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Orphan Black Recap: Ep. 303, “Formalized, Complex, and Costly”

Sarah and Felix have a “dead man in the bathtub” situation. Felix suggests they contact Siobhan for body disposal assistance, just as Art arrives to speak with Sarah. They hide the blood on the floor and let him in, but, keen detective as he is, he finds the body straight away and Sarah’s quick to note that she and Felix didn’t do it. Art isn’t easily swayed when they try to convince him to simply look the other way so Sarah thinks it’s a good time to introduce him to Cosima (via Skype) and induct him into Clone Club, officially. Sarah shows Cosima (and Scott) dead Seth in the bathtub and they think Seth’s “glitching” is a neurological design flaw among the Castor clones which is why they need the original sample to find a cure. Unless they can examine his brain, of course. Art has had enough and wants to scram, but then he tells Sarah why he came over in the first place: he has a lead on Castor clone Mark.

Speaking of Mark, he wakes (with a gun in his hand) and finds Gracie missing. He’s just about to run out and search for her when she returns with breakfast. They have a strange marriage so far riddled with secrets and constant vigilance lest Gracie’s family catch up to them. But finally, they decide to get it on (hehe).

Alison and Donnie have hit the streets to drum up votes and spot fellow parent Vera during her run. Vera tries to brush them off, saying she doesn’t want someone with Alison’s issues to handle her children. So Alison tells her they took over Ramon’s business and charges her $60 for handmade soap and a baggie of pills, and all of a sudden Vera’s all ears!

Back in their hotel post-nooky, Mark confesses the truth about himself to Gracie. He says he’s still in the military, not AWOL like he told the Proletheans, and was assigned to infiltrate to find the missing original Castor sample that Gracie’s father stole. He thinks Henrik gave the sample to Mr. Finch and wants to get it from him, and Gracie is upset at this, feeling as though Mark has lied to her about everything.

Sarah and Art chat in his squad car. He wonders if Sarah plans to trade Helena for the samples if she should find them first, and just then they spot Alexis, the Prolethean midwife who was looking after Helena. She says she’s been disconnected from everyone since Helena burned their farm down and tells Sarah that Henrik impregnated both Helena and his daughter, Gracie (yes, that Gracie) with his and Helena’s babies. Art calls in detail about the vehicle Mark and Gracie were using and gets a tip that it was impounded.

As she brushes her hair, Gracie is disturbed by her pregnancy (or I am, at least). She and Mark talk about how they need to remain a team to get her through it and they devise a plan to avoid turning Mark’s mission into a bloody, violent mess. And a grizzled Mr. Finch gets a visit on a farm from Gracie.

He escorts her inside and makes idle chit chat. Finch is ever so slightly sleazy but buys Gracie’s story that she’s there to pick up the thing he’s held in trust for her father. He tells her that it’ll cost her $1000 if she wants it, so she issues a not-so-veiled threat that Proletheans can make fast friends or fierce enemies. Instead of making a big deal of it, he hands the case over to Gracie and she leaves.

And Art and Sarah are on their way to check out the car and they try to puzzle out why Mark and Gracie are on the run together. She asks him why he’s helping her and tries to convince him that this isn’t his fight, and he reveals that Beth tried to tell him about being a clone the night she killed herself. He feels guilty that he didn’t listen to her when she needed him but returns focus to the case, asking Sarah to look up a known associate of Henrik in a file so they can get Helena back.

Helena sings to herself as she lies in a cell and spies Paul and Rudy returning to the army base. Dr. Coady – who Rudy refers to as “mother” – is pissed and slaps Rudy across the face, but he explains that Seth was losing it in the field and he did what needed to be done. As they share a cigarette, Coady and Paul discuss the Castor defect and note that the Leda clones don’t possess it. Paul offers to go out in the field to recover Mark instead of Rudy, but Coady tells him that Arlington has called him for another assignment and want to shut down their program. He feels responsible for the Castors, having served with them, and Coady says she can cure them if Paul can buy them more time with the director.

At Felix’s, Cosima saws into Seth’s brain and Scott does his best not to upchuck all over the place. She passes the top of his skull off to Felix and discovers no lesions or sign of an aneurism at all. After a struggle involving Felix’s (soon to be destroyed) tongs, Cosima finally pries Seth’s brain loose and hands it over to Scott for storage.

At Dyad, Dr. Nealon guides Rachel through memory exercises and while her cognizance seems fairly intact, her communication is a little sluggish. She struggles with simple words but wonders what’s going on outside her recovery room. Nealon tells her that Delphine staged her death and as far as Topside knows, Rachel Duncan is finished. He encourages her not to worry about that now, saying she’s more valuable than she knows, just as she identifies (without delay) “horses” just like the Castor tattoos.

In Coady’s office, Rudy watches video of Helena choking and struggling to breathe when Coady enters to speak with him privately. She says she’s mad at him and asks for his and Seth’s journal logs. She notices the hair he stole from Patty and tells him that Mark’s gone dark. Rudy thinks Mark is weak but shows his own weakness in the very next second: he’s worried about the defect and how it might affect him, and when Coady embraces him, he sucks his thumb.

Two more parents approach Alison for “soap” and she makes the sale and gets the vote while her rival Marci Coates looks on. In their garage, Alison and Donnie make soap and discuss their business – just as Marci invites herself over. She proposes to get Alison a good deal on a great house, but it’s in another school district. Marci tries to convince Alison that she can’t win and the barbs they shoot are so vicious Alison needs to cut something after. (Thank goodness she’s surrounded by soap!)

Art and Sarah turn up at Mr. Finch’s farm asking about Mark. He tries to stonewall them but they threaten to turn the cops loose on him for illegal weapons possession. Finch then comes clean that he doesn’t know Mark but he does know Henrik’s daughter, Gracie. He tells them that she visited to inform him of the “tragedy” at the Prolethean barn and Art and Sarah leave.

Alexis turns up at a house and is told by Gracie’s mother, Bonnie, that she’s banished and can kick rocks. But when she says she might know where Mark and Gracie are, she seems to have some leverage because Bonnie doesn’t slam the door in her face.

Back in their hotel, Mark and Gracie open the case Finch gave her and find notebooks, scraps of paper, and other unhelpful items but no test tubes or biological samples. He gets ready to go back to Finch’s farm and Gracie makes him promise to come back.

Sarah and Art have taken a stop at a diner to get some fuel and do some research. Sarah’s found six hotels nearby to check for Mark. Art is struggling to balance life in Clone Club with his job so Sarah offers to finish canvassing hotels while he goes back to his regular job. She brings up Seth in the bathtub which he didn’t see thankyouverymuch, and she wonders if he’s not risking his job doing this. Sarah notes that Beth called him the night she killed herself, not any of her sisters and Art finally admits that he was in love with Beth but could never say it or act on it before. He says Sarah’s just like her in a lot of ways and she insists that Beth wouldn’t want him getting fired over all this. Sarah says Clone Club needs him as a cop and he finally relents and goes back to work.

Rudy visits Helena and she tells him he’s the ugliest Mark yet (HAH!). He starts trying to prod at her by bringing up Siobhan’s betrayal, but Paul interrupts. Helena tries to entice Dirty Paul but when he doesn’t bite, she says she and her sestras will kill them all. (God, I love her.)

Sarah gets ready to leave the diner, but spots Gracie praying for Mark to return to her safely and stops for a chat. Gracie guesses Sarah’s identity from Helena’s descriptions and Sarah says that Mark and his brothers know where Helena is right now. Gracie doesn’t believe that Mark has brothers and Sarah tells her that Kira and Gracie’s kids will be cousins. Gracie says that her carrying Helena’s Henrik-fertilized fetus doesn’t make them family but when Sarah challenges her she admits she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Then Sarah shows her photos of Rudy and Seth which causes her to freak a little, so Sarah presses that she needs to know where Helena is.

Mark has cuffed Finch to a chair in preparation for torture. He asks him where the rest of Henrik’s belongings are, and when Finch denies knowing anything, Mark smashes one of Finch’s fingers with a hammer.

Gracie flees back to her hotel to hastily pack her things after finding out her husband is a clone and looks for a place to hide the case that Henrik gave her. Just then Bonnie appears in the doorway, speaking like a brainwashed robot. Disillusioned as she is, Gracie is gobbling up Bonnie’s spiel about how she strayed and was tricked by a wolf because of her stupidity (what kind of nonsense?!). Gracie says she had doubts and Bonnie admits that she struggled when Henrik said he had chosen Gracie to carry his and Helena’s baby. Gracie says Bonnie didn’t stop him and Bonnie says it’s because they have a purpose. (O-kay.)

At the lab, Scott discovers that Seth’s brain shows similarities to those affected by Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and wouldn’t have lasted another week. Cosima gives a cough and as she cross references their new samples with Leda DNA, there are a growing number of similarities.

Sarah arrives at Finch’s barn and gets a call from Cosima. Cosima tells Sarah that Seth’s DNA and their own share so many markers in common that the Castors are their brothers. (DUN DUN DUN!) Sarah hears a noise and, hanging up with Cosima, discovers a dead Finch. Mark creeps out of a corner saying Finch had a heart attack and didn’t stand up to torture. She tells him that Gracie told him where to find him and Sarah tells him that Gracie knows he’s a clone now. Then she tells him that they’re siblings. He thinks she’s lying and pulls a gun on her. He denies they’re family and runs away – and is shot by a long distance bullet. Sarah watches in horror as Bonnie approaches a wounded Mark with a rifle in her hands. He tries to creep away into the cornfield but, citing his betrayal, Bonnie shoots him anyway.

The Questions: Will Alison’s plan to lead a drug empire succeed in getting her elected? Will Rachel try to get revenge against Delphine? And who were the siblings who were the original Leda and Castor?

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