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TableTop Tuesday Review: Dominion Card Game – Expansion Prosperity

My family and I tried another game the other night. We decided to play the card game Dominion, which included an expansion called Prosperity. This was a bit more complicated for children under 13. There were four of us playing this time. It didn’t take long to read the instructions and understand the game rules. The game starts by picking a scenario from the rulebook or build your own scenario compiling 10 kingdom (action) card decks, 3 victory card decks, and 3 treasure card decks. Each player starts with 10 cards in their individual deck, which is made up of victory cards and treasure cards. Once your deck is shuffled, pick up 5 cards, this allows you to purchase action (kingdom) cards or more treasure cards. By purchasing a variety of cards, you build a larger, stronger deck in which to purchase victory cards, which is the goal of the game. The game ends when either 3 out of 10 kingdom (action) decks are gone or the largest amount of the victory decks is gone. A player wins by counting the victory points in his/her deck. The player holding the most points wins!

The family member that won that night was my niece by only a few points. There is a bit of strategy needed to play this game. It comes with 25 different action cards, which makes it hard to play the same game twice, so there is a lot of replay value. This has quickly become a go-to game when we want to play a card game that only lasts 30 minutes per session.

dominion pic
Dominion, by Donald X. Vaccarino Publisher: Rio Grand Games Players: 2 – 4 Age: 13 + Game Length: < 30 minutes MSRP: $44.95
dominion prosperity
Dominion: Prosperity by Donald X. Vaccarino Publisher: Rio Grand Games Players: 2 – 6 Age: 13 + MSRP: $44.95
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