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Tabletop Tuesday: King of Tokyo

king2The King of Tokyo game is a lot of fun for the family, ages 5+. This is one of my kids favorite games.  Each game takes about 30 minutes to play, and up to 6 players can join. The setup only takes a few minutes as well. Once setup is complete, and everyone has picked up their monster, the game starts. The turns go as follows: roll the dice, resolve the dice, buy cards (optional), and end your turn.  Becoming King of Tokyo is the point of the game, if you haven’t figured out by the title yet.  To get there, you want your monster to attack, and beat the rest of the players in points. You can accomplish this by being able stay in “Tokyo City” the longest. As you try to conquer “Tokyo City” you can be attacked by other players off the board, if you are, they will take your place. While on the board, you score the most points. Besides the cards and dice, this is the quickest way to acquire points. The first player to 20 wins! Once you have played a game, it is so fun and easy that you will want to play again and again. My family has spent hours playing this game, trying to who can win the most games with the different monsters. There are a few expansions for this game that makes it more challenging. Have fun playing!king3

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