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Gotham Recap: Ep. 121, “The Anvil or the Hammer”

Barbara emerges from Jason’s, aka the Ogre, apartment. We get a firm parallel of when Grace Fairchild tried to leave all those months ago. Barbara looks less polished than she did last night, Jason offers her breakfast, she says she’s leaving, he asks her to at least stay for coffee, she says she’s leaving… But here’s where things get slightly different. He’s got feelings for her. They’re twisted feelings, sure, but he loves her. He confesses that the night they met, he was going to kill her, but he saw the real her and realized she’s the woman he’s been searching for. She doesn’t want to believe him and now he tells her that she’s going to sit down and have breakfast with him. When he releases her, she runs straight for his apartment’s elevator, only for him to chase after her immediately and slip and black bag over her head.

At the GCPD, Jim is burning himself out searching for Barbara. Lee tries to get him to eat and reminds him that Barbara’s kidnapping is not his fault. He says it is because he pushes Loeb which got the Ogre on his trail, never even considering how it might affect Barbara (why should you?). He keeps saying he “should have known,” and Lee’s like, “How the hell could you have known that, dummy? You weren’t even together anymore.” Undeterred, he says it’s on him anyway. Bullock brings in a perp, Jake, a pimp who’s been on the streets claiming he knows who the Ogre is.

And Nygma shows up for work with two, heavy, Harry Potter style trunks and brings them to the ME’s office. He opens one and it’s what you’d think if you saw last week’s episode: the dismembered body of Officer Domestic Abuse. He says to himself, “Okeydoke, no body, no crime,” and gets to work.

In the interrogation room, Jim shows the sketch of the Ogre to Jake, who stonewalls him. He says he doesn’t know him so Jim tells Jake that the man in the drawing has been murdering women, with Bullock adding that he’s now taken someone important to them. Jake decides to ask for a bribe for information causing Jim to announce to Harvey that he’s about to violate departmental policy regarding interrogation techniques as he rolls up his sleeves. Harvey steps out because donuts and Jake starts to backpedal but it’s too late. When he comes out of the room, Jim has a lead: Jake worked as a barman at the Foxclub and the Ogre was a frequent customer. Bullock knows that finding the Foxclub will be difficult because the location always changes and you need an invitation, and Jim knows where he might be able to obtain both: his good friend Penguin. Bullock warns Jim about getting in too deep with Penguin and encourages Jim to go get some sleep and recharge, but Jim won’t be deterred.

Jason talks to Barbara about his first kill as she’s gagged and tied up in his meticulously clean closet. He says the first one wasn’t “The One,” but he couldn’t just let her go, but it strengthened his resolve to find his soul mate – which he believes Barbara to be.

Alfred brings a small messengered package to Bruce and then heads off to identify Reggie’s body. Bruce offers to accompany him, which he declines, and Alfred notes how weird it is that Reggie would kill himself as he wasn’t the sort. Bruce suggests maybe Reggie just lost his balance but Alfred doesn’t quite buy that, either. He says he wants to ensure Reggie has a proper send off and leaves. Bruce opens his package and its the copied key to Bunderslaw’s safe at Wayne Enterprises. It has a note attached: “Hope you find what you need. Be careful. – Selina”

Butch shows up at Lydia’s under the guise of due diligence and she leaves him to his business. Butch then opens his suitcase and takes out a pistol and machine gun which he hides under the bar and behind a jukebox respectively. Back at Penguin’s, he’s updating Penguin, saying Connor and his guys will be able to easily find the weapons, and Penguin is pleased. Jim stops by and he’s low on patience. He asks about the Foxglove immediately but Penguin reminds Jim that he already owes him a favor and their relationship feels a little one-sided. Jim offers Penguin another favor to bank but Penguin is reluctant to sell out the Foxglove because of his connections. Jim isn’t glad to hear this and snatches Penguin up by the shirt, pointing his gun at Butch for good measure, and Penguin has him now. He tells Jim that he owes him a BIG favor now.

Bruce takes a tour of Wayne Enterprises and excuses himself to use the restroom. As he walks, he slyly pulls a fire alarm.

Jim arrives back at GCPD headquarters to tell Bullock he’s not only discovered the location of the Foxglove (the Klondike Building on Mayflower) but he’s got a ticket. He tells Bullock to go see what he can find out, and Bullock – who has just come up on some stolen Italian suits that found their way into his locker – is pleased to help.

Jason tells Barbara his apartment is soundproofed and encourages her not to scream when he removes her gag. So she spits in his face instead. He releases her hands as he says his are shaking because he always knew the others weren’t the one, but he wants it to work with Barbara. She slaps him and says Jim will find her, and he backhands her, saying the only way she’ll make him angry is to mention his name. He hands her something to drink and says it’s water, so she drinks it down. He beckons her – but not before telling her that if she tries to run he’ll chain her to the ceiling and gut her, in spite of his love. Jason shows her his trophy Polaroids of the women he’s killed and she drops to the floor, glassy-eyed and struggling to breathe. He insists that it’ll work out with her, because she’s “The One.”

And Bruce sneaks around Wayne Enterprises as everyone else is evacuating. He finds Bunderslaw’s office and heads straight to a bookcase behind the desk. He touches a panel on the second shelf and locates the safe, which he opens. As soon as he does the alarms cease, and as he notices the safe is empty, Bunderslaw comes inside. Bunderslaw knew when Selina stole his key and, as he offers him a cookie, says he’s been expecting Bruce to turn up sooner or later. Bruce is upset that he hired Reggie to kill Alfred, but Bunderslaw insists that Reggie was only ever supposed to find out what Bruce knew. Bunderslaw says he told the board that Bruce needed The Talk early, and proceeds to give it to him. He says Wayne Enterprises is a multinational corporation that does its best to subvert any jurisdiction that stands in its way if it means more profit. Bruce is stunned by this admission, and Bunderslaw says Bruce’s father, Thomas, was the same way but eventually came around, as did his father before him. Bruce doesn’t believe him, saying his father was a good man, and Bunderslaw encourages him to reconsider his crusade and live a “blessed life.” Lucius Fox arrives just then to fetch Bruce and Bunderslaw, with one last swipe at him, reminds Bruce to take his cookie.

At the elevators, Lucius has a few words for Bruce and tells him he must keep a straight face as there are cameras everywhere, watching them.

Lucius: What I’m about to say must remain a deep secret between you and me. I knew your father well. He was a good man. He wasn’t the man the company thought he was.
Bruce: I don’t understand.
Lucius: Bruce, your father was a true stoic and he kept his best self hidden. And the North remembers.

Bruce seems to have just taken off another pair of blinders as he boards the elevator and Lucius wishes him good luck.

Nygma prepares to disintegrate Officer Don’t Sass Me, Woman as Ms. Kringle knocks at the door. He panics for a moment but opens the door for her. She asks for the Hendricks case files and as she steps inside, she spots the body parts in the sink. She wonders what happened to him and Nygma lies, saying the man was in an industrial accident. She’s squeamish about his job which he says is made easier with a sense of humor, and before she leaves, she asks if Nygma has seen Officer Knock Her Down a Peg at all, which he denies. Nygma rudely hurries her out of the office and, confused, she goes.

Penguin and Connor discuss the final details of the Maroni assassination. Penguin wants to know if he’s got his final lines down, and Connor is perplexed as to why anyone would want to tell a person they’re going to kill anything. He’s ready nonetheless but wants to know how Penguin knows Maroni will be at Lydia’s at that particular time, and we find out: Maroni’s buddy Tommy Bones just got out of jail. And at Lydia’s, Tommy, Maroni, and Lydia reunite.

Bullock shows up at the Foxglove looking cleaner than he ever has and it’s a fetish party. Latex, shibari ropes, masks, and cuffs of all kinds abound and Bullock’s slightly uncomfortable. A woman in red comes on stage to introduce the main attraction, Ingrid and Gareth. As the show gets started we hear several noises in quick succession: a moan, a laugh, a chainsaw, a whip, a yell, and a pig squealing. Bullock has topped out his levels of disgust and whips out his badge and tells everyone to freeze, especially the two on the stage.

Jason wakes Barbara who had been sleeping on his couch. She immediately begins to whimper but falls into his arms as he comforts her. She says he’s going to kill her, and he asks if she wants him to, which she denies. He says she needs to tell him who to kill, then, so that he can set free the thing he sees inside her that she’s trying to hide. She’s amused that he believes her making him murder someone will make her like him and says he’s insane, but he says it’s just because she doesn’t know how to live without fear yet. Then he tells her to give him a name or he’ll kill her right now and she begins to whisper in his ear. Uh oh.

The GCPD has raided the Foxglove and Jim questions the woman in red. He shows her the drawing of the Ogre but she stonewalls him, so Jim threatens to involve the press which causes her to tell him to speak with Sally. Sally is the hostess and, as she removes her mask, reveals large scars on her face. She says Jason pulled a hood over her head as soon as she got into his car then took her back to his apartment where he cut her face, but he let her go. She tells Jim and Bullock that she tried going to the police but she was a prostitute and Jason was a rich man with no name and nothing came of it. Bullock asks if she remembers any small details about the apartment, and she recalls that the elevator opened directly into the apartment, it was in Midtown, and there was a large neon sign with the letters “OYAL” on it across the street. Jim and Bullock realize it must be the Gotham Royal Hotel on 10th and Gangsley. Sally asks Jim to promise to kill the Ogre when he catches him, and he does.

Connor and his guy show up at Lydia’s with a bottle of Maroni’s favorite vintage, ostensibly as a gesture from Falcone. Maroni has them pat down and they move to their places. Connor tells Maroni the gift comes with a message: It wasn’t easy for Falcone to decide to kill him, but business is business. He and his guy pull the guns and they both jam, so Maroni’s lieutenants open fire at Connor’s guy. Maroni says Connor’s going to give Falcone the message that he messed up and that Maroni’s coming for Falcone – but Connor doesn’t need to be alive for that, so he’s shot.

Crafty, crafty Penguin revels in his plan’s rousing success as Butch panics. He said he took the firing pins out of the guns before he had Butch hide them but Butch wonders why Penguin wouldn’t just take Maroni out when he had the chance. Penguin knows that he’d still have been under Falcone’s thumb, a place he never wanted to be for very long, and sees inciting a gang war as a much more sensible course of action for him.

Nygma has finished covering up his murder and, as he talks to Officer Dead as a Doornail’s skull, decides to fabricate a goodbye letter to Ms. Kringle so she won’t continue to wonder about him. Then he puts the skull in a bag and pounds it with a hammer. Nygma is going off the rails!

Jim and Bullock locate the Ogre’s apartment but they’re too late: he and Barbara are already gone. Bullock finds the sterile room and Jim smells Barbara’s perfume there. The phone in the room rings and Jim answers. Obviously, it’s the Ogre who was tipped off of a break in from his alarm system. He says Barbara was with him and in the background, thumping tires and a train can be heard. Jim and Bullock determine that it’s the Whitecross upstate train, leading them to Barbara’s parents home. There, glassy-eyed and obedient, Barbara stands by as the Ogre threatens her parents. She pleads half-heartedly with him, but he says that she’s becoming who she’s meant to be and she looks on as he attacks her parents.

Jim and Bullock arrive at the Keen’s and find a body in the foyer. Jim heads to the sitting room and finds the Keens dead on the sofa. Barbara comes into room with blood sprayed all over her and asks what he’s doing there. As he searches the staircases, Bullock is caught by surprise by the Ogre, who hits him over the head, knocking him down the stairs. Barbara tells Jim that he’s not supposed to be there, and just then the Ogre tries to stab Jim. The two tussle violently, breaking furniture as they go and Jim’s hand is cut open as he tries to disarm the Ogre. They come apart and as Jim draws his gun the Ogre puts his knife to Barbara’s throat. Barbara tells Jim to leave them alone just as Bullock arrives behind her and the Ogre, giving Jim just enough time to catch the Ogre by surprise with a bullet in the forehead. As he goes down he cuts Barbara’s throat anyway and Jim rushes to her. The cut isn’t too bad and as he applies pressure to the wound, Jim tells her that everything’s going to be okay.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce asks Alfred how things went with identifying Reggie. Alfred doesn’t really want to talk about it, and Bruce decides to make a confession. He tells Alfred that he and Selina went searching for Reggie, and when they found him Selina ended up killing him. Alfred wants to know why and Bruce explains that Bunderslaw hired Reggie which clues Alfred in on why Bruce and Selina went to the Wayne Enterprises Ball. Bruce tells Alfred that he went to Bunderslaw’s office to get into the safe but Bunderslaw was waiting for him – and told him that Bruce’s father and grandfather knew about Wayne Enterprises’ illegal activities and chose to stay quiet. Bruce says he knows his father was a good man, but even good men have secrets.

And Jim gets a round of applause as he arrives back at GCPD headquarters and Lee congratulates him. He apologizes for not listening to her and she says she was just worried that Barbara would get hurt and he’d blame himself for protecting Lee first, killing their relationship. Jim tells Lee that he loves her and if he had to do it again, he’d still protect her first.

Nygma visits Ms. Kringle as she reads her letter from Officer Jerkoff. It says:

Now and them a man’s got to take a trip out of town. Don’t
you worry your pretty little head about it. I’ll be back in
good time. Don’t wait around for me. Go have some fun and
maybe I’ll give you a call when I get back in Gotham.
And if not, hey, it was fun.
– Dougherty

She’s dismayed that he couldn’t break up with her to her face and she wonders why she always picks creeps. Nygma says sometimes you need to read between the lines and he shows us the calling card he couldn’t help but include: his own name along the left edge of the letter.

At home, Bruce cuts apart a photo of him and his father and adds Thomas Wayne to his investigation board.

Falcone gets a delivery of what looks like Maroni brand tomato paste – but is really Connor’s head in a box.

Maroni and his men shoot up a car, and Essen calls headquarters to attention. She notifies them that three of Falcone’s businesses have just been targeted and word is, it’s Maroni. She tells all officers that their vacations have been cancelled and everyone is now on active duty because they’re in a shooting war.

Maroni and his cronies continue to murder Falcone’s men, Falcone looks at Connor’s head in confusion, and Penguin sips his drink and laughs at the havoc he’s wrought.

The Questions: What will Bruce discover about his father? How will the show handle Lucius Fox’s involvement in Bruce’s development? Who will be the first to notice Nygma’s slipping sanity? What exactly was happening on stage at the Foxglove? Will Loeb try to destroy Jim again, or has Jim finally had it up to HERE with him? And will we get a wrap up of Fish Mooney’s storyline before the season is out? (I haven’t forgotten that helicopter ride!)

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