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NerdyBound: Orphan Black

In honor of Orphan Black returning tonight, this week’s NerdyBound is all about my favorite clones. If you’ve never seen Orphan Black I can say with full confidence that you’re depriving yourself of one of life’s better creations. The show, in a nutshell, is about a girl who finds out she’s one in a set of clones that a corporation created and has been tracking and attempting to control for experimental purposes. There are also people/organizations who know of the existence of the clones that are trying to kill/harm them. This show is so smart, funny, emotional and full of mystery and suspense. It’s basically everything you’re asking for in a series and it features a diverse set of female characters from every walk of life that are real; this series doesn’t shy away from their flaws. Yes, I hate stereotyping female characters, but I also love when they show female characters as these strong, beautiful, and intelligent super humans. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

I styled my looks around the Hot Topic Orphan Black Collection. I’m honestly so impressed by this collection. I’m so used to pop culture being sold to the public as photos on shirts and maybe a couple of themed accessories with more than just the name on it if you’re lucky. This collection not only recreated outfits from the show, but the designers added personal touches that portray each character’s personality. Sarah’s collection combines her outfit from episode one with established pieces that Sarah later wears regularly. Cosima’s collection is my favorite. They recreated her signature red dress, but added a DNA print which is just so perfect for our science loving clone, I love it. Her cardigan is a gorgeous ombre color that I would love on any piece of clothing, Orphan Black themed or not. I didn’t really use Alison’s collection here, only because I feel like the fans know Alison more for her iconic pink preppy looks. I get that Hot Topic was going for a housewife vibe and Alison totally goes Stepford all over the place, but I wanted to go for a more iconic “Alison” look. Helena’s collection is perfect and I want every single piece. They have the wedding dress, complete with Helena’s clone stick figure pattern. Also, both her jacket and top come with her angel wing scars printed on the back. Every item sold out during pre-sales and is almost selling out right now. The collection is also offered in exclusive plus size at Torrid.

Sarah Manning


Shop the Look: Orphan Black Knit Sweater Girls Tank Top $34.50 sizes XS-4XL, Orphan Black Pleather Girls Moto Jacket $49.50 sizes XS-4XL, LOVEsick Black Back Skinny Strappy Sports Bra $16.50 sizes XS-XL For the plus size option I found an AMAZING Etsy shop called OrigamiCustoms they make custom caged bralette’s and harnesses in all sizes. $48.22, ASOS Leggings in High Waist with Leather Look Panel Detail $45 sizes 0-14 Plus size option: Orphan Black Sarah Moto Leggings $24.50, Black Buckle Combat Boots $46.50, Jac Vanek This Is The Bag Military Bag $60, Layered Charm Necklace $6.90, Triangle Ring Set $4.90, Cuffed Hand Chain $4.90, Chained Dual Stud Ear Jackets $3.90


Cosima Niehaus


Shop the Look: Orphan Black Fit & Flare Dress $29.50 sizes XS-4XL, Orphan Black Lightweight Ombre Girls Open Cardigan $44.50 sizes XS_4XL, Striped Fishnet Tights $7.90 sizes S-L Plus size option: Black Lace Tights – Baroque Pattern $21.99, ModCloth Menswear Inspired Flying First-Sass Heel $44.99, Zara Multi Skull& Stud Scarf this is the scarf that Cosima actually wears in the series, it’s sold out all over the place, but if you must have it you can try your luck on Ebay. I’m kind of in love with the alternative I found: Mossimo Skull Plaid Scarf – Black/Red $10.48, Kooba Brown Distressed Leather Bag $166.69 Budget friendly option: Men’s Vintage Canvas Leather Satchel Military Messenger Bag $34.26, Soko Angle Choker $60, Monserat De Lucca Scholastic Cute and Astute Necklace $69.99, Orphan Black 324B21 Brass Hand Metal Stamped Vegan Friendly Bracelet $24.99 this awesome bracelet is metal stamped with Cosima’s serial number of “324B21”. Orphan Black Cosima’s DNA Laptop Bracelet $18.99, Dreamcatcher Hand Ring Bracelet $6.50, Geo Cutout Midi Ring Set $4.90


Alison Hendrix


Shop the Look: Long-sleeved Jersey Top $12.95 sizes XS-XL Plus size option: Women’s Mystique V-Neck Knit Shirt $26.65, Women’s Clip spot Favorite Shirt Merona $22.99, Pleated Stretch-Fit Trousers sizes S-L $19.90 Plus size option: All-Nighter Pant – Slim Boot Trouser $58.50, Personalized White Quilted Vest Preppy Monogram $42 sizes 2-12 I was so excited to find this Etsy listing they do custom monogramming in gold leaf which to me just screams Alison. High-Shine Paneled Flats $22.90, Orphan Black Alison Bow Headband $6.50 I couldn’t resist adding this headband to the look, we all know Alison is known for her headbands and this one is customized for her with a very appropriate and adorable gun print. Gold Filigree White Pearl Necklace, Gold Bead $80 Budget friendly option: Pearl Color Options Pearl Jewelry (as always Etsy to the rescue), Faux Pearl Duo Studs $7.90, Shashi Solitaire Ring $32, Man and Woman Sharing a Glass of Wine $20 I wanted to find the perfect accessory for Alison that represented her love of wine, this vintage pin came from the clone heavens above it states that it’s a woman and a man sharing a glass of wine, but this piece of jewelry could obviously foretell the future because it’s clearly two clones sharing a glass of wine.




Shop the Look: Orphan Black Wedding Dress $54.50 sizes XS-4XL, Orphan Black Mesh Long Sleeve Girls Top $29.50, Clean Wash Skinny Jeans $7.90 sizes 24-31 Plus size option: Skinny Jean – Black Rinse $58.50, Orphan Black Lightweight Girls Anorak Jacket $49.50 sizes XS-4XL, Every Bliss Way Boot $9.99, Rhinestone Ear Cuff Set $7.90, Metal Tusk Ring $4.90, Orphan Black Sestra Necklace $8.50


Felix Dawkins (Felix is one of my favorite characters; he brings so much life to the show so I had to make a NerdyBound of him.)


Shop the Look: Twisted Frida Kahlo Muscle Tee $13.80 sizes S – L Plus size option: Cream Double Vision Tank Top $20.50 which I would pair with Skeleton Peace Racerback Crop Cami $26.50, ASOS Pea Coat $61 sizes 0-14 Plus size option: Shawl Collar Coat $81.48, ASOS Leather Look Leggings $33 sizes 0-14 Plus size option: ASOS CURVE Leather Look Legging $33, Anglophile Style Scarf $24.99, Move with Moxie Bootie $45, Boho, Urban, Travel, Scholastic Benefit of the Route Bag $49.99, Faux Crystal Midi Ring Set $6.90, Minimal Too Electri-cool Earrings $12.99, Spin Me Right ‘Round Time Necklace $24.99, No Conquest Ring in Silver $12.99 because Felix is so often their knight in shining armor, Orphan Black Clone Club Cuff Bracelet $16, O O-Kay Vinyl Harness $49

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  1. Love it!!! Thanks Desiree, cant wait to see what show you will do next!

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