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Game of Thrones Recap: Ep. 44, “Sons of the Harpy”

This week opens with Jorah knocking out a fisherman in order to take his boat. He needs transportation to take Tyrion to the Queen and this little boat will do well. He makes sure to leave some coin for the fisherman because he is Jorah, after all.

Jamie and Bronn head towards Dorn when Bronn questions Jamie’s motives. He asks why he is doing this himself rather than sending an army, or at least someone in his place seeing as how he only has one hand and easily one of the most recognizable faces in all of Westeros. Jamie claims he has to be the one to do it.

Cersei, meanwhile, is gettig6ng all her pawns into place for the version of the Game of Thrones. First is Mace Tyrell, who she sends to Braavos to negotiate with the Iron Bank and eagerly sends Meryn Trant to be his escort. Trant is ruthless and has never had a problem carrying out some terrible dirty task for the crown. Mace is oblivious, of course, and agrees to go. Next up is to form her own army of loyal followers and that is accomplished by assigning the High Sparrow to be the next High Septon. In her meeting with him, she convinces him they need to go back to the times when the Faith Militant passed judgment over the people. The Sparrows quickly take to their new duties and begin trashing the brothels, killing those that stand in their way, and taking Sir Loras into custody for his sins. Lancel is a fully initiated Sparrow with his new faith symbol carved into his head, and is the one to take Loras into custody.

Queen Margaery is lividly upset that her brother was taken to jail and demands an oblivious Tommen free him. Tommen goes to speak with Cersei about it, but she easily dissuades him, saying she has had nothing to do with it and that he needs to speak with the high Sparrow. Tommen goes to see the High Sparrow, but his path is blocked by the Sparrows because they will not allow the High Sparrow to be disturbed while he prays. There is a standoff between the Sparrows and the King’s Guard, but Tommen backs down when the surrounding crowd begin shouting “bastard” and “abomination” at him. He meekly reports back to Margaery that he was unable to free Loras, so Margaery informs him she must go visit with her grandmother.

g4At the Wall, Jon must sign papers to accept men from Roose Bolton and he is very reluctant to work with those that killed his brother. Sam informs him it is his only option to regain their numbers. After Sam leaves, Melisandre enters to request he ride with them to Winterfell. When he declines stating the Wall is his home now, she makes it clear she wants a lot more from him than just that. He not-as-quickly turns her down on that offer, as well.

Elsewhere at the Wall, Stannis is visited by Shireen who says she is glad they brought her with them, even though her mother didn’t want to. She asks if he is ashamed of her, and he tells her the tale of her early life. When she was a baby, he bought a wooden doll off a merchant and she was so happy when he gave her the doll, she held it against her cheek. It was the source of her Greyscale infection and when everyone said to send her away to die he refused, and brought in every healer, maester, and apothecary he could find until someone managed to stop the infection. He affirms that she is the Princess Shireen, and his daughter.

Sansa is in the tombs of Winterfell, lighting the memorial candles for Lyanna Stark’s likeness when Littlefinger finds her. g3He tells the story of when he first met Lyanna and the tournament in which Rhaegar Tagaryen beat Barristan Selmy and rode past his wife to lay a bouquet of flowers in Lyanna’s lap. He notes that this act of choosing her, the woman who belonged to Robert Baratheon led to such a large rebellion, and appears to want to say more, but stops. Sansa notices he is dressed for riding, and he tells her he must report to King’s Landing as Cersei has called for him. She doesn’t like the idea of being left with the Boltons, but he assures her Stannis will be riding against them soon and when he does he will defeat the Boltons and she will become the Wardeness of the North. Should Stannis fail, she will marry Ramsey and since he is already in love with her she will still be able to outmaneuver him and the North will be hers either way.

g2Jamie and Bronn reach the shores of Dorne and, after camping out for the night, Jamie awakes to find Bronn standing over him with his sword. He throws it next to Jamie’s head and kills a sand snake that was about to bite him. They head out but are immediately met by four Dornish soldiers on the approach. Jamie and Bronn attempt to hide but fail miserably and fail even harder at their cover story. They have no other choice but to fight and win, but just barely. If Jamie hadn’t discovered a new use for his gold hand in battle, he’d be dead meat.

Elsewhere in Dorne, Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes meet up and she tells them her plan to hurt Cersei by hurting Myrcella. Myrcella is to be used to start a war if Ellaria has any say in it. Obara then reveals a man, buried to his neck in sand with scorpions crawling over him, who they tortured information out of. He admitted to smuggling Jamie Lannister into Dorne and it is clear the Sand Snakes must act quickly to get to Myrcella before Jamie does.

Jorah is well on his way when Tyrion notices they are g5headed the wrong direction. He mentions to Jorah that they are headed East, rather than West, which is where Cersei, the Queen, is. Jorah informs him he is not heading to Westeros but to take him to the true Queen, Daenerys. Tyrion laughs and tells him he wasted a good abduction as he was already headed to see her. He also figures out who Jorah is and why he is no longer with Daenerys, and with that Jorah goes over and hits Tyrion, knocking him out.

Barristan Selmy tells Daenerys about her older brother’s love of song and how he would sing to the people in the streets. It is qg1uite a lovely story but when business calls and she must leave to hear the pleas of her people. She send Selmy out to the streets to sing for her and she hears Hizdahr zo Loraq once again beg for the return of the fighting pits as it is their tradition. Outside, the Sons of the Harpy set in motion an annihilation of her Unsullied army as they are tricked into an ambush. Grey Worm fights hard and takes out several Sons but is stabbed in the side in the process. He is outnumbered when Selmy happens upon them and helps dispatch the Sons. He is nearly killed by one when Grey Worm manages to save him from having his throat cut, but he takes a spear to the chest instead. The episode ends in bloodshed as Selmy and Grey Worm lie on the ground wounded or possibly dead amongst the dead Sons of the Harpy.

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