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Orphan Black Recap: Ep. 305, Scarred by Many Past Frustrations”

Helena is now being treated to full-on barbaric imprisonment: bloodied, she awakes to find she’s been chained to the floor. Pupok, our favorite talking scorpion, reminds Helena that her good deed is causing her to suffer just as she finds a nail on the ground. Pupok leaves disapprovingly as Helena begins to cut and mutilate her back and goes into another cell to find…Sarah.

Dr. Coady and Rudy discuss the dead baby Castor clone and why he didn’t survive and Dr. Silva points out that the little guy can still be valuable to them: they can use his DNA to pinpoint the defect in the living Castors and develop a gene therapy cure for them. Rudy is eager to meet the soon-to-arrive general, but Coady doesn’t want him stirring the pot and sends him away for two days of free time. No good can come of this.

Sarah wakes up in her cell immediately tries to discover where she is. That’s when Helena speaks to her through a shared vent in their cells. Helena confronts Sarah about Siobahn’s deal and Sarah tries to connect with Helena to no avail.

Art is leaving Sarah a voicemail when Gracie shows up at his apartment. She tells him that Sarah told her to come see him if she was ever in any trouble, so he invites her inside.

Felix and Siobhan discuss their mutual worry for Sarah as he gets a call from Cosima; she’s got another online date and he gives her pointers even though she’s not really into it. At the bar, Cosima chats with the bartender about how to not look/act/smell/be unappealing as Cosima’s date, Shay, arrives.

Gracie tells Art about what happened to her after she and Mark – who she does not want to talk about – went their separate ways. Art tries to convince her that a pregnant teen (how old is Gracie?) should be with family, but she tells him the awful truth about why she’s now homeless. He says he knows someone who can help.

Cosima and Shay make conversation and flirt, and as they get to know each other more, begin to hit it off.

Sarah tries again to speak to Helena, but Helena’s more interested in using the nail she found to pick the lock on her cuffs. Sarah reiterates that the deal Siobhan made had nothing to do with her as Pupok tells Helena that Sarah is a liar. Helena proves unshakable unless distracted by Pupok and Sarah says she should have just left her there instead of coming to rescue her (terrible rescue mission) and Helena’s like, “I can do bad all by myself.” Helena knows the schedule of the prison like clockwork and counts down to lunch, but Sarah gets handcuffs instead. The soldiers shunt Sarah away but not before she tells Helena that the Castors are their brothers. At this she approaches her cell door and notices that she is able to unscrew one of the bars and also finds that she can remove a stone from her cell wall.

Sarah is brought to Dr. Coady and uncuffed only to be held immobile while Dr. Silva takes her blood to filter for stem cells. Coady says her DNA is unique and tells Sarah that fighting her is useless.

Art brings Gracie to Siobhan’s house and Felix thinks harboring a former cult member might be slightly hazardous to them. Siobhan reminds him that he was well on his way to Crafty Criminal when she took him in and tells him to go help Gracie settle in. Siobhan brings up her worries over Sarah and Art promises to look into why she isn’t calling back.

Sarah is thrown back into her cell and Helena tells her Dr. Coady’s plan a little too late. After confirming with her that “the Mark-faced boys” are really their brothers, Helena tells Sarah that, contrary to being institutionalized, she may have just found a way out.

Cosima and Shay have moved onto the “unnecessary but welcomed physical touching” phase of first date flirting and Shay tells Cosima that she’s a holistic healer who focuses on spiritual work and helping people find balance. As she says this, someone takes surveillance photos of the two, and back in the bar Shay says an added bonus to her spirituality is seeing into people’s souls. Not creepy at all. Totes normal. Cosima loves that line, however, and asks Shay if she wants to “go somewhere.”

Dr. Coady questions Mark about why his tattoo is gone – and his wedding ring. She confirms that he consummated his marriage to Gracie but tells him it wasn’t real because she wasn’t one of them. Then she hands him a book in which he’s supposed to record all sexual contacts. (WTF?!)

Gracie looks around in wonder as Felix settles her in Sarah’s old room. He throws the thickest shade and she’s like, “You don’t have to be catty. I know you don’t want me here.” Felix basically tells her that he’s skeptical that she’s not still a judgy Prolethean, but she says she just wants to be a regular teenager.

Sarah, knowing that Helena will have counted, asks how many soldiers are on the base, and Helena answers as Helena often does, which is to say she doesn’t. She begins to count down again and this time, it’s Paul who arrives. Seeing Sarah here for the first time, he wishes she’d have just stayed away. He approaches her as a friend but she feels he’s insincere, and Sarah tells Helena that Paul’s the one who sold her out. They volley about the people they each try so hard to protect until finally he says the military is his family and they screwed up by crossing them. Helena threatens Paul and Sarah joins in, because why not?

Gracie flips through Sarah’s photos and Siobhan comes to check on her. She’s struggling to reconcile an actual, well-rounded person with the abominations she was always taught to believe the clones were, and Siobhan’s like, “Bless your little empty head, they’re just as regular as your are or I am. Even Mark.” Siobhan broaches the subject of Gracie’s lost baby and Gracie deads that conversation quickly, saying essentially that her psycho parents abused her by impregnating her. Siobhan relates, saying she eloped young and, as Felix listens in the hallway, her husband, John, was killed. She had no place to turn when that happened and was helped by her Aunt Joan to get on her feet. Gracie (correctly) reads between the lines that Siobahn is helping her as penance, but Siobhan insists Gracie is just her guest.

Paul is pissed with Coady for holding Sarah because it nullifies original deal he made. Coady says having Helena and Sarah means that much more valuable research can be conducted but Paul is sickened by this.

At Felix’s flat, Shay gives Cosima a sexy massage as they drink wine and listen to seductive music by candlelight. Then Shay strains the mood by asking about Cosima’s ex. Recovering, Shay asks if Cosima wants her to stay and she’s like, “I don’t know,” so Shay decides she’ll go. But before she can so much as put her shoes back on, Cosima begins a stream of word vomit about Delphine. She tells Shay she was way more than she expected and they make out.

Sarah checks out the surroundings again and tries to get Helena to fill her in on her escape plan. Helena deflects, amused that Sarah wants to be her “sandwich,” which – if they were in Siberian prison – would make her the weaker person Helena can eat as she escapes. So then Sarah tells Helena about how she left Kira with Siobhan until eventually Siobhan wouldn’t let her see Kira. Helena continues to pick at her shackles as Sarah expresses regret about missing out on time with Kira until she agrees to help Sarah – as long as Sarah helps her, too.

Felix confronts Siobhan about never disclosing her husband’s death. She tells him that during a particularly brutal drunken brawl, John ended up with garden shears stuck through his throat (like Hot Fuzz!). She said she never told them because she was in a rush to let go, not relive her pain. And Gracie comes downstairs in tiny shorts and fishnets and announces that she’s going out to a club to get herself a mai tai (she’s so young). Just in time, Felix changes her plan and he, Siobhan, and Gracie agree to have drinks at home.

Sarah and Helena plot and they begin to count down again – to the food tray pick-up this time. Sarah taunts Miller and his army brother until they enter her cell where she predictably begins to attack them. During the fight she takes the soldier’s keys, only for Miller to recover them and earning her a right cross as Helena looks on.

Dr. Silva recommends that Sarah begin showing the Castors respect and cooperating as he patches her up, then releases her back to her cell.

Felix brings Gracie her first gin and juice ever and Siobhan turns on some music and gives her a dancing lesson. Before he can come in and school them on how to wiggle their hips, Felix downs his drink and then shows off his moves.

Back at her cell, Sarah removes two metal pieces she was hiding in her mouth and she and Helena enact their plan of escape. Sarah ties the metal piece to a piece of cloth and swings it out her cell door so that Helena can try to catch it, but they are forced to pause their plan as the surveillance camera pans back their way. Once it returns, Sarah resumes and Helena catches the metal and cloth and begins to pick her shackles in earnest.

And at Siobhan’s Gracie is loving alcohol and dancing, like, SO MUCH. She dances until she falls down, but not because of exhaustion. Gracie’s having abdominal pain so Felix calls 911.

Helena finally frees herself and removes the stone from the wall, revealing a cache of butter packets. She opens them and rubs the butter all over her body. Then, with her shackles between the loosened bar of her cell door, Helena kicks the crap out of the shackle until the bar comes loose and she squeezes her greased up body through the tiny opening in the door. She gets stuck for a second but makes it out and cuts the camera, causing the soldier on surveillance duty to pay them a visit. Sarah distracts him long enough for Helena to force his head onto a spike, which kind of sickens her. Then instead of getting his keys and freeing Sarah, Helena’s like, “Nyah nyah, payback’s a bitch,” and leaves a panicking Sarah in her cell.

Paul pays a visit to medical to get a look at Parsons’ body. (???)

After her last escape, Helena is much more familiar with the layout of her prison and steals around corners and in shadows as soldiers mill about.

Paul fiddles with the screws on the apparatus Parsons wore on his head. (????)

EMTs arrive at Siobhan’s for Gracie as Siobhan and Felix fill the professionals in on what little they know of Gracie’s medical history.

Helena continues to sneak outside, stealing a canteen from a Jeep on the way.

Paul takes a medal (that presumably belonged to Parsons) and begins flipping through his super creepy black book. It’s got names and data – and a lock of hair – from every woman Parsons had slept with and Paul looks rightfully skeeved out by it.

Art meets again with a very reticent Patty, the woman who reported Rudy and Seth to the police.

Helena climbs a Jeep up onto a wall, narrowly missing a soldier on patrol, then elbow crawls her way to the wall topped with barbed wire where she climbs to the top.

Paul continues flipping through Parsons’ black book and finds something interesting.

Art wonders why Patty is wearing sunglasses and she says she thinks Rudy and Seth gave her something. As she removes the sunglasses, we see her the whites of her eyes have become mottled with red.

And at Siobhan’s, an EMT is encouraging Gracie to open her eyes – and her eyes look the same as Patty’s.

Helena reconsiders leaving Sarah behind and Pupok’s all, “Pssh, get going, dummy!” Just then Miller raises the alarm that she’s escaped forcing Paul to put down his captivating new book. Helena slips back into the facility, disappointing Pupok, as Sarah listens to the din, frightened.

The Questions: Has Helena just made things worse for her and Sarah? Will anyone help them escape (or release them)? What name did Paul find in Parsons’ book? And what’s the mysterious red-eye disease?

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