautiful.

D’awwww. Grimm

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