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Game of Thrones Recap: Ep. 43, “High Sparrow”

Arya is now in the House of Black and White and she is being made to sweep the floors amongst the statues of gods from many faiths. She confronts Jaqen H’ghar and tells him she did not come to sweep floors, she wants to train, but he dismisses her saying that all men must serve. She must serve the Many-Faced God, but she does not see him anywhere among the statues. She watches a man who appears to be dead being taken away, but no one will tell her where they are taking him.

Cersei is traveling to the wedding of Margaery and Tommen and all the people are shouting “Queen g6Margaery,” which thrills Cersei, I’m sure. Margaery and Tommen marry and are very quick to consummate the marriage, which is something Tommen takes great pleasure in. Tommen admits that he doesn’t feel any guilt that he is married to Margaery and is now the King all because his brother died. Margaery beings to manipulate young Tommen about Cersei and how motherly she is and protective over him. The next day, Tommen is walking with his mother and with Margaery’s words swiming in his head asks Cersei if she would be happier going back to Casterly Rock. Cersei pays a visit to Margaery and a lot of pleasantries are exchanged but all have an underlying bite and tease to them (at Cersei’s expense).

At Winterfell, Reek appears sad to see a flayed couple being hoisted up and put on display. The Boltons discuss their inability to hold the north against the other houses now that Tywin is dead and their pact dissolved. Roose Bolton tells Ramsay that the best way to create strength among houses is marriage, not always flaying, and he has just the girl in mind.

Sansa and Littlefinger are traveling and when Sansa recognizes the area and asks Littlefinger where he is taking g2her. He’s taking her home to Winterfell and tells her that the marriage proposal was not for himself, it was for her. Sansa, of course, protests citing all the damage the Boltons have done to her family, specifically to her brother and mother, and their alliance with the Lannisters. Littlefinger says he would never make her do anything, but nonetheless tries to convince her that the marriage would be to her benefit and allow her to avenge her family. It works and she gets back on her horse and rides once again towards Winterfell.

Podrick and Brienne are still following Littlefinger and Sansa, but must take another route. Podrick says they will lose sight of Sansa and Littlefinger, but Brienne knows where they are heading. Podrick tells the tale of how he became a squire for Tyrion and says that he is proud to be Brienne’s squire. She feels a pang of regret for snapping at him all he time, and so decides to teach him how to be a knight. Brienne shares her story of how she began serving Renly Baratheon on his King’s Guard. She tells Pod that she knows it was Stannis who killed Renly and has vowed to avenge him.

At The Wall, Jon visits with Stannis and once again turns down becoming Jon Stark and commander of the Night’s Watch. Stannis calls him stubborn and honorable like Ned, and doesn’t mean it as praise. Stannis says honor got Ned killed. Jon asks Stannis how long he plans on staying and he tells him he will be marching on Winterfell in a couple days.

g3Arya is confronted by a girl at the House of Black and White who asks who she is with a coin she didn’t earn and whose value she doesn’t respect. Jaqen H’ghar interrupts just before Arya can pull her sword on the girl and he tells her she is not ready because she is still surrounded by Arya Stark’s things. Arya takes all her clothes, money, and things, wraps them up and dumps them in the sea. She is left with only Needle and cries because she cannot bear to toss it into the drink with the rest of her treasures, so she hides it underneath a pile of rocks nearby. She is inside sweeping again when Jaqen H’ghar leads her into a room and down a staircase she had previously been unallowed to visit. At the bottom the girl from before is inside a room with a dead man who is lying on a table. Arya begins helping the girl take off the man’s top and wash him. The girl will not answer any of her questions, and so they clean him in silence.

Littlefinger and Sansa arrive at Winterfell where the Boltons stand to greet her. She plays her part, bowing politely. It is odd for her to be home again, but her helper maid welcomes her, stating the North remembers.

At the Wall, Jon appoints someone the captain of building a new latrine pit and Sir Alliser is appointed First g4Ranger. Not everyone is pleased with the duties they are given, though; Lord Janos does not want to rebuild some ruins. He tells Jon he will not do as he says, so, after giving him a chance to reconsider obedience, Jon swiftly puts him in his place and has Janos taken outside where Jon beheads him while Stannis looks on. Jon is not playing around in his new position.

In Littlefinger’s brothel in King’s Landing, the Sparrows break in and drag a the High Septon out into the street to be punished. They whip him naked down the streets hissing “sinner” at him and then beat him some. When his ordeal is over he appeals to the King’s council about how he was treated by the g5Sparrows. He claims he was ministering to the prostitutes and demands they execute the High Sparrow. Cersei goes to find the High Sparrow and comes across him doling out soup to the hungry. He defends the Sparrows’ actions against the High Septom and Cersei agrees, telling him that he is now in the dungeons of the Red Keep. Cersei has Qyburn send a message sent to Littlefinger and we see he has a person under a cloth who gives an awful shudder, presumably a result of Qyburn’s “work.”

Ramsay tells Littlefinger he is thankful for the match and would never hurt Sansa before he is dismissed by his father. Roose and Littlefinger talk of the repercussions of bringing Sansa to Winterfell and he questions his allegiance to the Lannisters, especially since he just received a raven from Cersei for Littlefinger.

Tyrion and Varys are still traveling in their box and Tyrion is going stir crazy. Against advice, Tyrion stops the caravan needing to get out and see a face that doesn’t belong to Varys. Varys accompanies him and they listen to a priestess speak of the Savior, born of flames. She spots Tyrion and, feeling like he is too exposed, they head off to find a brothel. Once inside, they spot a prostitute dressed as “the Mother of Dragons” (haha). Also in the brothel is Sir Jorah. Tyrion goes to find some “company,” but when she stands to take him back with her, he admits he cannot accompany her. Has Tyrion grown up or is he feeling guilty about murdering the last prostitute he got close to? Jorah comes up behind Tyrion while he is peeing and wraps a rope around his neck, places a gag in his mouth and tells him that he is taking him to the Queen.

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