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Grimm Recap: Ep. 22, “Cry Havoc”

I can’t believe it’s the season finale already!!!

Nick is having a terrible time accepting his mother’s death. As he screams, Hank and Trubel realize it is a trap and they have to go. Kenneth tells his men to go ahead and kill all of them and the hundjagers descend upon the house just as Nick, Hank and Trubel escape out the back. Nick wants to go back but knows they can’t and Trubel tells him the Royals are behind everything. Nick asks to see the body as Juliette and Kenneth head to the estate the royals are staying at with Diana. Trubel takes Nick and Hank to where she killed the hundjager and Nick tells Trubel to take the head believing that Adalind may be able to help them. Wu shows up and Nick tells him the Royals killed his mom before tossing the severed hundjager head into the trunk of Wu’s squad car. Time for Nick to do things his way – the Grimm way.

Renard is still recovering at the spice shop with Monroe and Rosalee and they are explaining why they shot him with rubber bullets. Renard is still remorseful for having killed the women but Rosalee reminds him that it wasn’t really him. Renard isn’t very convinced that he should have no repercussions and knows the police won’t stop looking until they find who did it.

Photo from the episode "Cry Havoc"Nick, Hank, Wu and Trubel arrive at Bud’s house and Bud is napping in a chair, poor guy. Bud tells Nick that Adalind is asleep, but she comes walking in and Nick explains the Royals killed his mom and have Diana. Adalind shows genuine concern for Nick and empathy that his mother was killed (whoa). Adalind explains that Kenneth and Rispoli are in charge of the Verat and that she may be able to get back into the hotel they were staying in. Trubel sees that Adalind is pregnant and Nick lets her know it’s his. Looks like they’re forgetting to get her caught up on everything.

Kenneth and Juliette arrive at the large estate they are renting for the King. King Frederick is so excited to see Diana and Kenneth explains that they have Juliette to thank. King Frederick thanks Juliette and tells her he has a soft spot for hexenbiest (well, yeah, he hooked up with one to make Renard). King Frederick has the Nanny take Diana and feed, bathe and dress her properly. Just then, Rispoli calls and Kenneth puts him on speaker phone. He relays the bad news that the Grimm got away and he doesn’t know where he is. Kenneth tells Rispoli to meet him back at the hotel and they will deal with it together. After Kenneth hangs up he asks Juliette what she can tell him about Nick and she tells him that he will never stop coming after her. Kenneth thinks he can use this and tells her to come with him, however King Frederick tells him that Juliette did her part and she will remain there.

Adalind sneaks into the hotel room and calls out to make sure it is empty. Once she confirms it is, she heads over to a closet and places the severed head of the hundjager on the shelf. She then closes the closet door, takes a deep breath, open the doors back up and begins to scream as though she just discovered it.

Bud and Trubel are heading to get Rosalee and Monroe so they are safe also when Trubel gets a phonePhoto from the episode "Cry Havoc" call. She tries to ignore it, but Bud insists she answer in case it’s Nick. When she does answer, you can hear a woman’s voice and Trubel pretends like it is Nick (sneaky). Renard gets a briefing on the Ripper attacks and is told the last victim gave a good description of a man: 6’4″, well dressed, with a British accent. Meanwhile, Rosalee and Monroe are drinking wine enjoying a moment when they aren’t dismembering bodies or making potions when Bud knocks on the door. Bud and Trubel update them on Kelly being dead, the Royals having Diana, and the hundjagers being after Nick. He tells them they will be safe at his place and they all head out.

Nick and Hank arrive at the hotel where Wu informs them a head was found. They behave as though they’re reguar police who aren’t aware of the supernatural and have the hotel manager take them in to talk to their guest, Adalind. Hank has the hotel manager pull the names of all the guests staying there.

King Frederick is comforting Juliette about how much the Grimm must have impacted her life and assures her his people have embraced hexenbiest when others burned them at the stake. She reminds him the royals tried to have Renard and his mother killed on several occasions and King Frederick tells her it was the Queen who did that, and the Queen is now dead.

Nick starts recollecting the evidence he hadn’t paid much attention to before – like the ash fingerprint on his computer mouse and the ruffled bed – and tells Hank someone must have contacted Kelly from his computer. It is then they realize Juliette is the one who must have set Kelly up. Kenneth arrives at the hotel before Rispoli and is arrested as he gets there. Wu takes him into custody as Rispoli drives past. Wu drives Kenneth out of Portland to “where he belongs.”

Rispoli reports back to King Frederick that Kenneth was arrested and asks if he should go and bail him out. King Frederick tells him to leave him, that Kenneth and the Grimm have unfinished business. All Rispoli needs to do is gets everything ready for them to leave.

Wu drives Kenneth out to a remote abandoned building and pulls him out of the car. Kenneth sarcastically says that Photo from the episode "Cry Havoc"he doesn’t think this is procedure as Wu tells him to lie down and then kicks the back of his knee to make him. Wu then uncuffs him and drives away. Kenneth gets up and looks around, and then Nick walks out from the shadows. Kenneth taunts Nick, telling him he thought Nick’s mother would be more of a challenge. Nick asks how he got Juliette to cooperate with him and Kenneth scoffs that it didn’t take much more than a quick romp in their bed. Kenneth tells Nick that Juliette helped change history and Nick tells Kenneth he won’t be around to see it. They begin to fight while Hank and Wu wait outside. Wu asks Hank what they’ll do if Kenneth kills Nick and Hank tells Wu they will finish what Nick started. Nick and Kenneth are really going at it, but Nick gets the drop on Kenneth with a wrist blade (Assassin’s Creed, whaaat) and Kenneth drops to the floor and bleeds out. Nick joins Hank and Wu outside and tells Wu to get back to the station and triangulate Juliette’s cell phone.

Adalind is with Trubel, Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud and asks Trubel if she was with Nick when they found Kelly’s body. Trubel tells them there wasn’t a body, just the severed head in a box. Trubel asks where Juliette is and why she isn’t around, which is when they finally fill her in on everything that has happened, including Juliette being a hexenbiest and the terrible things she has done. Just then Nick and Hank arrive. Wu calls them and tells them where Juliette is: at the large, gated compound. Nick tells Wu not to meet them there and he, Hank, and Monroe decide to go after Juliette. They have Rosalee stay with Adalind and Bud for added protection. Trubel asks Nick what they should do Grimmwhen they find Juliette, and Nick says to kill her. As they drive up the road to the estate, they notice a car following them and so they decide to pull off the road. The other car stops behind them and they get out, prepared for a fight, but it’s Wu with a shotgun: he is not about to let them do this alone and wants to help. They continue on foot and flank the estate. They take out the guards quietly and make their way closer to the estate.

Juliette, Diana, and King Frederick have already made their way out of the estate after King Frederick played with Diana and watched her build a castle out of wood blocks with her mind.

Nick hears the helicopter approaching and tries to get into the estate quicker before they are able to board and take off. Once Nick is inside he takes out more guards and finds the room with the toys, but no Diana. The rest make their way through the estate taking out hundjagers along the way and Hank fights with Rispoli before tossing him over the stair railing whereGrimm he falls and dies. Nick sees the helicopter land and takes off to the backyard to try and stop it. As he runs out it is too late, the helicopter is already lifting off and flying away. Nick is frustrated and furious he wasn’t able to stop it.

They all head back to Bud’s house and Nick explains what happened and apologizes to Adalind. Monroe and Rosalee can go home now that they aren’t in danger anymore and Adalind can stay with Bud a little longer till Nick figures something else out. Nick says he needs to talk to Renard and Hank tells him to just go home, he will go talk to Renard.

Hank tells Renard there is still a pile of bodies out there and Renard tells him it’s out of their jurisdiction and not to worry about it. Hank says Kenneth is still out there dead too and they get the great idea to frame Kenneth as the Ripper. So they do.

In the helicopter, King Ferdinand tells Diana she really is a princess and she points to the window on the helicopter. When he looks at it, he sees his face become a skeleton in the reflection and her eyes glow purple. The pilot then gets up and climbs to the back, cuts the King’s seat belts and tosses him out of the helicopter. The pilot sits back down and takes off his helmet, and it’s Meisner! He says “down with the king” and Diana smiles. (Where is Juliette?!?!)

Nick makes it home and inside, the box is still there and he looks at his mom’s face. He turns as someone approaches and sees Juliette. She tells him she didn’t know Kenneth was going to do that, she just thought he wanted Diana. Nick grabs her by the throat and pushes her against the wall, Photo from the episode "Cry Havoc"choking her. Nick tightens his grip, but then releases her, unable to kill her. Juliette smugly taunts him and he tells her to get out. She is not going to let it end that way, she woge and tells him he should have killed her when he had the chance. She throws him across the room and is about to kill him when Trubel comes in and shoots her twice with and crossbow (I literally cheered). Juliette slinks down and Nick catches her in his arms, crying as Juliette dies. A bunch of cars pull up outside and men rush the house as woman in charge tells the men to “get her.” It is the FBI agent that was investigating Trubel before she left AND who Trubel was talking to on the phone when Bud thought it was Nick. Next season is going to be craaazy!

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