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Wizard World Las Vegas – Weekend in Review

Wizard World Comic Con made its debut here in Las Vegas at the end of April and I couldn’t have been more excited! I had followed the Wizard World cons before hearing they were headed to Vegas but never had an opportunity to attend. For years I hoped Vegas would make it onto their more than 20+ con location roster and this year was it! I would consider myself an average con-goer who enjoys a little of everything when attending a convention and it is always enjoyable when a con has more than enough to offer.

One of the most important aspects is the guests a con gives you access to and Wizard World did not disappoint! I was able to meet some faves from The Walking Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Sleepy Hollow, the WWE, Heroes, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I absolutely loved getting selfie pics with Milo Ventimiglia who is a complete goofball as well as the amazing Tom Mison who is so sweet and soft spoken, it’s no wonder he causes hearts to melt. I also had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time the the greatest Power Ranger of all time, Jason David Frank. And while there were a couple last minute cancellations, I have learned to expect it as filming schedules change; there is just no way to predict something like that.

Another important part of a great con is the vendor floor. Wizard World had one of the best layouts on the vendor floor that I’ve ever seen. With this being only their first year in Vegas, it was easy to see they were veterans when it came to crowd flow and schematics. The exhibit floor map was so easy to follow, I was able to locate the vendors I look forward to seeing at each con I go to with ease and managed to snag some of their newest prints! It was so nice to be able to walk through an exhibit hall and have the room to stop and really look at all the amazing items for sale without feeling like you were in someone else’s way or crammed into a corner. This was definitely not for a lock of attendance, as there were so many people everywhere, but because the Las Vegas Convention Center they chose as their location has plenty of room to make the aisles wide and the space comfortable.

My personal favorite part of a comic con is the panels. I love when there is an ample amount of programming to keep you busy the whole time. Wizard World offered a wide variety of panels and programming including gaming tournaments, intros into writing, cosplay, creative workshops, social injustices within comic books, the impact of women in today’s fandoms, as well as Q&As with the media guests. I had the opportunity to attend many of these panels, including the ones focused on women in fandom, the Q&As with Tom Mison, Milo Ventimiglia, James Marsters, Arthur Darville, and Robert Englund, as well as a couple on cosplay and the costume contest. This is the first local con that I feel has had an adequate amount of programming for the entire duration of the event. In fact, there were a couple of times I had to choose between multiple panels I wanted to go to.

Overall I am excited for the return of Wizard World next year, I know it will be just as awesome. Wizard World did an excellent job in making sure everything ran smoothly, there was plenty of options for food to fuel you throughout the day, and never was there a dull moment. I am impressed with the quality of presenters for their panels, the amazing vendors, as well as the unique aspects of the Wizard World Comic Con.

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2 thoughts on “Wizard World Las Vegas – Weekend in Review

  1. How was the attendance last year? Was it super busy or crowded?

    1. Attendance was really good I thought. I expect higher attendance this year due to Matt Smith and Karen Gillan scheduled to be there. If you’re considering going I would recommend it.

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