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Grimm Recap: Ep. 18, “Mishupeshu”

This week begins two days in the future with Hank and Nick physically fighting as Hank woges into a light blue, furry creature.

Back in the present, Hank and Nick join Monroe and Rosalee for dinner at their house, but Nick quickly decides he can’t stay there pretending to have a good time when he is worried about Juliette. She hasn’t returned his calls nor has she been to work. He leaves to go find her and Rosalee makes plans to try and figure out a way to turn Juliette back human. His plan involves looking through the book Renard has and Hank points out they’ll need Juliette, too.

Speaking of Juliette, she is at a bar drinking when a man asks to buy her drink. She accepts and toys with him when he inquires about her name. After a couple drinks, she goes to leave but he isn’t ready to let her. She woges and force-pushes him back. The bartender then tells her he will be calling the police. I feel like there is going to be a higher percentage of upcoming episodes involving her. I can’t say I’m excited about this.

A man is buffing the floors at a school late at night when he hears a noise. He goes to investigate, but when he finds nothing and comes back to his buffer, it has mysteriously been turned back on. Then a familiar blue furry creature attacks him. When Nick and Hank show up to the crime scene the following morning, Wu is already there and fills them in. The victim’s name is Lawrence and they will be assisted in the investigation by the local deputy, Farris. They decide to pay a visit to the principal who found Lawrence this morning. She states that Lawrence was not very popular among the staff and she thinks he is divorced. She also reveals that the school had an issue with a student being bullied for being Native American and believed Lawrence could have been involved. The bullied student is Simon and he dropped out before graduating, leaving his foster family in the process. Farris asks to tag along when they go to the reservation as her ex-husband is Native American and from the same tribe.

GrimmRenard shows up at the spice shop and delivers the book, hat, and some other items. They ask him if he has seen Juliette recently and he very vividly recalls their last personal encounter before telling them she has changed.

Simon wakes in the woods, covered in blood, and begins lapping up water. He then sees his reflection and it is the pale blue furry creature.

Farris recalls that Simon’s father Gus was beaten to death when Simon was five in a road rage incident and the suspect was never caught. Hank and Farris head to the reservation while Nick takes off to get Juliette, who he learns was just taken into custody at central booking for assault.

A man in a mechanic’s garage hears a noise while he is working and is attacked in a similar callback to Lawrence’s murder.

Nick shows up to Juliette’s holding cell and asks her what happened. She says she is just being the best hexenbiest she can be and makes a long speech about liking the power she has now, adding that she still blames Nick for what has happened to her. She says she didn’t have to let them arrest her but wanted to see if he would try and rescue her. Nick tells her he is not there to get her out, as he believes it is safer for her to be in there.

Hank and Farris get to the reservation and meet with Hector who says Simon is on a power quest outGrimm on a mountain. Once Simon finds his spirit guardian he will return, but there is no way to find him currently. Hector also talks about how Gus was beaten on the side of the road when Simon was little. Hank calls Nick to tell him another victim has been found. They all meet up at Declan’s Auto Repair where the mechanic, Declan, was found dead, mauled just like Lawrence. They find Lawrence in Declan’s contacts and decide to run their common contacts.

Simon is chanting in the woods, when a pale blue furry spirit rises and enters him again.

They have found a common contact in Max McClay and head to his residence, but Simon is already there, hiding in a closet. McClay is spooked by a sound he hears and goes to investigate. Simon attacks just as Hank, Nick, and Farris show up and McClay is thrown out his front window. Nick goes around back and Hank heads in the front while Farris waits outside. Simon meets Nick out back and Nick announces that he is a Grimm, telling Simon to get down. Hank comes out from the house and Nick says he thinks Simon is a wesen, but he didn’t react to him. Hank says he can see him, too, and Simon jumps up to the roof of the house and takes off. He jumps down in front of Farris and sprains his ankle, but manages to get away anyway. All three of them saw what he was.

They decide to talk to Hector again and he tells him it sounds like a Mishupeshu. He says that to find Simon, they must know where he has been, so GrimmHank, Nick, and Farris head out to a sweat lodge with Hector. Hank and Farris sip a liquid to allow them into the dream world, but Hector doesn’t allow Nick to do it because he can tell he is different. Hank begins to channel Simon at the age of five and describes seeing the men beat his father. Nick says that the three men must be the three victims. Hank takes off and they all run after him but lose him. Hector says that the only place he can think to look is Gus’ grave. Hank goes to the totem grave and finds Simon. The Mishupeshu spirit leaves Simon and enters Hank and he takes off again. The others reach the grave site and find Simon, and Hector says the Mishupeshu must be using Hank now that Simon is injured. Simon, Nick, Hector, and Farris get to Max’s house before Hank and try to get him to stop. This is where we came into the show and Hank and Nick are fighting. Hector blows some herbs in Hank’s face and the Mishupeshu leaves him. They go outside where Farris has Max in the police car and Hank yanks him out of it. He is angry over what he saw and that Max, Lawrence, and Declan killed Gus, but Max says there’s no way to prove anything. They all end up leaving.

Later, we see Max passed out with his gun in his hand when the Mishupeshu attacks and finally kills him. It then returns to the woods – and it’s Farris.

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