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Grimm Recap: Ep. 20, “You Don’t Know Jack”


Tonight we pick up right where we left off last week with Hank, Wu, and Nick racing out to the trailer after Nick had received a call from Juliette after having set it on fire. It is still smoking when they arrive as they head inside to see how much damage has been done. The answer is: a lot. They salvage what they can back to the basement of the spice shop. They each had a lot of memories in that trailer, and you can see they will miss it.

Juliette heads back home while Nick is out to continue Kenneth’s plan. She logs onto the computer and sends an email to Kelly telling her that Nick is in trouble and needs her help, but the house is safe. Kelly quickly responds that she is on her way and Juliette deletes both emails. She then enjoys some whiskey, very pleased with what she has accomplished.

Two call girls are working the corner, and it is not long before we learn they are wesen. A car stops and picks one up leaving her friend at the corner. She is then approached by a man from out of town saying he is looking for something a little more “wild.” She shows him she is wesen, and that is exactly what he is looking for. They walk off arm in arm to a vacant parking lot where he slits her throat.

At the spice shop, Adalind explains to Rosalee that before Nick she was perfectly happy just being a lawyer. The things she has done have been to protect herself and her child. She explains that she only knows that this will work in theory, but she trusts Rosalee, and she reminds her that she was even on the side of the resistance. They make arrangements to dig up Adalind’s mother tomorrow as she is the last ingredient needed. Just then the guys show up with what they salvaged from the trailer, and they discuss where Adalind will stay to be safe from Juliette. They decide the best place is with Bud, whose family is out of town. At Bud’s house they stress how important it is that no one know Adalind is there, especially due to her condition. He soon pieces together who the father of the child is, and understands Juliette is trying to kill her.

Juliette reports back to Kenneth what she has done, and that Kelly is on her way. He asks her to stay there in the hotel with him now that Adalind is off with Nick. He also notices the ashes on her hand, and she explains that it was a bout of vengeance which he promises much more of.

Nick arrives home and is very cautious, feeling that something just didn’t seem right. Then he notices an ashen fingerprint on the computer mouse. Captain Renard wakes up in a pool, disoriented again. The following day the police find the dead call girl, and Nick questions her roommate (the other call girl who was with her.) He sees she is a wesen, and finds out the dead girl was, too. When he examines her body he sees her throat was cut and her stomach lacerated.

They exhume Adalind’s mother’s body while Adalind tells her all the things that have happened since she died. At the station, Wu, Nick, and Hank are going over the medical examiner’s report. They learn that the girl’s uterus was skillfully removed by someone that is left-handed, and notice there are eerily similar circumstances in this death as those committed by Jack the Ripper. Nick takes this information to Renard who has returned to the station, and he tells them to be careful. Nick, Wu, and Hank wonder if Jack the Ripper may have been wesen or a Grimm, and head to the spice shop to look through the salvaged books.

That night, the other call girl is back out when a man approaches her, and tells her he has seen her talking Grimmto the police while he strangles her and cuts her open.

Meanwhile Adalind, Rosalee, and Monroe are there with Adalind’s mother. Adalind cannot cut her open and Monroe gets squeamish, too. It is up to Rosalee to remove the part needed for the potion. Nick and Hank arrive, head down to the basement, and Monroe takes this opportunity to join them. They read through the books, and find info on similar killings to this current one, and Jack the Ripper. They head back upstairs, and the potion is cooking but Adalind starts to feel woozy. Nick helps her to lie down just as the potion is ready. She tells them it just needs to be strained when Wu calls Nick to tell him about the new body that has been found. Hank and Nick take off to the crime scene.

At the crime scene they see this victim’s neck and stomach have also been cut open. Renard shows up and asks if they have any leads, and Nick explains it may be something very old, a sort of possession.

GrimmRosalee and Monroe strain the potion, and Adalind gets back up to try it. She explains there is only one way to know it works. Nick and Hank show back up just as she does. She drinks a bunch of it, and then goes back to lie down, asking the rest to hold her down. She has a very Exorcist moment as the hexenbiest part of her rises up and out of her before settling back inside. Once it is all over she stands up to test it and cannot woge, or move things anymore with thought. The potion seems to have worked, so now they just need to convince Juliette to drink it.

Adalind is with Kenneth, giving him the layout of the house and the neighborhood as well as who lives where. Adalind is moved back to Bud’s house and Nick asks him to keep her safe.

Renard holds a press conference for the two dead women when he notices his bullet scars are bleeding again. He quickly goes to the locker room in the police station and calls someone up, telling them he needs to see them right away. He goes to see Henrietta but he gets very flustered as she is asks him questions about his blackouts, telling her he doesn’t have time to wait to figure out everything that’s happening to him. He leaves while she begs him to come back. Henrietta flips through a book as she hears her door open. She goes to see who it is, woges quickly as she is attacked, and her throat is slit. The man sings a shanty, saying “the devil is dead.”

Nick is at the police department when Juliette calls him. She is with Kenneth, but he does not know that. She agrees to meet them at the spice shop after he explains they have something that will help her. At the spice shop, Nick, Rosalee, Monroe, and Hank wait for Juliette to show up, potion in hand. Juliette arrives and they tell her they are just trying to help her. She knows they tested it on Adalind, but agrees to take the potion. As she holds it she begins to make the entire shop shake. Nick yells for her to stop, but she smashes the potion jar, flings Rosalee against the wall, causing Monroe to woge in anger, and she uses her mind to toss him against another wall. She says she likes the way she is, and when Nick pulls his gun she uses her powers to turn his gun on Monroe. The screen goes black as a gunshot is heard.

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