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Comic Review: Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #10


WRITER: Robbie Morrison
ARTISTS: Eleonora Carlini
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics

Our story begins, as most things do, at the end of something else. Gabby and the Doctor are arriving back on Earth in present day New York less than an hour and a half after they left. Of course weeks have passed for them, and Gabby is excited to call up and tell her best friend, Cindy, all about her adventures in love and in war against both German and Weeping Angel alike. But as much as Cindy would like to gossip about her friend’s exploits, it’s rather hard to hear the conversation over the din of … Whatever the heck that rising cacophony is!

In Echoes, Gabby, the Doctor, and all of New York, must face a terrifying enemy: NOISE. It’s all around them, from traffic honking to babies crying, from the guns of war to dogs barking. But it’s not just Earthly noise that vexes them: there’s an interdimensional hunting party passing through the tri-state area!

Robbie Morrison’s storytelling is always enjoyable. He can write a heavy four-parter and deftly pen a one-shot. One thing I really appreciate about Morrison’s writing style is that it so flawlessly translates to the page of a comic, but could just as well be a storyboard for an episode on telly. Anyone who likes the pacing of the the Tenth Doctor’s series will feel at home with Morrison’s writing.

TenthDoctor#10_ArtPreview_p1 TenthDoctor#10_ArtPreview_p2At first I didn’t care for Eleonora Carlini’s artwork. I thought it looked chunky and rushed. But as I reread the issue a second and then a third time, it grew on me, and I really feel it’s a great match for this particular story. There’s something rough and urgent about the lines, something a little grating. It works with the tension and fear induced by the faceless enemy.

It’s nice to see an open and shut case contained in one issue. It was a good sorbet after the lengthy arc of the Weeping Angels of Mons which, while fantastic, did leave both Gabby and readers a little emotionally exhausted. Echoes is a great palate cleanser for everyone involved, especially since we’ve got a five-part arc coming up to celebrate the Tenth Doctor’s first year!

If you’ve resisted picking up the Tenth Doctor comics, go ahead and start with this one. You don’t need to have a deep working knowledge of the Doctor Who mythos, and it’s an enjoyable read even for those who aren’t familiar with this particular iteration of the Doctor.

The adventures of Rose-the-Cat and her Doctor continue comedically at the end of this issue as well. It’s kinda the most brilliant comic strip, really.

Screenshot 2015-05-14 at 2.20.18 AM

It’s based off the Tenth Doctor dealing with the emotional aftermath of losing Rose, his first Companion since the reboot. What better way for geeks to deal with such a loss than with catherapy? I mean, it’s really pretty relevant to geek interests.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #10 – “Echo” is on sale right this very moment (and since you just read that, it’s fixed in time!). It’s 32 exciting pages for $3.99 from Titan Comics.


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