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12 Monkeys: EP 13: Arms of Mine

12.1 This is it, the season one finale, and boy has it been quite a season!! The episode begins with a song montage checking in on each person: Cassie waking up with Cole, Jones reminicing over a locket with her daughter’s picture as more of the red vine ends up on the splinter machine, Ramse looking over Project Splinter files, and Jennifer painting the Army of the 12 Monkeys symbol on the wall of her newly acquired company.

We cut to Aaron, being beaten by Cole who is questioning him. Aaron blames Cole for everything that has happened. Cassie is there and asks Aaron who he is working with, but he only tries to convince her that they can survive if they leave Cole behind.

In 2043 Jones and Whitley are discussing the red vine, she believe it can’t be random. He volunteers to 12.2be the next subject for Project Splinter, but she believes it’s over. According to him, if it’s over then it’s time to move on, so either they keep at it, or go. Deacon is outside with the pale men and they are discussing how to take Project Splinter. If he helps them, he and his people get to take over the facility once the men are done with whatever it is they’re there to do with it.

In 2015 Aaron is finally coerced into telling Cole about the woman, Olivia and her plans. He doesn’t know much other than that they’re preparing for something, the coming of the 12, and that they have a facility ready to hide out in. During this, he is secretly using part of the chair he is sitting on to break the zip tie that is holding his hands together behind his back. He tells them the best way to find her is through Markridge, their biggest investor. Cassie and Cole start making plans on how to infiltrate Markridge, just as Aaron breaks from his bonds, hits Cole, and takes off. Cole chases him down and Aaron uses a makeshift flamethrower to set Cole on fire. This sets off a chain reaction of a struggle, chemicals spilled, and a shelf falling, that leaves Aaron pinned under the fallen shelf, on fire. Cole convinces Cassie to leave him.

12.3Later Cassie and Cole are in a diner and Cole is apologizing for making her leave Aaron, but she says it’s not his fault, Aaron  is the one that betrayed them, betrayed her. They make their plans for Markridge, which includes discovering Jennifer Goines is the new CEO. They clean up and head to a conference with Jennifer as the keynote speaker. Jennifer makes a presentation about her father before coming out to give a speech about capitalizing and all these buzz words before she switches back into crazy Jennifer and goes off the rails about restoring the extinct animals, including unicorns. Outside after the speech Cole gets her attention and she invites them back into her office. He says she was off her meds when they last spoke, and she just wanted to see everyone’s face when they realize she threw all their money away on cloning the Dodo bird. She mocks Cassie saying she talks too much before Cassie smacks her. She doesn’t have time for her crazy ramblings, and Jennifer gives them the name Ethan Seckie, stating he knows when to invest in things. It’s Ramse of course and Cole thanks her for her information before heading out. Right after she gets a call, and states to the unknown caller, “it’s done, he knows.”

Ramse has been looking into the Raritan facility, which is where Project Splinter began. If he destroys it, he will restore the timeline, and his time with his son. Olivia and Ramse talk about him going to the Raritan facility and that his entry into Project Splinter will expose them, but Ramse assures her it is time.

In 2043 Deacon and someone from Project Spearhead show up in a truck full of bats. 12.5They release them into Projet Splinter’s exhaust which overheats it. The noise alerts Whitley who states this it is, they’re coming.

At Project Splinter in 2015 scientists are successfully sending plants 28 years into the future (so that explains the vines in 2043) and mentions The Money showing up soon. He wants to start sending primates through.

Deacon and the pale men head into Project Splinter through an air vent and easily dispose of the first guard. Jones begins to prep the bomb that had been disabled before Ramse Splintered.

In 2015 Cole and Cassie make it to Raritan and plan to enter through an air vent (haha). At this time, Ramse is already there and enters the lab to speak with the scientist in charge. It is Dr. Jones, Katrina’s husband and he leaves Ramse alone with the machine, with full access.

12.6As Cole and Cassie are trying to get in, they have to split up due to an obstacle that isn’t there in the future. Cassie stumble upon a room with red time travel affected plants and flashes back to what Olivia had hypnotized her with about walking through a red forest. Cole makes it to the lab, where Ramse and another are prepping the machine. Ramse is surprised to see Cole, he thought he had killed him in Tokyo. Ramse explains that it took time travel to fund time travel and he just wants to go home to his son and work on a cure. Cole accuses Ramse of being willing to sacrifice 7 billion people to save one, and Ramse turns it around on him, saying he is doing the same thing for Cassie because he loves her and tells Cole to pull the trigger.

2043 and Jones admits she has failed. Deacon, the Spearhead guy, and the pale men enter the map room and take out the last remaining guard. As the core reboots Jones and Whitley stand nearby with a detonator. They have placed the bomb on the machine. Jones explains she has nothing to live for and the leader of the pale men state that they represent the future. She makes a deal stating that if he lets everyone go he can have the Core. She has given up on changing the past, all that matters is what happens in this time.

12.7 2015 and Cole is very disappointed in Ramse who admits he had a lot of guilt over thinking he killed him. Cassie comes in and pulls her gun on Ramse, calling him “The Witness” and Cole tries to convince her not to kill him. The man that is there with Ramse then pulls his gun on Cassie and we are in a standoff Cassie begins to lower her gun, changes her mind and shoots Ramse as the other man also shoots her leaving both her and Ramse bleeding out.

The standoff in 2043 is resolved a little easier as the hooded pale man agrees to the deal and disarms the remaining people at Project Splinter and lets them go.

2015 and Cassie was shot in the gut, she will die. Ramse slides the splinter injections over to Cole, saying that he needs to send her to Jones, that she will save Cassie but won’t save him and there is no sense in them both dying. Cole quickly injects Cassie, though she protests, places her on the machine and says he will see her soon. She doesn’t believe he will. Ramse asks Cole to find his son if he makes it back.

12.9At this time we see Olivia in her home as she in informed that the 12 are ready. We see they are 12 babies and the man tells her that in 28 years, they will be ready. This is right as we see the hooded pale man being handed the detonator in 2043 and he tells the others to make sure it is ready. Olivia states that the witness has spoken and when asked about Ramse she states that on this day, history will find Eli Seckie has died, his circle has ended and that Cole’s future is unknown to them. We see Cole escaping, but then goes back and rescues Ramse saying no one has to die.

2043 and the leader of the hooded pale men instructs Deacon to lock up Jones as they will need her. As he is walking her out, she states they will never see Cole again. Just then, the core lights up and Cassie appears.

2015 and we hear Olivia’s voice talking to the man from before, stating the release of the virus12.10 is out of their hands. A plane is shown and the flight attendant is talking to the passenger about the itinerary, how it is 12 cities around the world in just a few months. It is Jennifer Goines and she says she has work to finish. The last scene is 12 metal cases that say Markridge being loaded into the plane.

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