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Fan Film Friday revisits Killing Past

the oldIn 2013, GeekGirl World debuted a feature known as Fan Film Friday (or FFF). Though the segment only included 5 episodes, it celebrated the passion behind fan-made short films that were inspired by all things geeky and wonderful, from Batman to Wolverine. Flash forward to present day! We are going to re-share the old Fan Film Friday videos each week, and new episodes will start up NEXT WEEK. If you would like us to review your favorite fan film or perhaps submit a project of your own for consideration, please contact Nicole in the comments section.

the newIt’s funny that we’re revisiting Killing Past, a short film focused on Wolverine, as less than two weeks ago Hugh Jackman announced he’d be playing the iconic X-Men character “one last time.” The timing makes me feel rather sentimental about the character of Wolverine, played by my celebrity crush seven times in the last decade and a half. After re-watching Killing Past, I realized I might have been a little tough on the project. After a second watch, the plot holes that plagued me prior went almost completely unnoticed. I’m apparently growing very forgiving in my old age. Let’s blame/thank nostalgia.

After initially posting our review to Killing Past, the actors who played Wolverine and Al had a lively exchange with GeekGirl World via Youtube:

Wolverine/Nathan Schellerup/natesprojects: I like your video, and I agree with the 4/10. Oh, and I just look young because of my healing ability ;)

GGW/Me/Nicole: With that incredible healing ability (hah!), you could probably pull a Hugh Jackman and play Wolverine for the next decade or so.

Al/Alberto Villa-Sanchez/BrightNightFilms: Although, I gotta say, that guy that played “Al”, was pretty gosh darn adorable :P

Schellerup and Villa-Sanchez’s interaction with fans/critics/viewers/the world was genuine, and their sense of humor was completely charming. With positive attitudes and an openness to constructive criticism, these are the kind of guys you can’t help but root for. I scoured YouTube to see if they’ve been working on any other fan films, but I couldn’t find anything. Still, I’d love to see what they come up with next and wish them all the best.

Watch Killing Past here!

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