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Grimm Recap: Ep. 21, “Headache”

GrimmWe join this week’s episode in the middle of turmoil as Nick is pointing a gun at Monroe because Juliette is making him using her hexenbiest powers. Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, and Hank had tried to help calm the hexenbiest within Juliette with the help of Adalind using a potion they concocted, but Juliette was having none of that. Rosalee screams at Nick to put the gun down but he is unable to as Juliette is completely controlling him and his pleading with her is falling on deaf ears. She makes him fire the gun, just as Hank charges over and knocks Monroe out of the way, both narrowly missing the bullet. Juliette shrugs it off and thanks them for doing the hard work for her by getting rid of Adalind’s powers. Almost killing someone who used to be one of her best friends appears not to have had an impact on her at all. Juliette takes off and Rosalee, Monroe, and Hank all say she is no longer the person they knew and they are done trying to help her. Nick agrees and goes to call Renard to warn him of how dangerous Juliette is, but when he does, a different voice answers the phone. It is the same voice as our murderer from last week, Jack. He tells Nick that Renard is unavailable, that they had a rough night, and Captain Renard can’t come to the phone. Realizing the Captain may be in danger, Nick and Hank head out to his house to check on him and call Wu to meet them there.

Wu arrives at Renard’s house just as Nick and Hank pull up and they spread out to surround the house, Wu taking the back and Nick and Hank taking the front, battering ram in hand. Turns out they don’t need the battering ram as Renard’s door is unlocked. They quietly head inside and upstairs where they find Renard confused as to why they are there. He is unharmed and tells them he was just asleep. They ask where his phone is and he states he has left it downstairs so they all head down and Wu checks the phone. Sure enough, Nick was the last one to call him. Nick points out that his door was open and Renard says that it shouldn’t have been. After they tell him that when Nick called Jack had answered, Renard tells them he had been visiting Henrietta’s and then came home and took a nap.

They all go to Henrietta’s but find her dead, sprawled out on the floor. Hank pulls Nick aside and reminds him that Jack said WE had a rough night when Nick called Renard and maybe they are looking at it wrong. Renard insists the guy must have followed him after a press conference and Nick calling scared him off. Nick instructs Wu to escort Renard home and keep a round-the-cock watch on his residence. It seems like they are questioning Renard’s involvement in all this, but still make it clear they don’t think he is even aware of what is going on.

A guy pulls into a garage on a motorcycle and quickly grabbed by two men. At another house, a couple of men break in and tackle a couple and we see they are Kenneth’s men. The couple are Nick’s neighbors and Kenneth’s guys are overtaking their houses in order to keep an eye on Nick’s. Of course Juliette is helping them and she and Kenneth break into Nick’s house where she notices he’s taken down all their photos together. They head upstairs as she tells Kenneth about the different enter and exit points of the house before coming to Nick’s bedroom. The bed is nicely made and Kenneth remarks about how it is where he and Adalind got pregnant. This in turn upsets Juliette and she pushes Kenneth onto the bed and climbs on top of him, telling him she wants him to be clear on just how valuable she can be before kissing him…and then some.

At Renard’s house, Nick asks him why he visited Henrietta and Renard says he was having some issues. He tells Nick about his recurring dreams of being shot, about waking up in strange places and about his scars bleeding. Renard is worried Jack may be framing him or drugging him so Nick and Hank instruct him to keep his phone with him and to try and get some rest. Once outside, Hank asks Nick if something is off and Nick suggests something may be controlling Renard. They tell the officer outside to notify them if anyone goes in or out as Renard watches them leave from his window.

Nick goes home and heads upstairs and notices the nicely made bed is now pulled apart. He draws his gun and checks the bathroom but there is nothing there, either. He recalls being in the bed with Adalind and calls Hank to say that she may know what’s going on with the Captain.

Renard dreams about being shot again, but this time he wakes up quickly. He goes to the bathroom and looks into the mirror and the scars are still there. He wonders aloud what the hell is going on and then you see a change throughout his body and his mannerisms. Jack’s voice comes out of Renard just before his body changes again and it is still Renard, only now his scabs are bleeding from all the shifting and Renard keels over in pain on the bathroom floor.

GrimmNick calls Bud who is napping in his living room chair with a baseball bat and asks to talk to Adalind. Bud tells him she is asleep and Nick says it’s unnecessary to wake her then hangs up. Just then, there is a knock at the door and Bud woges, clearly startled, as is typical since he’s usually a mouse. He goes to check who it is and Nick calls from behind the door that it is him so Bud lets him and Hank in. Nick goes to the bedroom to wake Adalind himself and Hank notices how jumpy Bud is, not that he isn’t usually jumpy, but now even more so. Hank asks Bud if he has been sleeping and Bud says yes, then quickly admits he has not. Bud tells Hank he doesn’t know how they do this every day with all the tension, and Hank just says they have a lot more than a baseball bat.

Adalind wakes up to Nick standing by her bed and is immediately on the defensive. She just knows Juliette drank the potion and is back to normal and now Nick is there to kill her since she is of no use to him anymore. Nick assures her he is not there to hurt her, and tells her that Juliette didn’t drink the potion but she destroyed it, preferring to be the person she is now. Nick goes on to tell her that something is wrong with Renard, that he keeps dreaming he has been shot and waking up bleeding. She asks if Renard is having blackouts and if he was pronounced dead when he was shot. Nick isn’t sure if he was pronounced dead but he is having blackouts and Renard’s mother was there at the hospital with him. Adalind says that he must have been dead then and something traveled back with him, spirit possession. She asks if Renard knows but Nick says he doesn’t remember anything. Adalind tells Nick things will only get worse and the thing that hitched a ride could completely take over. Hank walks in and, overhearing part of the conversation, asks how to get the spirit out of Renard. Adalind tells them they can’t, they have to kill him to open the portal again for the thing to leave.

At Rosalee and Monroe’s house, Hank and Nick fill them in on the dilemma with Renard. GrimmHank suggests using the Dead Faint potion like they had to do on Monroe so it appears that Renard has died. Rosalee wants to be certain Renard is involved before they attempt something so dangerous and Hank tells her they haven’t been able to tie Renard to any crime scenes yet, but they’ll check the footage and see if there is something they missed. Just then, Nick gets a call telling him Renard is on his way back into the station. Hank and Nick leave to beat him there and Rosalee says they will start working on the potion.

Someone dressed in black enters the burned out trailer and walk around, stopping to pick through the scorched items that are left for a moment, but we never see their face.

Hank and Nick go through the street surveillance footage and when Nick pulls up footage on Alder Street he recognizes a black SUV. He tells Hank he’s found something and when they zoom in, it’s Captain Renard, putting him in the area around the same time as the first murder. Just then, Renard arrives and asks to see both of them privately and Hank and Nick are unsure of who or what they will be talking to.

Renard tells them he is very concerned and explains about how he was dreaming, woke up and that he heard a voice when he was looking in the mirror. He doesn’t remember much else and Hank tells him he must have blacked out again. They ask if he remembers being near the first killing when it happened but he says it’s impossible because he was at home in bed. Hank tells him he blacked out and that’s why he doesn’t remember, and Nick tells him everything Adalind told them about spirit possession, leaving out the “having to kill him” part. Hank tells Renard that Rosalee and Monroe are working on something that may help and when they ask that he turn over his gun, he does. Renard assures them that whatever is going on, it isn’t really him and he needs to be watched by someone that understands. Nick and Hank ask Wu to watch the Captain and Jack take over Renard’s body as he watches Wu, saying this should be a jolly good romp.

GrimmWu drives Renard home and notifies Nick he is there. Nick tells him they will meet up with him soon as Rosalee and Monroe finish up the Dead Faint potion. Rosalee says that the Captain can’t know what it is because Jack may know everything Renard knows, so they’ll have to tell him it is just a memory potion instead. The spirit of Jack has to believe Renard is dying in order for him to leave and Nick suggests they may have to shoot Renard.

At Renard’s house, his wounds start bleeding again and he freaks out and draws in blood on the bathroom mirror but it is not him that is controlling his hand. Renard goes running outside, yelling to Wu that “it’s inside” and when Wu gets out and asks where, Jack responds that it’s inside him and knocks Wu out. They’re going to have a bloody good time.

Juliette was dropped off at Nick’s house to wait for Kelly Burkhart and we later see that Grimmthe person in black approaches Nick’s door. Kenneth calls Juliette and tells her someone is on the porch but they don’t know yet if it is Kelly and note that there is no child with her. As they watch the person turn and leave, Kenneth tells Juliette it was just some kid and they end the call. Kenneth has one of his men follow the person, who loses them down an alley. As he looks for them, the person in black comes up from behind and cuts Kenneth’s man’s head off, and we see that the person in black is Trubel.

Jack has taken Wu hostage and is driving with him, gloating about being back, when Nick and Hank show up and Renard’s house. They see Wu’s car is gone and his gun is on the ground so Nick calls in to have the car tracked, then tries to call Wu but Jack ignores the call. Inside, they see the blood on the mirror that reads “Welcome back Jack.” Hank gets notification on Wu’s car’s location, so they take off to catch up.Grimm Jack pulls off to the side on a street and spots a blonde hooker. Wu tries to talk some sense in him but it’s no use. Jack leaves Wu in the car and goes over to the hooker. She and Jack walk off together as Wu is screaming in the back of the patrol car and trying to kick out the windows to stop him. Nick and Hank show up and Wu tells them what direction the Jack and the woman went. Nick uses his Grimm sense and hears Jack whispering to the hooker and is able to grab Jack’s hand just as he is about to slit the woman’s throat. He tells her to run and she does as he takes Jack down. Just then, Renard returns to his senses and has no idea what is going on. Nick, Hank, and Wu take Renard to the spice shop and explain they have something that will bring back his memories. Renard asks what they’ll do if he remembers killing all those women and Nick assures him that they know he wasn’t responsible. Renard takes the potion and Rosalee suggests he lie down. Renard complies and soon he is out.

GrimmA vehicle pulls up the Nick’s house and a woman gets out. Kenneth calls Juliette again and confirms it is Kelly and she has the child. Kelly and the little girl go up to the house and go inside while Juliette waits upstairs in the bedroom. Kelly calls out to Juliette and Juliette hears a struggle downstairs as someone screams, followed by growling, then a man saying “take it outside.” Juliette then hears a child crying and goes downstairs to find Diana sitting alone on the floor. She picks her up as Kenneth comes in with blood on his face that is not his and tells Juliette they got Kelly. Kenneth approaches and admires Diana as Juliette looks a little remorseful.

Rosalee checks Renard’s pulse and tells everyone it is slowing down. As it gets almost to a stop, Jack wakes up and quickly grabs her by the throat. He threatens to break her neck and Wu, Nick, and Hank all pull their guns on him. Rosalee woges and bites Jack’s hand and when he releases her Nick, Hank, and Wu open fire on Jack. He is hit several times by rubber bullets knocking him back and down. As they watch some black smoke leave Renard’s body, Rosalee gives him a shot to revive him. Renard chokes back to life and asks why he feels like he got hit by a truck. They ask what he remembers and it’s not much. His chest begins to hurt again and when he opens his shirt we see the wound scars disappear. He is cured of what was possessing him. There is a knock at the door and it’s Trubel. She tells them they have to go now, that there are a lot of people at Nick’s house and she just had to kill a hundjager that was following her, and something is going down.

Juliette, Kenneth, and Diana drive away from Nick’s house and Kenneth says it’s been a very successful night.

Everyone from the spice shop arrives at Nick’s house to find there has been a struggle in his living room. On the floor is a box with blood seeping out of the bottom (what’s in the booox). When Nick opens the box, he finds his mother’s severed head and is horrified and furious. Trubel looks inside as Nick screams “NO NO NO…”


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