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Game of Thrones: EP 41: Wars to Come

got10Games of Thrones is back!!! Let’s get right into it with the recap of this week’s episode. It opens with 2 teenage girls sneaking through the woods on their way to an unknown destination. The brunette is very wary of them sneaking out however the blonde is confident things will be fine because her father owns the land. They come to a small shack and venture inside, to find a woman sleeping. They accidentally awaken the woman who yells for them to leave, but the blonde demands that she tell her her future since she is a witch. The witch eventually concedes and after taking a sampling of the girl’s blonde, tells her she gets three questions. The girl asks her three questions, but does not like the answers she receives regarding her short time as a queen and the children she will have. The brunette girl begs to leave and it is at this point we learn that the blonde girl is Cersei Lannister.

It cuts away from this flashback to see Cersei, heading into the viewing chamber of her now got6deceased father. She requests to visit him alone, and that everyone else can wait. Once she is inside, Jaime is also in the chamber with Tywin. Cersei is incredibly upset with him for having released Tyrion and blames Jaime for their father’s death just as much as she does Tyrion. Jaime has always been their father’s favorite according to her, and he couldn’t even honor him by being the man he expected of him. Jaime warns that she doesn’t need to look for the monsters in the family, but rather the ones right outside, waiting for their turn to get their hands into the Lannister family power. At Tywin’s funeral she is met by Lancel, her former lover/cousin who has now converted to a fanatical religious follower. Seems he has found the light, but in doing so will he expose the any secrets he keeps for Cersei?

With the passing of Tywin we also see that Ser Loras Tyrell is wasting no time in flaunting his desires for his brothel-running boyfriend and is certain he will not be forced to marry Cersei any longer. Margaery warns him to still be cautious, but also states she has something up her sleeve in regards to Cersei.

got9We first glimpse Pentos from the air holes in the crate used to transport Tyrion. When he is finally released he looks wretched and asks Varys why he had to stay in there once they had left the port and were sailing. Varys knocks it up to precaution, but it’s obvious it gave him some pleasure to make Tyrion suffer a little more. It isn’t long before Varys starts hounding Tyrion about a new ruler for Westeros but Tyrion is having none of that. It takes a bit of time before Varys finds Tyrion again and basically gives him the ultimatum of staying in Pentos and drinking himself to death, or going with him to meet up with Daenerys and help her come to power. He eventually concedes, as long as he can keep drinking.

Speaking of Daenerys, we are taken to Mareen where their god statue is got5 being ripped down as she continues her rule there. One of the Unsullied takes to the brothel for some comfort and by comfort I mean cuddles. He isn’t equipped for much else after all and it seems he comes there often for this. Whilst he is enjoying his comfort, his throat is slit by one of the Sons of the Harpy. Guess they didn’t like their statue being torn down. Daenerys learns of this and states he will have an honorable burial and that she is not intimidated by the Sons of the Harpys. Eventually a consensus is met between the newly freed slaves and the previous slavers to work together but with some stipulations. They want to bring back the fighting pits but Daenerys can’t stand the idea of them. Later, while in bed together, Daario manages to sway her decision on the matter, stating he himself used money made in the fighting pits to gain his freedom. He tells her that she is more powerful than she is allowing herself to be, she is not the “Mother of the Unsullied” she is the “Mother of Dragons” and maybe it’s time she use this to her advantage. With this you see she attempts to visit her little bundles of joy and they are not very happy with mommy dearest for having locked them up.

got3Up in The Eyrie Robyn Aaryn is “learning” to sword fight, but it is going terribly. There are a lot of remarks on the hopelessness of his succeeding between Littlefinger and Royce before he tells Royce he and Sansa will be heading to the Fingers. Once in the carriage Sansa notices they are actually heading West, and Littlefinger tells her they are going somewhere even Cersei won’t be able to get to her. The carriage passes by two familiar people camped out, it is Brienne and Podrick. Brienne has just finished telling Podrick to basically get lost whilst she sharpens her sword and he unrolls her bedroll anyway, reminding her he will be there to help her in her search for Sansa. Well, timing is not on her side huh.

Finally we come to The Wall. Melissandre was sent to fetch Jon and bring got8him up to the top to meet up with Stannis and Lord Davos. Stannis gives Jon the task of getting Mance Rayder to swear allegiance to him and bring the Wildlings to be a part of his army. Should Mance decline, he will be burned. Alive. With this Jon goes down to where they are holding Mance and gives him the bad news. He tries everything he can to get him to agree because he doesn’t want to see him burn either as he is fairly fond of him. In the end, Mance is stubborn and is taken out and tied to the stake. Melissandre gives a lengthy speech about true good and evil, yadda yadda and sets the fire to the wood beneath Mance. As he starts to burn, Jon takes off because he doesn’t want to watch him burn any longer. The flames begin to lap at his legs and he cannot hold in his yelps anymore just as an arrow, fired by Jon Snow, meets his heart, putting him out of his misery. Whaaaaaat!!?? Oh Jon, you’re so impulsive. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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