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Apple Watch: Are You Ready?

Apple Watch preorders start Friday, April 10, with the official release date of the latest smart watch gadget set two weeks from that on Friday, April 24.

Until then, Apple is releasing a series of videos to get you all pumped up and ready to shell out your hard earned grand (if you want one that looks like an actual watch you would pay over $300 bucks for and not a toy) for the new wearable.

Apple Watch StylesIn a letter to Apple employees, CEO Tim Cook announced that over 1000 apps for the new watch have been submitted to the App Store by developers. In addition, to encourage employees to buy the gadget (because even Apple employees think $17,000 is a little much for a watch that’s not even a Rolex), Apple is offering a 50% discount on all Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch models with a $550 price break on the most expensive Apple Watch Edition Models.

Can we just say that yes, I wish I was an Apple employee so I could get the discount?

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