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To Be a Geek or To Be a Girl

BAM! We have arrived! Why can’t I be both? Why do I have to be anything? Why can’t I be everything?

It is only fitting that as I return to blogging regularly on Sundays, that I start off with a topic I have talked about so many times before. Can you be a geek and also be a girl? Is there such a thing as a geek girl?

It isn’t a question I am looking for exploration in answering. I already know the answer is yes, because I’ve lived the answer all my life. My mother lived the answer. I like to think that my mother ruined me for having normal conversations with people, because I found it so easy to relate to my mom due to our shared love of science fiction. But what is normal? Does normal mean not loving every aspect of the Star Wars universe and not having deep philosophical questions about it?

There was something I had to come to slowly in the last three years. Something that could only be revealed to me through working, writing, and sharing with others. I am not alone. I am unique, as there is only one me in this universe, and there will never be another me, however, I’m not alone. There are many others out there like me, and labels just get in the way of us truly being willing to come together as a community. The label I placed on myself as being “not normal” for loving Batman comics, reading Isaac Asimov, and watching the X-Files, prevented me from sharing with others because if they found out I liked all those things, they would realize I wasn’t a normal girl. What normal girl could sit in front of a console TV for hours and play Asteroids, or watch Lawrence of Arabia over and over again?I love video games

Being me has been easier since I have given up what it means to be normal. Putting myself out there and sharing myself with others has been easier since I stopped being afraid of others thinking I wasn’t normal. Life has become so much more enjoyable now that I have realized I don’t have to prove the existence of a geek girl.

When I started regularly blogging in 2009, I just wanted to share my point of view. As crazy or unfounded as it may have been on whatever subject I was talking about in that entry, I just wanted to be heard. And I was. When I decided to open GeekGirl World to other writers in 2011, I wanted to show the world that there were other girls out there like me who could be geeky and girly at the same time. And I did. Now its 2015, and GeekGirl World has a roster of 10 dedicated writers who passionately share their opinions and points of view everyday.

It's our world We are who we are and who we are is who we are. Just think about that for a minute. No preconceived notions, no competing voices to be heard. We decide who we are at any given moment. Whether others accept or reject that doesn’t matter. Being a geek girl isn’t a label for me. Normal are the debates I have with my friends on whether or not Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen should be together. Normal is my daughter correcting me on the canon of a comic book versus a movie. Normal is getting all dressed up to go eat sushi with my friends just because. I geek out about food, I geek out about clothes, I geek out about hair and makeup, I geek out about just about anything, and I have met some amazing women along the way who geek out about those things too. I’m a geek and I’m a girl. This is my world. Welcome.

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