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First Official Look At Suicide Squad’s Joker

The long-standing bitter arch enemy of Batman, the Joker, is turning 75! In honor of the monumental occasion, David Ayer (director, Suicide Squad), tweeted out this lovely picture of Jared Leto as the Clown Prince of Crime.

The character of the Joker first appeared in DC Comics Batman #1 on April 25, 1940, and has continued to be one of the most iconic villains in comic book history. Earlier this month, Ayer tweeted out a picture of Leto recreating the one of the most recognizable covers in the DC universe, The Killing Joke.

Suicide Squad is expected to hit theaters in 2016, while the Joker is expected to live on forever!

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2 thoughts on “First Official Look At Suicide Squad’s Joker

  1. Loving the one purple medical glove and the “damaged” tattoo on his forehead. Suicide Squad’s looking good so far…

  2. […] recently we had an official reveal of the Joker (Jared Leto) in full make-up. There was also some controversy this week over fan shots of Will […]

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