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NerdyBound: The Avengers

One of my favorite loves in life is anything and everything to do with Joss Whedon. So when I heard he was directing and writing The Avengers movie I had extremely high hopes and I was not disappointed. The Avengers would come to be my favorite movie of 2012 (along with everyone else that saw it, I’m sure). It was an unquenchable obsession with Loki/Tom Hiddleston that jump started my journey down that cyber rabbit hole known as Tumblr. I had always been a Marvel fan, but now I was in the Marvel fandom! I’ve made lifelong friends in this fandom and I basically got to go to my first San Diego Comic Con because of this fandom. I’m so happy that the Marvel Universe is a part of this superhero cinematic golden era we’re currently in because I get see my heroes come to life. We can criticize the mistakes movie adaptations make until we’re blue in the face, but you can’t deny the magic those movies bring to the fan experience. We get to cosplay outside of Cons, midnight screenings become instant fan meet-ups and, you know, if you’ve been to a good midnight screening, you know they’re kind of akin to a rock concert, the energy level is that amazing. Movies bring more fans, and with that comes more merchandise which equals more fan events. So, yes I’ll probably criticize with the best of them, but for now I’m just thanking the geek gods that Joss Whedon still manned the helm for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I’m so excited for the premiere of Age of Ultron! I can’t wait to see their interpretations of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Although I wish Loki could be the villain in every Avengers movie, I have to admit those trailers featuring Ultron with James Spader’s sexy voice had me going. So in honor of the premiere next weekend, I’m dedicating this NerdyBound to The Avengers! I just want to give a quick shout out to Hot Topic who is currently killing it in the everyday cosplay game. I’m a huge fan of their Orphan Black line and they’ve recently announced their new Avengers line. All of the looks are retro inspired takes on The Avengers, they’re all available in plus sizes, and I need to own every piece. I’m honestly so impressed and I can’t wait to see what fandom they do next. I didn’t use every piece in their line, but I felt I should mention it since I’m doing looks for the Avengers and if it were me reading this, I’d want a link to the line ASAP. There are so many Avengers to choose from, but I decided to stay true to the movies and only feature the film’s core group, as this is in honor of the premiere of Age of Ultron. I also had to feature Loki of course, because I would never not feature him in anything having to do with The Avengers. I hope you’re inspired to try one of these looks for the premiere!


Iron Man/Tony Stark

Iron Man

Shop the look: The Avengers Black Sabbath Iron Man Tony Stark T-Shirt $31.28, Sweet Your Heart Bow-knot Pleated Skirt in Ruby $39 Plus Size Option: Musee Matisse Skirt in Crimson $34.99, Lipsy Everyday Fashion Cotton Leggings $12 Plus Size Option: Premium Leggings $22.50 As a plus sized girl, let me tell you, these are honestly the only pair of black leggings you’ll ever need again. I recommend investing in at least two pair and going a size down so that you get good tummy control. They’re so comfortable, I can wear them all day and they give amazing support. Bucco Grania Metal Plate Boot $20, Stark Industries Women’s Classic Carrier Purse Leather Handbag $27.99, Iron Man terrarium necklace! $28.04, Iron Man Bow $9, IRON MAN Helmet Ring $15, Iron Man Mark 42 Gloves $6


Captain America

Captain America

Shop the Look: Marvel by Her Universe Captain America Halter Dress $59.50, Captain America Logo Ladies’ Cardigan $39.99, Cherry Jam Wedge $64.99, Leg Avenue Women’s Cuban Foot Pantyhose $5.46 Plus Size Option: ASOS CURVE Bow Back Seam Tights With Support $18, Marvel Captain America Shield Backpack $44.50, Steve Rogers Earrings $12, 50’s Rockabilly Avengers Headband $12.49, Hydra Pilot Wings Red Skull $12, Captain America and Bucky Barnes Inspired Friendship Necklace $15, I’m with you till the end of the line 8mm hand stamped Bracelet Cuff $18



The Hulk

Shop the Look: Jukebox DJ Jumper $89.99, NE PEOPLE Roll Up 3/4 Sleeve Button Down Shirt with Stretch $16.99 Plus Size Option: LE3NO Women’s Plus Size Roll Up 3/4 Sleeve Button Down Shirt with Stretch $20, Periodic Table of Elements Messenger Bag $45, Pikolinos Women’s Niza Safari Pump $109 Budget Friendly Option: Gleeful Gait Heel $69.99, Hulk crystal beaded earrings $15, Marvel INCREDIBLE HULK Glass Pendant $9.02




Shop the Look: A.S Military Corset Stretchy Body Bustier $21.99 Plus Size Option: Tripp Sleeveless Military Jacket $78.50, Noisy May Skinny Denim Pants $61 Plus Size Option: ASOS CURVE Ridley Super Soft Skinny Jean In Deep Indigo $54, Lapel Belt Overcoat $37 Plus Size Option: Hi/Low Fit and Flare Blazer $47.99, Stride to Be Boot in Black $13.99, Valkyrie Barrettes Hair Clips $12, ModCloth Minimal Too Electri-cool Earrings $13, Thor’s Hammer Necklace $7.77, Thor & Loki Collar Clips $4.02, Thor Nebula Scarf $52, Norse Viking Carving Leather Cuff $29.99


Black Widow

Black Widow

Shop the Look: Marvel By Her Universe Black Widow Girls Belted Jacket $64.50, ASOS Leggings in High Waist with Leather Look Panel Detail $45 Plus Size Option: Faux Leather Moto Leggings $42.50, Nature Breeze Richie Studded Strap Bootie $26.97, LOVEsick Rose Gun Earrings $6.50, Black Widow’s Arrow Necklace $13, Black Widow Bracelet $9, Metric Raven Bag $349 Budget Friendly Option: Revolution Canvas Holster Pack $79




Shop the Look: Love 21 Beaded Cutout Cami $24.80 Plus Size Option: Must-Have Scoop Tank $9.80, Warehouse Leather Shorts $118 Budget Friendly Option: Zip-Front Faux Leather Shorts $15.90 Plus Size Option: ASOS CURVE Exclusive Shorts In Leather Look $54, Black Buckle Combat Boots $46.50, Hawkeye Bow $11, Hawkeye and Arrows Pendant $6.50, Hawkeye Bracelet $9, Punk Rocker Dancer Fingerless Zip Glove $29.99, Hip Pack Leather Utility Belt $76


Nick Fury

Nick Fury

Shop the Look: ASOS High Neck With Zip Through Top $45 Plus Size Option: Faux Leather Surplice Tank Top $38.50, H&M Imitation leather skirt $14.99 Plus Size Option: H&M+ Circular skirt $24.99, ASOS Biker Jacket with Waterfall Front and Zip Detail $99 Plus Size Option: ASOS CURVE Waterfall Biker Jacket with Zip Detail $99, ModCloth Adventure Essentials Bootie $49, Grunge Gun Printed Tights $8.90, Lookin’ for Booty Eye Patch $9 I know we’re not going to be walking around wearing an eye patch unless medically necessary, but I would totally wear this as a headband in honor of Nick Fury’s eye patch. The Avengers Pendant $9.98, Marvel Agents of SHIELD Avengers Fully Adjustable Ring $6.23


Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Shop the Look: Forever 21 Cami Fit & Flare Dress $11.90 Plus Size Option: Stretch Knit Cami Dress $14.90, GUESS Ombre Faux-Leather Moto Jacket $66 You can try your luck getting this jacket on Ebay or you can get awesome Etsy seller “LeatherCollection90” to make a custom Scarlet Witch jacket in your size! Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 Age of Ultron costume replica leather jacket $159, Knee High Slashed Stockings $10, Marvel Comic Combat Boot $49.50, Filigree Lariat Necklace $4.90, Vintage Marvel ‘SCARLET WITCH’ Necklace $16, Studded Wet look Cuffs Arm warmers $13.40, Faux Stone Midi Ring Set $6.90


Quicksilver (Okay, I know this isn’t Quicksilver from The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but I feel like the styling they chose for him really fell flat. I’m sorry, but I’m just not fond of it at all. Now Quicksilver from X-Men: Days of Future Past is amazing. I’m kind of obsessed with everything about him, and so I just had to base my NerdyBound Quicksilver on him.)


Shop the Look: PINK FLOYD Dark Side Classic Slim Fit T-shirt $21.99, Brigitte Bardot Light jacket $112.50, River Island Denim Short in Washed Black $54 Plus Size Option: Torrid Skinny Short Shorts – Black Wash with Destruction $38.50, Divine Factory Laceup boots $22.55, ASOS Hamsa Chain Hair Crown $14.50, Silver Marine Vinyl Utility Belt custom size $64, Vans Belt silver $25, TMS WWII Raf Vintage Pilot Motorcycle Biker Cruiser Goggles $5.98




Shop the Look: Marvel By Her Universe Loki Halter Dress $59.50, Black Single Breasted Pockets Cape Coat $24.17 Plus Size Option: Anne Klein Women’s Plus-Size Cape $38.56, Black Wedges with Gold Spikes and Ankle Straps $88.99, Loki Horns Hair Bow $14, Medieval Crown Top Knot $25 I felt this was a fun and very appropriate hair accessory alternative for our throne-thirsty God of Mischief, Loki. Loki Dangle Earrings $14, Loki Hearts pendant necklace $32, ASOS Metal Waist Belt With Cut Work Detail $57, Angular Cutout Cuff $4.90, Forever 21 Caged Cutout Cuff $5.90, Loki Gold Helmet Ring $15.50

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