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Game of Thrones Recap: Ep 45, “Kill the Boy”

g4Missandei is at Grey Worm’s bedside as he recovers from his serious injuries from last week’s battle in the alley. Ser Barristan, however, didn’t make it and is laid out in the throne room. Daenerys is angry about how he died and Daario suggests they pull back their troops to the pyramid district and then attack outwardly. Daenerys is so incredibly mad she hastily decides to round up the heads of all the great houses of Meereen, including frequent attempted advisor, Hizdahr zo Loraq. She has them taken down to her dragons’ lair and they are inched closer and closer to them as she taunts them, saying her dragons will eat them. One of the men is thrown to the floor in front of the others and Rhaegal emerges from the dark and roasts him. Viserion joins in and they rip him in two to eat him. She then threatens to feed another of the heads of the houses to the dragons tomorrow because she “doesn’t want to overfeed them” and the men are removed from the lair.

Sam and Maester Aemon talk of Daenarys when Jon Snow comes in and asks to speak with the Maester alone. He needs advice and worries what he must do will divide the Night’s Watch, causing half the men to hate him. Maester Aemon tells him to do it anyway g6without even knowing what it is since half of the Night’s watch already hates Jon. Aemon tells Jon it is time to kill the boy within and let the man take over. So Jon meets with Tormund and questions him, asking where the rest of the wildlings are and who they follow. Tormund knows, so Jon requests that Tormund go north of the Wall and bring them through the gates where Jon promises to find them land if, in return, they help him and his brother’s fight the upcoming battle. Tormund tells Jon he will not do this for him, and Jon calls him a coward. Tormund spits back that it’s easy to call a man a coward who is in chains, so Jon releases him, calling Tormund’s bluff. Jon tells him the white walkers are coming and will hit Tormund’s people first and he needs to convince them to come down. Tormund agrees so long as Jon goes with him to Hardhome, a seaside settlement just north of the Wall to prove to his people it is not a trap. Jon announces his plans to the rest of the Night’s Watch and none are happy with it. Even Ollie is upset as the wildlings killed his whole family and burned his village. None of the Night’s Watch trust the wildlings due to the historic raids and fighting between them.

Podrick and Brienne have caught up to Sansa in Winterfell. Podrick suggests that maybe Sansa is better off here in her home, but Brienne reminds him the Boltons murdered Sansa’s mother and brother. Brienne tells one of the old inn workers that she knows who is up in the castle and she swore to Lady Caitlin that she would look after her daughters. The old man is surprised she knows of Sansa being there but agrees to deliver a message to her.

Miranda is upset that Ramsay is going to be marrying Sansa and pouts about it in her jealousy. Ramsay tells her “jealousy is boring” and reminds her what happens to people who bore him. Miranda bites his lip, drawing blood to prove she is not boring and they continue their sexual encounter.

Sansa is visited by an old woman to fill her wash basin who tells Sansa that she still has friends in the North. Should she find herself in trouble, she needs to light a candle and place it in the highest window of the broken tower. Sansa visits the broken tower, the same one Bran was pushed from, when Miranda comes upon her. She makes small talk about Sansa’s dress and its lovely stitching. Miranda asks who taught her to sew and Sansa tells her it was her mother. Miranda tells her it is a lovely gift that Sansa can remember her mother every time she wears something she has sewn and Sansa says indignantly that she would rather have her mother. Miranda says there is another way for her to remember her mother and takes her to an iron gate. It is the kennels and Miranda tells Sansa there’s a surprise for her at the end of the row. Sansa proceeds past the kennels, the hounds barking and snapping at her the whole way, to find Reek in the last kennel. She calls him Theon and he recoils from the name, saying she shouldn’t be there. Sansa turns and leaves, furious and disgusted by this sight.

Ramsay forces Reek to tell him that Lady Sansa saw him so Reek explains that she came to the kennels after Ramsay asks if there is something Reek was keeping from him. Ramsay makes Reek get on his knees and tells him he must not keep secrets from him. Ramsay takes Reeks hand and, instead of flaying his hand further as he usually would, places his own hand on top, telling Reek that he forgives him.

g3The Boltons and Sansa have dinner together and Ramsay makes a toast to their upcoming wedding and Sansa doesn’t drink to it. Ramsay calls for more wine and Reek emerges to bring it. Ramsay tells Sansa that he had heard they had met and asks Sansa if she is still upset with Reek for what he’s done. Ramsay explains that Reek has been punished for it and is no longer Ironborn and no longer Theon Greyjoy; Theon’s new name is Reek and Reek is very sorry. Ramsay makes Reek apologize to Sansa for murdering her two brothers and look her in the eye when he does it. Sansa has a stray tear fall down her cheek as Reek turns to leave, but not before Ramsay stops him. Unable to resist humiliating everyone in his life, Ramsay boldly states that since Reek is the nearest kin to Sansa, he will be charged with giving away the bride at the wedding. Roose announces he and his wife Walda have some exciting news as well and Walda tells them she is pregnant. Roose states that, according to the maester, from the way Walda is carrying, the baby is a boy. This greatly upsets Ramsay as his position is now threatened if it is a boy.

Ramsay confronts Roose after dinner about it all and Roose brings up that Ramsay has never asked him about his mother. Roose tells Ramsay that his mother was a peasant girl who had married without consent so he had her husband hanged and then raped her under the tree as her dead husband swing above them. A year later, she brought baby Ramsay to him and Roose nearly had her and the baby killed as well until he saw him, and he knew it was his son. Roose tells Ramsay that Stannis has an army up at the Wall and if he helps him march against Stannis, it will secure his position regardless of the new baby.

Gilly questions Sam about books and he reveals he wanted to be a maester when he was a boy. g2Stannis comes in and sends Gilly off as she laments her lack of knowledge about much of the world. Stannis asks Sam how he killed the white walker and Sam tells him it was with dragon glass. He says Melisandre told him that “death marches on the wall” and wants Sam to keep researching why dragon glass killed the white walker. Stannis tells Davos that it is time to go. Davos suggests they wait until Jon goes and returns with the wildlings to strengthen their army, but Stannis says that there is no time to wait, they must go now. Stannis packs everyone up as Jon also prepares for his journey to collect the wildlings. Jon wishes Stannis a safe journey before catching the annoyed look from Melisandre who is apparently still a little miffed at her rejection from last week.

g5Grey Worm wakes and Missandei is there still with him. He asks about Ser Barristan and Missandei shakes her head. Grey Worm feels he has failed Ser Barristan and feels ashamed. She tells him that he shouldn’t feel that way he had done his best. He reveals his shame is not because he was wounded in battle and lost, but because when he was sure he was going to die he was afraid he would never see her again. She embraces him as he finally returns her feelings.

Daenerys tells Missandei that Ser Barristan counseled mercy until he died and Daario counseled war and oppression. Daenerys asks what Missandei thinks she should do and Missandei tells her she has seen her listen to her counselors, but has also seen her ignore her counselors. Sometimes there is a choice only Daenerys can see. With this advice, Daenerys goes down and tells Hizdahr zo Loraq that she was wrong and he was right about tradition bringing the city together, so she will reopen the fighting pits, but to free men only. Daenerys tells Loraq that in order to form a tighter bond with the people of Meereen, she will marry the leader of one of its great houses – him.

Tyrion wakes and tells Jorah that he apologizes for all he said before, his mouth often runs away from him. He g1suggests that they will be spending a long time together on the way to Meereen and that some wine could help pass the time. After Jorah makes it clear that there will be no wine, Tyrion notices they are going to travel through Valyria.They drift through the ruins from the Doom of Valyria and Tyrion begins to recite a poem about Valyria that Jorah finishes. Tyrion suggests he would clap, but his hands are still tied together. Just then they both stare in awe as they see Drogon sail high above their heads into the city. He has found his mother’s home on animal instinct alone. It is not often that Tyrion is left speechless, but this is one of those times. Because they are both so focused on watching Drogon, neither notices one of the stone men slip from the rocks and into the river. Tyrion and Jorah quickly turn towards the noise but it is too late. Soon, other stone men begin attacking the small vessel and Jorah yells to Tyrion to not let them touch him. They fight them off but the stone men keep coming endlessly, and Tyrion ends up backed to the tip of the small boat by one of them before he falls into the river. Under water, he struggles to free his hands, but one of the stone men come from below and begins to drag him down into the depths. Everything goes black for an uncomfortably long amount of time before we see Jorah waking Tyrion up on a beach. Jorah asks if Tyrion had been touched, which he hasn’t, and Tyrion asks the same of Jorah, who also says “no.” But as Jorah walks away from Tyrion for a moment, he pulls up his left sleeve revealing a small but growing patch of greyscale…

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