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Orphan Black Recap: Ep. 304, “Newer Elements of Our Defense”

Bonnie emerges from the cornfield and sets off toward the barn and Sarah’s shaken to the core. Bonnie raises a door, nearly finding Sarah, and searches inside while Sarah sneaks out. Sarah finds a gun in the grass and runs into the cornfield to find a barely alive Mark. Though initially resistant to her assistance, he asks her to tie his wound off (but not without wondering why she’s helping him). Bonnie’s cronies show up and she points them to the field and Sarah and Mark limp through it in the other direction.

As they drive back to the new Prolethean compound, Gracie pockets her wedding ring. Inside the home, the fanatics sing and are eager to introduce Gracie to Jonah Appleyard, who both assisted with Gracie’s birth and housed Bonnie and the rest after Helena wrecked their previous center for brainwashing home. He knows about Gracie’s “blessed” pregnancy and they all praise the baby.

At the army base, they’re feeding Helena! As she demolishes a pork chop, she notices something about the bone, then, after tying her right arm, she begins trashing her cell and banging her head on the bars in a clear cry for attention. She immediately receives said attention from Miller, who allows two soldiers to enter and restrain Helena so that Dr. Coady can administer a sedative.

Alison and Cosima express their concerns about Sarah going after Helena and Cosima slips in that Kira’s stem cells are working as a treatment for her. (YAY!) Cosima asks Alison about her election just as Alison, who had been reviewing what I assume are the proceeds from her new business venture, is interrupted by Donnie. Alison hangs up with Cosima and Donnie tells her that he was being followed. He thinks it might be police so they decide to put their paraphernalia in storage just in case (like on Breaking Bad).

Sarah and Mark make it to an overpass and he refuses to be brought to a hospital. They find an abandoned house and he tells her that he needs to get inside so that he can dig out the bullet still lodged in his leg. She tells him that he can’t do that alone and offers to help him in exchange for information.

Miller gets a call from medical that they’ve finished treating Helena, and when the doctor leaves Pupok shows up helping Helena formulate a plan of escape. She sets off to case the joint and, after spying Dr. Coady brainwashing a Castor, passes out. Pupok wakes her up and lights her fire to get back to the medical bay, so when Miller finally makes it to her cot, he finds her passed out on the floor.

Mark begins digging into his leg and asks Sarah to pull the bullet out, but she refuses unless he tells her where Helena is being held. He evades at first, saying he’s been on mission for a year and doesn’t know much, but then admits that since his folks’ headquarters is mobile, Helena really could be anywhere. Holding up her end of the bargain, Sarah douses her hands in alcohol and feels around in Mark’s leg for the bullet and when she finds it he asks her to reach back in with pliers to pull it out. Before doing that, though, Sarah tells Mark that Rudy came to see her and threatened Kira, and that the Leda clones get sick, too. Mark tells her that his intel said Henrik stole samples before the projects were killed but he never found them. She uses the pliers to nip out the bullet and they bandage his leg together.

Alison and Donnie take their Rubbermaid containers full of soap and drugs to the car and are met by a man having lunch in their yard. It’s the man who was following Donnie and he says they have something that belongs to his boss. He tells them that Ramon was never allowed to pass off his stash and, since he’s in the wind now, Alison and Donnie will have to meet with his boss tonight. He makes a veiled threat against their children, confiscates their pills, and leaves Alison and Donnie dumbfounded.

Cosima talks on the phone with Scott about Duncan’s jumbled writings in her copy of The Island of Dr. Moreau. They hope to uncover a Vigenere cypher and a key to use it and try to puzzle out the meaning of the book, but are clueless for now. Felix arrives home so Cosima hangs up, just in time for Felix to insult her (awful) sweater. She claims she had a chill but he figures her out quickly: she wearing it to pine over Delphine. His solution: invite her to Bobby’s for drinks.

In a rare moment alone, Gracie prepares to get dressed when she has a stomach pain and begins bleeding. Bonnie comes to bring Gracie to meet more people, and when she doesn’t open the door for her, Bonnie uses her key to barge into the room. Though she lies about her hesitance, Gracie has another pain and Bonnie shouts for Alexis.

Sarah stitches Mark’s leg with thread and he tells her a little about his life as a clone: he grew up without parents or monitors with the military, being inundated – along with his brothers – to be killers from a young age. He says that he knew his brothers would track him and Gracie now that he’s formed an “outside attachment” and so wanted to find the samples to trade for his freedom. He passes out after mentioning the “junk” he got from the departed Mr. Finch, which piques Sarah’s interest. She rummages through his jacket and finds a key labeled “LIDO” and calls an ambulance before leaving.

Rudy is in the field and has been tasked to find Mark and Gracie at their motel.

Helena gnaws on her pork chop bone, creating a sort of serrated edge.

And Sarah uses the LIDO key to go back to Mark’s motel room. She searches for, and finds, the case Mark got from Finch.

Donnie shows Alison the gun he brought to their meeting and, though she tells him to stow it, he puts it in his waistband. The sandwich eating man from earlier gets out of a car and pats Alison down then tells Donnie that his boss only wants to talk to Alison. She climbs into the backseat and it’s Jason Kellerman, an old flame of Alison’s from high school who is stoked to see her.

Cosima can’t stop talking about Delphine, so Felix busts out the Sapphire dating app. He tells her she doesn’t exactly need to find love right now, so much as a scratching post, and it’ll help her move on to put herself out there.

Alison and Jason flirt and he wonders why she’s selling drugs now. She tells him they should keep it strictly business and offers to double Ramon’s weight if he gives her the pills back, so, admiring her soap business cover, Jason agrees.

Sarah opens the case and flips through the journals within. She finds a document that proves Henrik was a lab assistant during Leda and calls Cosima immediately. She catches Cosima up on Mark’s involvement with the military and the Proletheans as well as this most recent discovery. Sarah takes some photos of a couple of journal pages and Cosima notes a successful SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer), which is how you makes clones. They determine that, since Henrik had the Castor DNA, he likely used Bonnie to fertilize it and carry the baby.

Bonnie looks on as Appleyard leads a prayer circle around Gracie. He declares the child lost and Bonnie tells the rest to get out. She says Gracie betrayed her family so this was God punishing her. Gracie apologizes but Bonnie says the only reason she was ever allowed to stay was because of the baby, so now Gracie has to get the eff out, never to be welcome again.

Sarah closes up the case and goes to wash her hands, just as someone comes into the room. She hears creaking and pulls her gun, and it’s Mark. He’s pissed that she called the police, saying he knew he couldn’t trust her, but she distracts him by telling him that she discovered that Henrik had a son with the original Castor sample. He remembers Henrik mentioning a son, so they visit the house Henrik and Bonnie lived in – where their dead son is buried in the ground. Mark says they should be able to get some viable DNA and tells Sarah to get to digging.

Helena feigns sleeping as another guard passes, then, under the watchful eye of surveillance, uses her bone key to try to open her cell door. It doesn’t work at first, but with a little more gnawing, she gives it another go. As Sarah digs, Mark tells her he finds it interesting that she’s doing all that she is for Helena after trying to kill her way back when. Helena’s key works as Sarah says she wants to save her because it’s not her fault she was trained to be a killer (which hits home for Mark).

Helena slips out to the area where a Castor was being brainwashed and sees the name “Parsons” on a medical chart. She goes in to the see clone who is in distress. She peels back his medical cap and discover that the top of his skull has been sawed off to reveal his brain, which has wires and nodes stuck into it. He begs Helena to kill him, but Pupok says she should leave him or waste her chance of escape. She has empathy for his loneliness and, grabbing a scalpel, stabs him in the brain until he flat lines. Dr. Coady arrives to find Helena standing over Parsons’ body and Helena calls Coady a shit mother before being overwhelmed by guards.

As she continues to dig, Sarah tells Mark to stay awake, saying she doesn’t need her brother dying on her. He still thinks they’re not really related and passes out anyway. She hits the baby’s casket and pulls it out, just as someone creeps up on the scene, checks Mark’s pulse, then takes his (her) gun. It’s Rudy and he’s got Sarah dead to rights. She tries to leverage the casket for Helena, and when she tells Rudy it’s Castor DNA he tells her to open it. While he’s distracted, she hits him with her shovel and runs off to hide in – you guessed it – a barn. Rudy, along with the shovel and the casket, follows her, finding her behind some bales of hay. Mark comes in and order Rudy to stand down, but Rudy scoffs at that, calling Mark a traitor. After more goading, Rudy slams Sarah against a post and the brothers face off. Rudy stands down and, after exchanging some meaningful glances with Sarah, Mark tells Rudy to grab the casket so they can return home. But not before tying up a loose end called Sarah Manning.

The Questions: Will the Castor baby be enough to help find a cure for the Castor clones? Will Alison and Donnie survive business with Jason? Will Felix have a storyline this season? And how the hell is Sarah going to get out of this one?


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