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Grimm Recap: Ep. 19, “Iron Hans”

This week’s episode opens with a woman, Maggie, and her father, Albert, packing up with others for a camping trip. They get all the men and their sons packed up, Maggie gr3takes their cellphones, and the boys take off to the woods. Maggie stays behind on the ranch. Once out in the wilderness we learn this is no ordinary father/son camping trip, but rather it is one for wesen. Each man woges, embracing their wesen side, before they begin the hunt. This hunt consists of the boys tapping into their wesen roots by hunting a rabbit with their bare hands. Once one is caught, they cook it up, and all share the meal. At the edge of the woods, a man in walking the highway, hitchhiking to Salem when he is attacked, and dragged into the woods.

Nick and Hank arrive on the scene in the morning, and discover the man looks like he has been mauled, and there are large animal gr5tracks around him. They investigate and concede that they need the help of Monroe, so they both head down to the spice shop. Monroe and Rosalee confirm the tracks are wesen, and Monroe agrees to go out to the scene of the crime to take a look. When they get back, they follow the tracks and smell of blood with the help of Monroe, and arrive at the ranch. Monroe reminisces about when he was a boy, and went to a camp like this one to embrace his wesen side. Albert, Maggie and Todd, Maggie’s brother, are fascinated by Monroe, and know he has been on a “real hunt” and find it interesting he is friends with a Grimm. They get Nick a list of the people that went on the camp-out the night before, and ask Monroe to come out tonight with them to talk to the boys.

Back at the station, the 3 fathers are brought in for questioning with Monroe in the room. He tells Nick that none of them give him the vibe of “killer”, and probably have never been in the woods before. Nick ask Monroe to go ahead and go with Albert and Todd for the camp-out to see if he can pick up any more information, and he reluctantly agrees.

gr4That night Monroe goes out with them, and three new sets of fathers and sons, and talks to them about the delicate balance of the drive to hunt and kill, and the necessity to embrace life and respect other’s lives. While he is out there, Nick gets notice that another body was found near the road. Nick meets up with Wu to investigate, and find out the body is about a week old. At the camp, they head out for their hunt chasing a rabbit when Monroe is attacked by a wesen who pins him down. It is Maggie, she has come out to join the hunt, and tells Monroe she wants him to go with her, that she has already picked out a new one. He refuses and tells her it is wrong so she takes off without him. He runs after her, and also calls for her father and brother to help him catch her.

Near the road another man is out hitchhiking, and sets his backpack against a tree to adjust, when Maggie comes out from the woods, and drags him back into it. At this point Monroe has called Nick, and told him what was going on with Maggie, and Nick and Wu take off to meet up with him. They pull up to the tree where they see the guys backpack, and head into the woods. This is when they hear a noise, and Maggie comes stumbling out of the bushes with a knife in her stomach. The man comes staggering out, scratched up and saying an animal had attacked, but when he sees Maggie he freaks out because he sees it is a woman he has stabbed instead. Maggie’s father, brother, and Monroe get there, and her father cradles her as she dies. She wanted him to notice her, to know she could hunt too, but she went about it in a very terrible way.

Throughout the show the story involving Juliette and Adalind also develops with Rosalee going to visit Juliette while she is in jail, and it does not go well. Juliette loves who she has become, and embraces her Hexenbiest.

Meanwhile Renard blacked out and awoke near a fountain in the middle of the night. The morning after he has the aggravated assaults looked into, and there is one that happened the night before near the same fountain he woke up near.

At the hotel, Kenneth is speaking with the king, letting him know he made it clear to Renard to not interfere. Adalind comes in, and Kenneth informs her Juliette has been arrested. She tells him things are going to get bad before they get really, really bad. Kenneth believe he can use Juliette to get to Kelly, and in turn, Diana. Adalind doesn’t think Juliette will betray Nick, even with her being a Hexenbiest, but Kenneth tells her she only needs the right motivation. He knows Adalind’s baby is also Nick’s baby, and believes this information is just the thing Juliette Grimmneeds to come to his side in order to hurt Nick.

Back in her cell, Juliette is going over everything that has happened up to this point to land her in her current condition when a guard tells her she is being released, her bail has been paid. As she is leaving the police station, Kenneth is waiting outside for her, and tries talking her into helping him with his problems with Nick and Nick’s mom. He tells her Adalind is pregnant with Nick’s child, but she doesn’t believe him. He promises her he can get her a better life once she helps him, and gives her the address to his hotel and room number.

Adalind goes to Renard’s office and reveals she is pregnant… and that it is Nick’s baby. She explains that she needs Nick’s help to protect her from Juliette so Renard goes, and calls Nick into his office. Once there, GrimmAdalind explains to Nick that she is carrying his baby, and he of course freaks out. She tells him it is a boy, and is kicking, and tries to get him to feel. He pulls his hand away from her several times before he feels the baby kick. She also tells him she has a way to help Juliette by suppressing the Hexenbiest so he agrees to help her. They head out to go to Rosalee’s shop to begin working on the concoction that will help Juliette, which includes the body of a dead Hexenbiest (to which Adalind offers up her mother) when Juliette shows up at the station. She sees Nick with Adalind, and realizes Kenneth was telling the truth. She tries to get close to Adalind to hurt her, and Nick won’t allow it. She accuses him of choosing Adalind over her because if he didn’t he would allow her to kill Adalind. Wu steps in, and asks if everything is ok, and Juliette tells Adalind she will catch her later.

Nick takes her to the spice shop, and Rosalee flips out over seeing her, pregnant, with Nick’s baby. They have everything Adalind will need other than her dead mother’s body. Meanwhile Juliette pays a visit to Kenneth and agrees to help him. He suggests putting Nick in mortal danger, or at least telling his mom he is, will cause her to come running.

That night she decides to pay a visit to the trailer that belonged to Nick’s aunt. While inside she tears up a book about Hexenbiest and then sets it on fire. She tosses a jar of liquid into it, and the fire flares up, catching everything near it on fire as well. She steps outside and calls Nick, telling him he should come take a look at his Aunts trailer, and that she was just trying to warm herself up now that she has no one to hold her, and hangs up.

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