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Grimm: EP 17: Hibernaculum

GrimmThis week the episode opens with Juliette and Renard in his home after his fight with Kenneth, all beaten and bloody. She undresses and they kiss after agreeing killing Adalind is a great idea, we can assume things happen. I’m less than excited to even include the parts that involve Juliette and I kinda want her to disappear… or die. You know.

Anyways, the case opens with a man driving down the road and his car breaks down. He sets out on foot to find help and happens across a quaint house with an older lady inside who is on the phone with her daughter. He knocks and the woman’s daughter advises her mother not to open the door. The man outside is turning blueGrimm from cold and pleads with her to help him. When she refuses, he busts into the house, woges into a reptile type wesen and bites her, apparently draining all the heat from her as she is frozen solid when he finishes. He then takes off in her car. Hank and Nick arrive to investigate and decide to start searching for his previous car he must have left behind.

Monroe is at home, working on a clock when he begins shaking and having flashbacks from when we was kidnapped, seems he is suffering from some PTSD. Rosalee comes home and it startles Monroe who woges, which in turn startles her. He brushes off her inquiries into what is wrong by stating he was just thinking about time, and how you never know how much you have left.

The roadblock they set up works and the suspect makes a harsh u-turn to avoid it, only to have Nick, Hank, and Wu coming toward him the other Grimmway, boxing him in. He has no choice but to stop and he takes off into the woods on foot. Nick uses him super Grimm sense to follow him through the trees. The suspect is hiding but becoming increasingly colder, which causes him to attack Nick who subdues him and arrests him. Back at the station they discover his name is Knute Gunderson, from North Dakota. While they are discussing what type of wesen he could be, they find him frozen solid in his cell. They manage to find his other car and discover fast food containers, enough for three people. Which means he was not alone when the car broke down. When the trailer has no answers, they go meet up with Monroe and Rosalee at the shop and they tell him it sounds like a Varme Tyv, a wesen that has to steal the heat of a person to survive since they are cold-blooded. Usually they are fairly docile, but during the winter they go to a hibernaculum, which is a secluded place they can hibernate together and feed off each others heat until the winter ends.

Adalind goes to Kenneth and states she needs new clothes because nothing fits with her much more Grimmprotruding baby bump. He agrees and sends her off with a bodyguard to shop. While outside a store, Juliette is across the street and uses her new powers to slide a gargoyle off the roof of the shop towards Adalind. The bodyguard sees it just in time and manages to get her out of the way. Adalind is livid when she goes back to the hotel and tells Kenneth he needs to kill Juliette before Juliette kills her. He is intrigued by Juliette being a hexenbiest and thinks she may be willing to help them locate Nick’s mother, and the baby.

While Nick and Hank are at the spice shop Juliette shows up and there’s a big dramatic confrontation between her and Nick, she woges, and shows Monroe and Rosalee that she is a hexenbiest. Rosalee tries to be positive about it and is quickly shot down by Juliette, who then storms out after blaming all of them for what has happened to her (waa waa waa waa.) Monroe, Nick, and Hank take off after hearing from Wu that another frozen body was found. It is Gunderson’s brother they find, he froze to death after failing at stealing a nurse’s heat who had stopped to try and help him get to the hospital. Meanwhile another man attacks a cab driver, freezes him with a bite and steals his cab. It is the last Gunderson brother and they find a relative in Portland and head to the house.

Grimm Once they get to the house, they go in and find a hidden door on thr floor under a rug. They head down speculating they had found the hibernaculum and find a pile of people sleeping, with the third Gunderson brother, Sven, in the mix. They try to move everyone off him to pull him out, but this wakes all of them and they chase them down. Hank, Monroe, Wu and Nick take off back upstairs and outside, seeking shelter in a nearby barn. Sven and another man manage to break in first, as Nick and Hank try and fight them off. Eventually the entire swarm of people break through, but quickly begin falling down from being too cold. They then decide to move all the people back into the cellar in the house to finish out their hibernation, and Sven is left in the barn to freeze to death. To cover up everything that went down,Grimm they place him back in the stolen cab and leave it in town to be discovered and called in by a woman looking for a cab ride.

We end with Nick at home, staring at a picture of him and Juliette, remembering what his Aunt had told him about the curse of being a Grimm and how he would lose those that were important to him.

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1 thought on “Grimm: EP 17: Hibernaculum

  1. i think juliette fun and crazy, but it has to stay with the perfect pair nick. i want to juliette return to normal for her and nick, together

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