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Face Off: EP 14: The Dream Team

face1The season finale of Face Off is here!! I admit that I am both excited and saddened by this as I look forward to seeing these talented artists express their creativity week after week. For this finale, they will be keeping with tradition of giving the artists a huge workload and so have brough back every contestant this season to help them with their creations. Each artist will be responsible for making four different characters, but first, they must choose their teams.  Darla chooses to bring along Rob, Anthony, Stephanie, and Daniel. Logan picks Julian, Ben, Gregory, and Will. And Emily selects Adam, Jaime, Regina, and Kelly. Once the teams are decided, Mckenzie lets them know that is all the information they will be getting tonight and must wait until tomorrow to learn about their inspirations.

Back at the house they each get to video conference with their loved ones. This is always such a nice pick-me-up for the artists who must be feeling so emotionally drained by now and it helps reignite the fires inside them. Emily has a nice conversation with her parents, Darla gets to see her boyfriend again in hers and Logan gets to talk to his wife.logan1

The next morning they walk into the lab to see it now is adorned with a red carpet, tv monitors,and a wall full of word magnets. Mckenzie is waiting for them and begins talking about a few hit movie franchises that all have one thing in common: a team of characters who come together for a singular purpose. This is to be their inspiration. The theme of their team will come from the tv monitors and it starts with Emily picking one that gives her post-apocalyptic. Logan chooses next and gets Scifi, and finally, Darla takes the remaining one and happily accepts Fantasy.

The next item up are the word magnets and they each must grab as many words as the can to create the title to their new movie franchise. They frantically scramble to gather the words to be relay their theme and soon have a working title. For Emily, Paradise Reckoning conveys the post-apocalyptic world she is looking to create. Darla has found enough words to make a very fitting fantasy title of The Spirits of Eden. Logan decides to keep it simple and go with The Fortress until he can solidify his concepts more. Their last bit of info before heading off to the lab is that their teams will be on display at Universal Studios Hollywood for a public viewing where those in attendance will also be voting for their favorite.emily1

For the design phase Logan and his teammates get to work on his Scifi inspired creations. He wants to use the inspiration from the Isle of Doctor Moreau to create animals that were experimented on and have developed into human-like creatures that take over the spaceship the are on and cruise the galaxies. He will be making an iguana commander, an armadillo weapons expert, a skunk mechanic and a hammerhead assassin.

Each of Darla’s characters will be inspired by the four basic elements of earth, wind, fire and water. She wants to create a story of how they must each protect the Garden of Eden from evil after Adam and Eve have been banished from it. Her wind element will be a female satyr who not only plays the pipes, but is herself a wind instrument. For her water guardian she did not want to make the typical mermaid and so opts to create a merman instead who is strong and powerful. For her fire spirit she will create a stone guardian with fire elements which looks a little like a living torch. For earth Rob helps her come up with a character that is a large but beautiful worm that is wrapped around a tree.darla1

Emily decides to use post-apocalyptic materials as her inspiration. She has a man that was in a terrible car accident who fuses with the glass from it and so is covered in large glass shards. The metal man had a bomb explode near him which burned part 0f his head and fused metal into his body. Next she designs a wood character that is covered in broken pieces of a wooden pallet, and lastly she has a beautiful woman that become fused with leather and is continually adding more to herself. Along with this being inspired by post-apocalyptic materials, she also wants to play on the Wizard of Oz characters with her tin man, scarecrow, lion and Dorothy.

When the coaches arrive Rayce is incredibly impressed with what Logan has and really feels like he could win this. Laura likes everything her teams have going other than Darla’s earth spirit worm. With a little coaching Darla agrees it needs to be changed and decides to go with an earth goddess with vines and a tree trunk dress. During the 4 days of lab work there are only a couple of hiccups, including Darla’s redesign, Emily’s inability to math, and Logan needing to keep his fabricator on task better. Otherwise, it has been very smooth sailing though time still goes by far too quickly.

Finally they take their teams to Universal Studios where they each have fitting backgrounds to be displayedface2 against. They’re all cohesive and beautiful and the public love all of them. When all the votes are tallied though, they loved Darla’s a little more than the others. Glenn, Ve, and Neville have nothing but wonderful things to say about each character and have an incredibly hard time ahead of them to pick a winner. When the winner is finally revealed it seems the judges agreed with the public and awarded Darla with the win. With Darla’s win, Laura now is the first ever two-time champion. Darla also wins a trip to a Krylon studio, a new car, $100,000 and the title of Face Off Champion! Perhaps the best news of the night comes after credits start rolling in that Face Off returns in July!!face3

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