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Marvel’s Daredevil Recap: Ep. 105, “World on Fire”

Claire surveys her injuries before a shower at Matt’s apartment and emerges to find him preparing breakfast. She asks him if he has a job to get to, so he tells her he has his own law practice. When she takes a seat at the table, Matt tells her she just opened a stitch on her back and when she asks how he knew, he says he could smell the copper in the air. As he checks her out, her breathing pattern assists him in hearing the old ship-like noise that is apparently the tell of a hairline rib fracture. She’s amazed at his ability to see so much without traditional sight, and he tells her there are a lot of aspects of life that allow him to create imagine sort of impressionistic paintings that end up looking like a world on fire to him.

He goes on to tell Claire that the Russians know who she is now so he wants her to stay with him until he figures out how to get them off her back. Then he moves in for a kiss, because why not, and Claire says she’d wondered when he would do that. Matt preps to leave and she asks why he doesn’t go to the police. He says beating people up at night wouldn’t endear him to the cops and thinks if he takes down Fisk he’ll put an end to much of the violence in Hell’s Kitchen. Claire worries that Fisk might not be the leader Matt’s looking for, but he’s convinced that Fisk hired Healey to murder Prohaszka at the bowling alley, so he needs to find someone who’ll talk. Claire says she heard a name when she was being held: Vladimir.

Vladimir is on the phone telling someone to call him back (I wonder who?) when Wesley arrives. Wesley says he’s there to iron out some small details about their agreement and asks where Anatoly is. Vladimir wonders the same thing and Wesley, lying smoothly that Anatoly was pleased with their deal and might be celebrating, urges Vladimir to get in touch with his brother quickly. Just then, Sergei comes in and says, “We found him.”

They’ve recovered Anatoly’s body from a lot around the corner, and Vladimir mourns his brother. As he expresses his regrets, he finds a black mask hidden in Anatoly’s jacket and so orders every man to hit the streets and bring the man in black’s head.

Leland, Madame Gao, and Nobu wait in a garage for Fisk and watch his SUV be hosed down of Anatoly’s blood. Fisk and Wesley arrive and Fisk apologizes for his absence. He goes on to say that the Russians aren’t part of their concern any more due to his decapitating Anatoly. Every one is pissed and when Leland asks what happened, Fisk is all, “Anatoly made me mad and embarrassed me in front of Vanessa.” Wesley clarifies that Vladimir is under the impression that the man in the mask killed his brother which should stave off any retaliation while they all band together. Everyone wants to know how the business will change and Fisk says the shares will be split equally once the dust settles, so they all agree to the new deal. Before he leaves, Nobu reminds Fisk of his promise to him and those he works for, and Fisk walks Madame Gao to her car which she immediately hears as, “I want a favor.” Fisk says he only wants to put the unpleasantness behind them.

The Russians transport one of Madame Gao’s blind delivery men and the drivers question the man. He doesn’t answer so they get out to make the delivery, telling the man to wait in the car. He sings as he waits and we see Matt creep into the alley during a series of 360 degree camera views. The Russians emerge from a building and Matt leaps into view, doling out punches and kicks to both of them and cracking the windshield. Two more men come out of the building and open fire, killing the poor blind delivery man, and Matt hides behind a door. When they catch up to him, he leaps out and lays into both of them. With some sweet flips and liberal head strikes, he incapacitates them. The last begs Matt not to take his head like he did Anatoly, which naturally confuses Matt, just as the police show up. Matt makes it to a rooftop nearby and overhears that the cops say, “Be advised: two on foot, one en route to 15th.”

The next day at the office, Karen is struggling to make her crappy office equipment work while Foggy looks on in amusement. He tells her that the phones aren’t working and she’s like, “Ugh, it’s the rats.” She tells Foggy that she’s got the phone guy working on the line now and exterminators coming Monday, and she’s settling into being an Office Manager quite nicely. Matt arrives and asks Karen and Foggy if they’ve heard anything about a decapitated Russian in the news, which they haven’t, just as they get their second walk-in ever.

Bess Mahoney, the sergeant’s mom Foggy buys stogies for, referred Mrs. Cardenas to “Senor Foggy law” ( :) :) :) ) and she’s got a problem with a slumlord named Tully. She lives in a rent-controlled apartment but Tully wants to make condos, so he sent men over under the guise of construction improvements who only wrecked things and left her and her neighbors with no working water or electricity for days. She says police won’t help and she doesn’t know what to do. Foggy notes that Tully is offering payouts which they could pressure him to increase, but Mrs. Cardenas insists that she and her neighbors just want to stay in their homes. Matt breaks out his fluent Spanish to tell Mrs. Cardenas that he and Foggy would be her lawyers and that Foggy would speak to Tully’s lawyers. This unnerves Foggy as Tully’s lawyers are at Landman and Zack, the same firm they turned down job offers from after promising internships. Foggy’s nervous so Matt suggests he take Karen along.

Matt visits Sergeant Mahoney at the station and asks for some of the complaints filed against Tully. Mahoney is dubious that he’ll be able to make anything stick on Tully but goes to gather the files anyway. Matt takes a seat and hones in on an interesting conversation going on in an interrogation room. Detectives Blake and Hoffman are questioning Piotr, the remaining Russian from the alley, about the dead men they found. Piotr offers up Wilson Fisk and Blake and Hoffman ask what else he knows. He says he knows nothing else other than you’re not supposed to say his name, but Blake and Hoffman begin a series of sketchy actions: Black uncuffs Piotr then discusses with Hoffman whose turn it is to “take it.” Then Blake punches Hoffman good, and, as they both shout for backup, they complete their assassination by telling Piotr he shouldn’t have said the name, and Matt reacts too slowly to intercede.

Foggy and Karen arrive at Landman and Zack and Karen thinks it looks like a place where you buy a clone. They’re approached by Marci Stahl, who clearly knows Foggy and is now working at Landman and Zack. In fact, she’s part of the team defending Tully and she hardballs them immediately. Marci says the workmen were making requested repairs and didn’t finish because of the “criminal element” in Mrs. Cardenas’ building. Foggy tells Marci they’re going to fight Tully and they know they have all the leverage before telling her she sold her soul when she signed on at Landman and Zack. And not to be left in the dark, Karen asks about the nickname Marci has for Foggy, Foggy Bear, which he says is a result of their former relationship.

Fisk and Wesley drive as Wesley fills in Fisk about Piotr’s predicament and gives Wesley his wine recommendation for the evening before Fisk exits the car.

Foggy and Karen get to Mrs. Cardenas’ apartment to find huge holes in the walls and her living by candlelight. He tells Mrs. Cardenas that he and Karen will do what they can for repairs because Tully won’t just yet, and they pull together a plan to take care of her and her neighbors.

The man in black pays Blake a visit in an alley and questions him about killing Piotr. Though he initially denies knowing Wilson Fisk, he admits to the killing after a couple of vicious strikes, but accuses Matt of liking to kill Russians, too. Matt wants Vladimir and Blake says he doesn’t know how to find him, which Matt verifies via Blake’s heartbeat. He asks how Fisk and the Russians are connected and why Prohaszka needed to go, and Blake goads him about his lack of knowledge, earning him a knock out, and Matt steals his phone.

Vanessa arrives to a chic but empty restaurant to find Fisk, who didn’t want to be interrupted at dinner again. She wonders at his ability to be honest with her so he starts immediately by saying he doesn’t like to be in public or be questioned, but she can ask him anything and he’ll always be honest. So she’s like, “Okay. What’s the wine tonight?”

Vladimir is obsessively wiping down Anatoly’s body when he gets a visit from Turk Barrett. Turk has some information about the man who killed his brother. He says an acquaintance of his works in a chop shop that just had an SUV in whose back seat was covered in blood and brains. He says it was brought in by a big bald guy and that he heard him say something about the man in the mask, causing Vladimir to conclude that Fisk is running the show here. Vladimir tells him men to ready all of their fire power and tells Turk to put out a bounty: $1 million to whoever finds Fisk tonight. Then he resumes his creepy sponge bath.

Foggy successfully fixes Mrs. Cardenas’ sink and she’s so overjoyed that she offers him and Karen dinner as thanks. She sets them up at a table and walks away, and with the candlelight, Karen and Foggy find themselves on a date.

Matt has Claire read through Blake’s burner phone and she describes a text with a bunch of street intersections. He recognizes one of them: Troika Restaurant, the same location the Russians were holding the little boy. After finding this phone that receives these locations on a cop who just killed a Russian in interrogation, Matt suspects he’ll find Vladimir at one of those locations. Claire asks what he’s going to do and he automatically responds, “Whatever it takes.” Their differences about his vigilantism come to light and she realizes she can’t let herself fall in love with someone who is a hop, skip, and jump away from criminal himself. Matt’s like, “I guess you can’t,” and then leaves to investigate the text locations.

Fisk and Vanessa enjoy their dinner and she discusses a past suitor who won her over with a line. She wonders if he’s shocked but he’s just disappointed he didn’t have a smooth line to feed her, too, but she tells him she’s glad he didn’t. She admires the wine selection and he admits Wesley picked it out for them, referring to him as his friend and assistant. He tells her the nature of his business makes him feel alone, that his dream for setting free the city’s potential makes him feel lonely. He fingers his cuff links and she notices they’re the same ones he wore the last time they met, and he tells her they belonged to his father and he wears them to remember him. Then he asks her what kind of gun she has in her bag. Vanessa admits she has a .22 because she knows he’s a dangerous man. Fisk says he’s done things he’s not proud of and will do more in the future in service of his vision, but says he takes no pleasure in hurting people. He says the city needs to die before it can be reborn and that she doesn’t need her gun because she’ll be safe by his side, so she slides it across the table and he puts it into his jacket. Across the room, Marcel makes a phone call.

One of Vladimir’s men returns saying Turk got a call on a location for Fisk. Matt uses his heightened hearing to note that Vladimir wants Fisk held until he arrives.

Foggy recounts tales of pranks on blind men and he and Karen seem to be having a great time. She asks him what’s the deal with him and Marci, and he says she wasn’t quite a meat grinder in a skirt when he knew her. He says maybe Matt’s poor dating decisions are rubbing off on him, and she wonders if Matt dates a lot so Foggy’s like, “Um, if you call sexual musical chairs ‘dating.'” Foggy says needing to touch people’s faces, but especially women’s faces, helps Matt with his conquests, giving Karen the idea that Foggy should touch her face so she can see how a blind person would see her? (Makes little to no sense.)

One of Madame Gao’s blind men arrives at a Russian location and is shown inside just as Matt attacks the remaining guard outside. Inside, the men are armed to the teeth with automatic weapons and Vladimir makes last-minute inquiries. Just as someone notices how odd it is to be getting another delivery from Madame Gao, the delivery guy whips out a remote and triggers a bomb that explodes the entire building and the surrounding ones – including Mrs. Cardenas’.

Foggy and Karen are thrown to the floor, both impacted by the explosion, and Foggy rises to find Mrs. Cardenas with a nasty cut on her forehead as another shock shakes the building. Foggy leaves to check for other hurt people and Karen is left to tend to Mrs. Cardenas.

At the restaurant, Fisk and Vanessa watch no less than seven buildings go up in flames across the city. Wilson tells Vanessa that he destroyed the men who kidnapped a little boy and beat his father in front of him (which is true, but such a misleading way to characterize that story). Vanessa is turned on by this? Fisk calls Marcel over and just when you think he’s going to kill him he hands Marcel an envelope and thanks him for his discretion and for making a call for him.

And at the same Russian location where we saw our suicide bomber, Matt regains consciousness and hears Sergei and Vladimir escaping.

Turk Barett counts his money as he languishes in having helped set up the Russians at Fisk’s behest as he takes a ride with Wesley. Wesley tells him that Fisk is grateful and Turk is curious about why they’d plant the mask. Wesley explains his long game and Turk admires his planning.

Vladimir and Sergei continue to escape as Vladimir swears to make Fisk pay, just as Matt jumps out of the shadows and attacks them. He lays into them, knocking Sergei out easily, and just as he’s about to give his coup de grace to Vladimir, the police show up and shout, “Hands up!”

The Questions: Is this is the end for Maire (yes, I’ve given them a ship name)? Are the Russians officially a non-factor in Hell’s Kitchen? How nuts is Vanessa on a scale of school lunch peanuts and raisins to trail mix? And how is Matt going to slip away from the cops this time?

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