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Game of Thrones Recap: Ep. 42, “The House of Black and White”

g1 This week we find Arya on her way to Braavos after having used the coin  Jaqen H’ghar gave her after trying to convince her to join the Faceless Men. She is brought to The House of Black and White and told what she seeks lies within. She is left alone and after knocking several times the door is answered. She makes several attempts to gain access inside, using the coin and the “Valar Morgulis” phrase to no avail. She is turned away by the priest. She waits there, on the steps repeating her kill list through the night, despite it being stormy, and into the next day. She finally gives up and tosses the coin into the sea and leaves.

Brienne and Podrick arrive at a tavern where Sansa and Littlefingerg6 happen to also be resting. Podrick notices Sansa first and alerts Brienne who tells him to ready the horses. This is difficult as they only have one horse, so Brienne tells him to find more. Brienne introduces herself and offers her allegiance to Sansa, stating she promised her mother before he died. Littlefinger questions her loyalty and ability to keep anyone safe as everyone she has been sworn to protect has died, and Sansa is also suspicious of her having seen her kneel to Joffrey at his wedding. At this, Brienne pushes past Littlefinger’s knights and steals a horse as Podrick is readying the other. The knights give chase and Podrick and Brienne are separated but Brienne quickly loses the men following her and heads back to find Podrick. It is then that she spots Sansa and Littlefinger with the rest of his men heading east on horseback. Podrick’s horse dumps him in a river and Brienne shows up just in time to save him from one of his pursuers. She declares they will follow Sansa and Podrick suggests Brienne is technically released from her vow since both Stark girls have now rejected her. She does not believe Sansa is safe with Littlefinger and so cannot just give up.

g4Back in King’s Landing, Cersei is upset over a package she’s received: a necklace belonging to Myrcella in the mouth of a snake poised to spring. She sees the package as a threat from Dorne thinks Myrcella is not safe. She and Jaime argue over his lack of involvement with their children’s lives, but Jaime assures her he will go to Dorne and get Myrcella back.

In Dorne, Ellaria Sand watches Myrcella and Trystane Martell flirting, then storms off to find Prince Doran, brother to the late
Elia and Oberyn and father to Trystane, to seek vengeance for her husband Oberyn by sending Myrcella piece by piece to Cersei. Prince Doran is disgusted and refuses, saying that dismembering young girls for vengeance will never happen while he rules. Ellaria leaves, but warns Doran that he might not keep ruling for long.

Sir Bronn and Lollys are on the beach at Castle Stokeworth and she is chatting on about their g2wedding while Bronn happily ignores much of what she is saying. They soon notice Jaime Lannister waiting for them further up the beach. Once there, Bronn dismisses Lollys and Jaime asks him to accompany him to Dorne to get Myrcella and in return he will get him a much better wife and castle.

Over in Meereen, Daario Naharis and Grey Worm investigate a suspected Sons of the Harpy hideout but find it empty. Daario asks Grey Worm if he is afraid, and Grey Worm replies that Unsullied do not fear. Daario points out that that is their problem as those who have forgotten fear have forgotten how to hide. He pulls his knife out and stabs a wall, making it crumble and revealing a man hiding behind it. The Unsullied take him captive, and Grey Worm discovers blades and gold masks at in the hiding place, revealing the man to be a Son of the Harpy. Daenerys’ small council gathers to discuss the captive. A former slave wants to execute him, while Ser Barristan advises restraint, as he may have valuable information, but Daario says he has already been interrogated. Ser Barristan suggests to give the captive a fair trial, but the former slave says that the people of Meereen do not know mercy and a fair trial will mean nothing to them. After Daenerys dismisses them, Ser Barristan tells her the truth about the Mad King Aerys, and uses this to remind Daenerys that till the very end, Aerys was convinced that he was right and just in spite of the atrocities he committed. Daenerys decides to hold a fair trial for the Son of the Harpy.

Tyrion is drinking his way to Volantis with Varys and learns there is a bounty on his head of an entire kingdom, placed there by Cersei.

In King’s Landing, the head of a dwarf is brought to Cersei and she states it is “not him.” It appears she is willing to have every dwarf in the world killed to find Tyrion. Qyburn is quick to ask for the head, saying that it might be useful to his work. Cersei attends the small council, taking up the Hand’s chair that her father used to occupy. When her uncle Kevan Lannister challenges her right to the chair she replies that she is advising her son until he comes of age. Mace Tyrell offers to be the King’s Hand, but Cersei cuts him off by telling him that the King has appointed him Master of Coin instead. Grand Maester Pycelle offers as well, but Cersei snubs him by saying that Qyburn has been named Master of Whisperers and will prove better than any eunuch. She cuts off Pycelle’s protests by addressing Kevan, saying that the King has named him Master of War. Her uncle refuses her and states that he would like to hear it from the King himself. He gets quite angry about not being addressed by the King and says that if the King needed him, he could find him at Casterly Rock.

At The Wall, Princess Shireen teaches Gilly how to read in the library while Sam researches on the history of Lord Commanders. Shireen and Gilly open up to each other and talk about Shireen’s greyscale and Gilly’s sisters, a few of whom were also afflicted by it. Queen Selyse interrupts them and orders them to leave, before warning Shireen to stay away from Gilly as she’s a wildling, and that the wildlings could strike at Stannis by striking at Shireen.

g7Jon Snow and Stannis discuss the wildlings and who they would be likely to follow now that Mance is dead. Stannis shows Jon a reply to his request for allegiance from Lyanna Mormont, the 10-year-old Lady of Bear Island. The message reads: “Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark.” Jon smirks and remarks that the people of the North are largely loyal to their own and are like the Wildlings in this way. They then discuss the upcoming election for Lord Commander, and Stannis offers to anoint Jon as a Stark if he supports his cause, making Jon the Lord of Winterfell. Sam and Jon discuss this offer, and Sam says that Jon deserves this but Jon says that he’ll refuse, as he needs to keep his vows. The election begins and Alliser Thorne and Denys Mallister are nominated. Sam then hesitantly nominates Jon Snow, even though he is being made fun of. He points out the Jon is the one that has saved each of them time and again and notes that Mormont specifically chose Jon to be his steward. After Aemon stacks the voting tokens, it seems that there is a tie between Alliser and Jon, until Aemon produces a token for Jon from his sleeve, breaking the tie and confirming Jon Snow as the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

Arya is on the streets of Braavos when she is accosted by by three young men who wish to take her sword. They flee after seeing the priest from the House of Black and White behind her. The priest takes her back to the House and tosses her the coin she had tossed into the ocean. She asks who he is and he transforms into Jaqen H’ghar, but tells her no man is Jaqen H’ghar, that this man is no one, which is what this girl, Arya, must become. They both enter the House.

The former slave in Meereen finds the captive Son of the Harpy, who calls him a traitor and says that Daenerys will never be his Mhysa. Next we see the same Son of the Harpy, bloodied and dead on display for everyone in Meereen to see, and then the former slave in chains in front of Daenerys. He tells her that he killed him for her, and that she is no longer required to have a fair trial for the Harpies since he shouldered the burden for her. She orders her guards to take him out to be executed. On one side of the g5execution stage stand the former masters, and on the other stand the freed slaves. The slaves cry for mercy for the man, but Daenerys stands firm and Daario executes him by chopping off his head. The former slaves hiss at Daenerys, and one picks up a stone to throw at her, but misses and hits the former masters. This causes a brawl to break out between the two groups and Daenerys is hurried back to her palace protected by her guards. Back in her quarters that night, she is told someone will be standing guard for her and she then dismisses everyone from her room. She then hears a noise from outside and walks out to her balcony to find the wayward Drogon perched on her roof. She is very happy to see him and reaches out for him. He climbs down closer to her to sniff her hand, but then flies away, leaving Daenerys shocked and hurt.

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