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RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: 7×8

Hi all! Let’s jump right into it. RuPaul gave us a bit of a cliffhanger last week by announcing she’s bringing one of the eliminated Queens back. This isn’t really news as there have been eliminated Queens brought back in previous seasons, but of course the remaining girls are none too pleased with this announcement. These bitches eliminated the other bitches fair and square!

Why hello there, Scruff Pit Crew. Also...LAAATTTRRRIIICCCEEE!!
Why hello there, Scruff Pit Crew. Also…LAAATTTRRRIIICCCEEE!!

In this week’s mini challenge, the girls are asked to drag-ify prison uniforms. And guess who the guest judge is?

LATRICE “MOTHER F***IN” ROYALE, that’s who! And she’s clad in her Tuckahoe prison guard uniform ready to yell at you to “Get Those Nuts Away From My Face” (click the link people, it’s funny!).

Katya’s reaction pretty much sums it all up: “Latrice! It’s like seeing Sharon Stone! Except, you know, fat. And black.”

Anyway, the Queens glam it up, or down depending on how you look at it, and Kennedy Davenport is the winner. You can check out all the prison looks here and decide which one you like best (aka not Kennedy’s look. Sorry girl).

Katya dressed in Orange is the New Drag realness
Katya dressed in Orange is the New Drag realness

At this point, Ru drops the glitter bomb of all glitter bombs: all seven eliminated Queens are returning for this week’s main challenge! To keep it simple, an eliminated Queen is paired up with a current contestant and they must portray themselves as twins. Did I mention that they must also be conjoined twins? Because that is what is happening…Conjoined Drag Twins. #ConjoinedTwins What’s exciting is the eliminated girl that’s on the winning team gets to come back into the competition. So she really has to earn her spot.

This is quite possibly the strangest challenge I’ve seen, and I cannot be more excited to see the outcome!

Because Kennedy won the mini-challenge, she gets to pair everybody up. Here’s what we’re looking at:

Kennedy Davenport & Jasmine Marsters

Violet Chachki & Max

Miss Fame & Kandy Ho

Ginger Minj & Sasha Belle

Jaidynn Diore Fierce & Tempest DuJour

Pearl & Trixie Mattel

Katya  & Mrs. Kasha Davis

While Kennedy seems to be fair with most of the pairings, shade is definitely thrown at Jaidynn.  I mean, she’s paired up with a 6’ white Queen. Those two girls have a lot of work ahead of them.

And then there’s Ginger, who is very unhappy about being paired up with Sasha. And who can blame her? Perhaps it’s all editing, but Sasha acts like the most unhelpful of the bunch. She’s too busy strutting around talking to the other Queens and Ginger is left alone freaking out. She feels that she’s been in the top for too long and ending up in the bottom two is just inevitable.

As the girls get ready, Tempest and Trixie open up about their childhood. Tempest was raised in a devout Mormon home, and her mom went so far as to force her into conversion therapy to try to turn her straight. Meanwhile, Trixie admits to being both verbally and physically abused by her stepfather. One of the “degrading” names he used to call her was actually Trixie, so when she moved out to pursue drag, she decided to take that name and turn its negative context into a positive one.

These raw moments are rare on the show but, as Tempest explains, she wants to tell her story in the hopes that it’ll help even just one gay kid to not be afraid of who they are. It’s touching moments like these that showcase the stark reality kids must face just so they can be who they are.

Back to the competition. On the main stage, Ru announces her “extra special” guest judges:

Nelsan Ellis (no tweeting for this guy), who played the beloved Lafayette on True Blood

LeAnn Rimes, country singer and husband thief

Each pair awkwardly struts down the runway serving up some conjoined drag twin realness. Fame & Kandy are boringly predictable as plastic surgery addicts conjoined at the hip. Violet & Max are gorgeous as fierce skinny blonde bitches conjoined via corset. Kennedy & Jasmine play it safe as pageant twins conjoined at the hip (or leg, I can’t tell). Pearl & Trixie play up the “pretty/ugly” twin scenario flawlessly, with Trixie hamming it up for the judges as the ugly one.

Jaidynn & Tempest play it safe as well, with Tempest awkwardly attached to Jaidynn from behind. Ginger & Sasha come out in horrid pink leopard attire and are conjoined at the nipples. Large fake boobs are attached to each of them, so no actual nipples were harmed. Katya & Kasha are last, and they work it as aging Atlantic City hookers joined at the vagina. Yes, I said joined at the vagina. Classic Drag Race.

Katya & Kasha and Violet & Max are among the judges favorites, but there can only be one winner and that’s Pearl! Which means Trixie is back in the game. Fans rejoice! I don’t even remember her! The win is extra special because it was Pearl who sent Trixie home back in Episode 4. Still no clue who she is, sorry.

Ru tells Jaidynn and Ginger that they’re in the bottom and must lip sync for their life. The extra wacky twist is that they’re still conjoined to their twins! So it’s Jaidynn/Tempest vs. Ginger/Sasha lip syncing to “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany.

In what must be a RuPaul first, Ginger goes full comedy with her routine, citing that “This is the Hunger Games of Drag” and she best do what she gotta do to win.

Rather than even try to explain what is going on during the lip sync, I shall quote the ever intelligent and observant Katya:

“Ginger & Sasha are giving themselves a mastectomy. Tempest & Jaidynn look like Larry Bird and Raven-Symoné in a permanent butt f**k position. THIS IS THE MOST EPIC LIP SYNC EVER!!!”

More truth has never been spoken.

In the end, Ginger gets to stay and after three times in the bottom, fierce little Jaidynn is told to “Sashay Away.”

Tune in next week to see what happens now that Trixie is back! Will she make a comeback and take the crown? Will she be booted yet again? Will her lip liner cover her entire face?! We’ll just have to wait and see.

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