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Once Upon a Time Recap: Ep. 420, “Lily”

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice consults with the Sorcerer over the Author and asks if there’s a way to undo channeling Emma’s potential of evilness into Maleficent’s child. There isn’t, and their fate remains entwined as always. The Sorcerer warns the Apprentice that the Author must never be allowed to toy with fate again.

This Goblet of Fire is nothing but trouble…

In the cemetery, The Author and Gold are the only ones to attend Cruella’s pine box funeral. The Author’s brief eulogy consists of how he’ll miss her, furs and all, and how she made him who he is. Gold acknowledges that she served her purpose and justifies their actions. He says they are closer now to their happy endings, as a creepy Emma watches from the tree line.

Cue the title card featuring Emma’s bug, which is arguably a better character than some of the people in Storybrooke.

Emma addresses her parents, Henry, Regina, and Killian at Granny’s. Her plan is to go after Gold, and she says she has regret, not darkness, over Cruella’s death. She is interrupted by Maleficent who proposes to team up to fight Gold and reveals her daughter is alive and wants Emma to find her. Mal gives Emma the details of her daughter’s arrival in Minnesota, and says the child’s name was Lilith. Emma searches the microfiche and finds Lily’s baptism announcement, complete with a picture including Lily’s star birthmark.

That awkward moment when you realize your BFF is really your frenemy, but is also your soul mate, but also kinda your nemesis.

Flashback to Emma’s first ever family vacation with her foster family who, despite being almost dorkily whitebread, seems to really care for her. As Emma helps pack camping gear, she realizes she’s forgotten something. While getting the sleeping bags out of the garage, Emma finds Lily hiding. Lily asks for help, saying she has nowhere else to go. Emma’s foster father appears and, after Lily easily lies about who she is, is surprised that Emma has a friend in town. He invites her to dinner.

Regina seems amazed and amused at the news that Emma and Lily knew each other, but comforts Emma, who seems in shock. Regina says her parents messed with the power of fate. “Actions are our own but fate pushes us.” Regina, who is ready to leave to save Robin from Zelena, admits that she needs Emma, and Emma could use her help, too, as they set off on their new side quests.

The Author is surprised Gold is letting Emma leave town, but Gold assures him that her darkness will come no matter where she is. He then eyes Belle and Will and moves to follow them.

Emma says goodbye to her family outside of the town hall.

Henry has Carl Grimes disease.
Henry has Carl Grimes disease.

Killian gives her some words of advice, saying vengeance is tempting, and to use whatever it takes to stay on her path. After they kiss, Emma brushes off her parents again. Regina brings the Snow Queen’s scroll in case they need magic. In the car, Emma finds that she and Lily have lived near each other for most of their lives, and Regina reiterates that fate has been pushing them together.

Back in Emma’s foster home, Lily is having dinner with Emma’s new family. It’s a little awkward. Lily shows off her incredible lying skills regarding how they met, although she says that Emma’s always understood her. Emma is uncomfortable with the lies and takes Lily in the kitchen to chastise her. As they argue, footage of a robbery featuring Lily is shown.

Emma and Regina search a tenement for Lilith Page, and a current tenant says that Lily died in a drunk driving wreck. As the guy proceeds to trash talk Lily, Emma shoves him up against a wall but Regina stops her from clocking him.

Belle leaves Will at the shop and goes to babysit Neal. Gold shows up to proposition Will to steal Belle’s heart back from Regina, making it clear that he’s not asking.

Regina tries to draw Emma out as they drive away from Lily’s old home. A wolf appears in the road and Emma veers off the asphalt, blowing out her tire.

“I’m sorry, I was on my way to Westeros and I think I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque…”

Emma recognizes the wolf from when she was trying to leave Storybrooke after her first arrival. Regina suggests fate wants Emma to go to the Coffee Mug diner and goes off to get the car towed. At the coffee place, Emma encounters the adult Lily, now going by Starla. Regina rejoins Emma, who says, “It’s her.”

In young Emma’s garage, Lily tries to explain how every decision she’s ever made has turned bad, and she begs Emma not to turn her in. Emma says she’s got to leave, but Lily says she can’t without her stuff and asks Emma to help her get her mother’s necklace back before she goes. Emma agrees but tells Lily that after that, she’s gone.

Emma joins Starla for her smoke break and surprises her by knowing her real identity. Lily says she got mixed up with the wrong people and wanted a fresh start. Lily is blown away by Emma finding her. Emma validates Lily’s feeling that all her choices went south because of Fate and says she can help her if Lily will just trust her. Lily says she doesn’t need Emma’s help, that she has a daughter and husband and doesn’t want Emma to blow her life apart again. She says that she hasn’t thought about Emma in years, but Emma doesn’t seem to believe her.

As Starla/Lily talks to a little girl who has gotten off a school bus, Regina arrives and remarks that Emma didn’t ruin her life after all. Lily bribes the child to pose as her daughter in exchange for free lunch at the diner, showing us that Lily still has her lying and manipulating down.

*THIS* This is why you need to teach your children not to talk to strangers.

Maleficent is in Regina’s office when the Charmings come in to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Mal says Lily is the one they need to apologize to, but she doesn’t think that will be enough. She says that they were so concerned that Gold would turn Emma dark that they forgot that they did that to her own child.

Emma suspects that Lily still isn’t telling the truth and finds her address on a timecard. She doesn’t believe that the child she saw was even Lily’s daughter.

Young Emma visits a flop house to retrieve Lily’s necklace. She returns to her home with it, but her foster parents confront her. Lily has stolen the family’s vacation money. The family has called the police and Emma, unable to keep their trust, leaves with just her backpack.

Emma and Regina investigate Lily’s trailer park and find a house with no evidence of kids or a husband. But they do find a creepy map with pictures of a story book Snow White and Prince Charming as well as the location of Storybrooke, proving that, SOMEHOW, Lily knows about her and Emma’s origins.

This is not the first creepy map in this trailer park. Just sayin’.
I’m sorry, did the props department design and print out their own Weekly World News JUST to make a Pinocchio reference?

Outside, they hear Emma’s car start and Lily drives off in it, but Emma steals another car and they give chase. With the magic scroll still in Emma’s car, Lily could easily enter Storybrooke.

Gold arrives at the mayor’s office where Maleficent is keeping Belle’s heart. Mal invites Gold into her office, but of course Regina’s set up a protection spell. Gold distracts Mal while Will steals Belle’s heart behind her as Regina’s spell was only designed to keep Gold out, not some common thief.

Emma realizes that Lily has always ruined Emma’s chances at having a family, and that she is going after David and Mary Margaret. Emma starts talking more and more like a villain and Regina tries to calm her down, but it doesn’t seem to work. Cue a hundred thousand Regina/Emma shippers losing their mind with this scene.

Young Emma waits at a bus stop. When Lily shows up she takes credit for setting Emma free, but Emma insists that she wanted to stay with her foster family. She calls Lily a fraud, claiming Lily isn’t a real runaway and says she needs to go back to her real family. Lily counters, saying she’s been kicked out. Lily swears all her choices blow up in her face and she’s cursed, but insists that when Emma is around, things are brighter. She begs Emma not to walk away again and asks for help, but Emma decides she’s better off alone and leaves Lily alone at the bus stop.

Lily continues in Emma’s car towards Storybrooke. Emma tries to run Lily off the road, but Lily counters. Emma pulls in front of her and confronts Lily as she gets out of the car. Lily says it doesn’t matter how she knows about their Enchanted Forest origins because she’s been screwed over since before they were born.

I don’t even have a caption for this. I accidentally screencapped it and it was too epic to not use.

Lily says Emma’s parents are monsters and deserve to be punished. As they fist fight, thunder and lightening explode around them.

Lily: You fight like a girl! *punch* Emma: If you mean that I use proper body mechanics to compensate for my lack of upper body strength, then you are correct! *crack* Lily: That is absolutely what I meant! *slappy slappy*

Emma pulls her gun on Lily who is on the ground, and Lily says if she lets her go, she will destroy everything. She tells Emma to end it right here before it starts.

Still not as dark as half the stuff in animated Disney kids’ movies.

Regina, the voice of reason, tells her to put the gun down, and says Emma will be the one to ruin her life, not Lily. Cruella might have been an accident, but the journey back from murdering Lily won’t be easy. Regina says this is what Gold wants, so just DON’T because she is better than this. But Emma hesitates FOREVER before finally putting the gun down.

“Wipe your mouth before you get blood in my car, kkthx.”

On a bus out of town young Lily sits alone, pondering her necklace. An old man tells her it’s lovely and that it compliments her birthmark. The man is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and he promises her answers. He admits he’s partially responsible for her life and her misery, telling her the deck has always been stacked against her. She asks for the truth, and he starts with the necklace. He begins by telling her about Maleficent.

Emma and Lily sit alone, and Lily refers to herself as the anti-savior. Emma tells her to stop calling herself that, and Lily seems surprised that Emma still seems to care about her. Regina finds that she’s lost her leverage over Gold. Emma tells Lily she’s not pushing her away again and wants her to come with her and Regina to New York.

Will brings Belle her heart and tells her it was taken by Regina. Gold appears and Belle realizes that the two have been working together. She doesn’t want to hear Gold’s apology, but he says he’s not asking for forgiveness. He admits he screwed up and his heart is nearly black. If he continues hurting her, there’s no hope for him. He gives Belle her heart and says that Will will be the one to protect it, because he, Gold, is unworthy.

I see you walkin’ ’round town with the girl I love, and I’m like, “I WILL SKIN YOU ALIVE AND GRILL YOU OVER HOT COALS UNTIL YOUR EYEBALLS BURST AND BASTE YOUR CARCASS.”

(Author’s note: They really needed to end the episode here. Everything that happens next is absolutely soap opera-y and kinda terrible.)

Regina knocks on the Locksley’s door and finds Robin. The three women come in and Regina explains what “Marian” is up to. Regina says Zelena killed Marian ages ago, but Robin doesn’t believe her. Zelena arrives back from grocery shopping but keeps up her Marian persona. Robin assumes that Regina is trying to just get him back, but then Zelena decides to reveal who she really is. This seems counter-intuitive to her plan as Regina sees this as the perfect opportunity to pull Robin away. But Zelena and Robin drop the big reveal: Zelena is pregnant. Grrrrrrooosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

This whole storyline is like General Hospital with magic and British accents.

Sean Maguire is in this show and even he doesn’t know what the heck is going on.


What’s your opinion on fate in the OUAT world?

Do you think Emma is really going down the road to genuine darkness?

Do you think the Zelena storyline is as soap opera-y as I do?


All screen captures are property of ABC.

ABC. “Images,” April 26, 2015. Television. April 27, 2015.

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