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Interview with Kevin Conroy: Voice of Batman

k2Since 1992, Kevin Conroy’s name has been synonymous with Batman. He has played this iconic role more times than any other actor and has been innovative within the role being the first to voice Batman and Bruce Wayne using separate, distinctive tones. Most fans would agree that when they hear Batman’s voice in their head, it is the voice of Kevin Conroy.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with him at Wizard World Las Vegas this last weekend to learn a little more about this incredible man.

GeekGirl World: How was it to voice Thomas Wayne in Batman vs Robin rather than Batman?

Kevin Conroy: Well, when I do Thomas Wayne, I just um, I sorta age the voice down and it goes into a much more gravely place. I try to get into the wizened, older world of someone who’s lived longer you know, so it’s kinda a head you get into, too, as well as a different voice.

GGW: Were you a fan of Batman before being cast in the animated series?

KC: Oh, yeah! But my only exposure to it had been the Adam West series in the ‘6os and early ’70s which was really kinda campy and more comedic, so it was nothing like what they were going to do with the show. Although I was familiar with the history behind it, I really didn’t understand the Dark Knight series, the dark knight aspect of it.

GGW: Other than yourself, who do you feel has played the best Batman thus far?

KC: Well, I do think the Christian Bale Batman, those films are the closest to the Frank Miller, Dark Knight stuff. Although some people have issues with his voice, I think that the portrayal of Bruce Wayne is the most interesting in those.

GGW: Have you seen the new Superman v Batman trailer?

KC: No, I haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet.

GGW: How about the newly released picture of The Joker for Suicide Squad that was released yesterday? I can show you here.

KC: Oh wow! That’s what’s so interesting about Joker, is that depending on the actor that does it, they find a whole new style about him, you know. When Mark Hamill k3voiced it, I thought no one would ever be as good as Mark, ever! You know, he just nailed it! But then Heath Ledger came along and did this brilliant, brilliant interpretation of him. So, this guy looks like he will be really interesting, each actor bring such a different take on it, he’s such a flexible character that you can read so much into him. There’s so many different ways of going into that madness.

Kevin Conroy is set to voice Batman yet again in the upcoming Arkham Knight video game. He stated that it is going to be amazing, promised we would all love it, and it will blow our minds! Which is why it is taking so long to be released. I also wanted to give a huge Thank you! to Wizard World and their staff for the opportunity to talk with this living legend.


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