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NerdyBound: Mothers in Nerd Culture

Happy Mother’s Day!!! In honor of Mother’s Day today, I’m dedicating this week’s NerdyBound to the amazing moms we’ve known and loved in nerd culture. In preparation for this NerdyBound I tried to find sites, blog posts, and basically anything having to do with awesome moms in nerd culture. I found a lot of sites/posts dedicated to actual real life nerdy mothers out there, and although they left me with several new DIY projects I want to try out, none of them really led me to what I was looking for. Needless to say mothers are extremely underrepresented in the nerd world, which is kind of crazy (prepare for a huge order of cheese coming your way) because moms truly are the real superheroes of this world, and they deserve to be portrayed as such. Luckily, I read way too much and watch more TV/movies than any person should, and I already had a running list of my favorite moms ever to be written into existence for our entertainment. It was hard condensing that list, and I hated leaving characters out, but for the sake of my sanity and this article becoming too abstract I had to. I hope you enjoy the mothers I chose, and let me know who your favorite mom in nerd culture is. Have fun this Mother’s Day weekend and if you’re lucky enough to have a mom to call, go call her. Don’t just text and tell her how much you love her. Call, and above all, appreciate her.


Morticia Addams She’s a style icon with relationship goals and relates to her kids on a murderous level. Morticia is the full package.

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Malory Archer Who cares if she abandoned her son and sends him to his death in every episode? A mom that hooks you up with a spy gig and can drink with the best of them is a cool mom, right?

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Molly Weasley What can I say about Molly Weasley? She’s my fictional dream mother and went complete BAMF status on Bellatrix Lestrange. Who else can do that and live to tell the tale?!

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Alana from Saga The best thing I can say and the best thing I can ever do for you is demand that you read Saga, like right now. Seriously. Go.

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Mary Margaret/Snow I know there are several mothers on Once Upon a Time but if I did them all this would just turn into a OUaT NerdyBound. OUaT is one of the best shows out there that proudly portrays women with very powerful and complicated characteristics. They’re not afraid to show pregnant women as strong heroines and that speaks volumes. Also, you get to see all of your favorite fairy tales come to life. Who doesn’t want that in a show?

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